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Now hoop earrings have become cultural appropriation

Among the venues becoming Authoritarian Leftist (actually, it’s been largely like that for a while) is Vice News, which now cements its ideology with an article called “Hoop earrings are my culture, not your trend.” It’s written by “Anonymous author,” which shows both the cowardice of taking this risible stand, but also the willingness of […]

Huffington Post clarifies Oppression Hierarchy by incisive analysis of cultural appropriation (dreadlocks versus Chinese tattoos)

HuffPo has done us all a service by deciding the ranking of oppressed groups, and they’ve done so in a clever way: by adjudicating which group should be most offended by cultural appropriation. The decision is in the piece below, co-written by Lilly Workneh, HuffPo’s Black Voices Senior Editor, and Jessica Prols, the Asian Voices Executive […]

Nutty (ex) professor: Israelis eat hummus and falafel as a “project of erasure” and a “promise of genocide” to Palestinians

Talk about intersectionality: here’s what happens when anti-Zionism combines with the Regressive Left’s abhorrence of cultural appropriation. Result: a long and looney disquisition on how Israelis are using hummus to “erase” the Palestinians. You may remembe Steven Salaita, a professor embroiled in a big academic scandal three years ago. Salaita, of Palestinian and Jordanian ancestry, had […]

Three Cheers for Bari Weiss on cultural appropriation

Staff editor Bari Weiss is the columnist we needed at the New York Times, as she’s a progressive liberal who has no time for the Control-Left (see my three posts about her here). She must have snuck into the regressive Times under their radar! Yesterday she wrote the piece below (free access; click on screenshot), […]

NPR: Cultural appropriation is “indefensible”

 We’ve talked a lot on this site about “cultural appropriation,” whose definition is amorphous but roughly corresponds to one culture adopting aspects of another’s.  But the term usually has a pejorative connotation—that is, such appropriation is deemed harmful and unethical to the culture that’s “appropriated”. And that is the subject of an essay by K. […]

Is just quoting Beyoncé a form of cultural appropriation?

You know the answer to the question above. According to Black Lives Matter, it’s a strong “YES!”, although nobody would have batted an eyelash about this five years ago. What happened in March is that Niki Ashton, a New Democratic Party member of the Canadian Parliament, emitted a tweet announcing that she was going to […]

Kenan Malik: more on cultural appropriation

Yesterday I highlighted Kenan Malik’s take on cultural appropriation (he dislikes those who police it) as well as some of the pushback he got from Culture Warriors. Grania pointed out that Maliks has issued a series of tw**ts asking critics of c.a. some pointed questions. Those who are quick to deny others the right to […]

Kenan Malik defends cultural appropriation, gets demonized

British writer Kenan Malik, whom I like, has just waded into shark-filled waters in his short New York Times essay: “In defense of cultural appropriation.” Most of the “appropriation” he describes isn’t repugnant to many of us: the controversy about a white woman’s painting of Emmett Till, a black teenager murdered by Southern racists; Lionel Shriver’s assertion […]

Spy novel author advised by an editor not to create black characters because he is white

This story  was reported in the BBC,  but verified by the Guardian and the Torygraph. It’s another example of so-called cultural appropriation, and an example that is risible. It involves Anthony Horowitz, an author of spy and mystery novels and a screenwriter who is well regarded, at least in some quarters, for he has an OBE. I […]

Insane political correctness: snowflakes urge destruction of Emmett Till painting

If you know about the civil rights struggle in the U.S., you’ll know the story of Emmett Till. An African-American boy from near Chicago, Till, aged 14, went to visit relatives in Mississippi in 1955. There he was falsely accused of whistling at and flirting with a white woman. (It’s recently come to light that she […]