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The Southern Poverty Law Center goes after cultural appropriation

How far the mighty have fallen, and how well the termites have dined! I am, of course, referring to the odious Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), once an important voice against racism and a major player in dismantling it in America. With tons of money but not so much work to do these days, they’ve […]

The Cinco de Mayo “cultural appropriation” warnings begin

At many sites, including the Spokane (Washington state) newspaper The Spokesman Review, there are reports that a Vice President of Gonzaga University (a Jesuit school in Spokane) sent out an email to students warning them against cultural appropriation and inappropriate celebration on Cinco de Mayo (today), a day that often serving as an excuse for Mexican-themed […]

The Chinese are proud of the cultural appropriation of the qipao; liberal media criticize cyberbullying of its American wearer

Amazingly, pushback in the liberal U.S. media has begun against the social-media nastiness heaped on Utah teenager Keziah Daum for wearing a qipao, a form-fitting Chinese dress, to her senior prom (see here and here). Although of course the New York Times won’t editorialize against cultural appropriation, they did publish this article, reporting the furor […]

More on “cultural appropriation” of the Chinese dress

Yesterday I reported on the fracas about a Caucasian woman from Utah, Keziah Daum, who wore a qipao (also called a “cheongsam”), a form-fitting Chinese-style dress, to her senior prom. She found the dress in a vintage clothing store and admired it. For this gross breach of propriety, she was called out by many people […]

“Cultural appropriation” of a Chinese dress causes big kerfuffle

Some people are permanently poised to be offended; in fact, you’d think they get pleasure out of being offended. One of the topics that often triggers unwarranted offense is cultural appropriation—the adoption by one culture or ethnicity of food, clothing, music, or other aspects of a different culture.  In principle this could be offensive, as in […]

Leisure fascism: Vegan says that a carnivore can’t eat tofu because it’s “cultural appropriation”

Well, yes, this is from The Sun, but it does give names and I suspect it’s true (it’s reported at multiple places, including msn) .  Click on the screenshot for the LOLs: The relevant bit of their exchange (in case you didn’t know, “tofurkey” is a turkey substitute made out of tofu, intended for consumption at […]

Bad cultural appropriation: Taco Bell offers “chocolate covered pubic lice”

Yes, this quesadilla filled with candy is real, and it’s on sale at select Taco Bell stores. As Fortune reports: Taco Bell is bringing its latest food mashup to the U.S.: a quesadilla filled with Kit Kats. That’s right. Following the chain’s success with the Doritos Locos taco, Taco Bell has rolled out the “Kit Kat Chocoladilla,” a […]

The annual roundup of “offensive” Halloween costumes: you vote!

Insider has taken it upon itself to show the 16 most offensive Halloween costumes of the year, and why they’re offensive (I didn’t see any of these in person, but I didn’t go to a party or trick-or-treating). Insider‘s description and comments are indented. I’ll ask you to vote on each costume in a poll following […]

Now hoop earrings have become cultural appropriation

Among the venues becoming Authoritarian Leftist (actually, it’s been largely like that for a while) is Vice News, which now cements its ideology with an article called “Hoop earrings are my culture, not your trend.” It’s written by “Anonymous author,” which shows both the cowardice of taking this risible stand, but also the willingness of […]

Huffington Post clarifies Oppression Hierarchy by incisive analysis of cultural appropriation (dreadlocks versus Chinese tattoos)

HuffPo has done us all a service by deciding the ranking of oppressed groups, and they’ve done so in a clever way: by adjudicating which group should be most offended by cultural appropriation. The decision is in the piece below, co-written by Lilly Workneh, HuffPo’s Black Voices Senior Editor, and Jessica Prols, the Asian Voices Executive […]