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Lori Loughlin and Massimo Giannulli finally plead guilty in “Admissiongate”

After insisting for months that they were not guilty of bribing their daughters’ way into the University of Southern California by presenting fake resumes as athletes, actor Lori Laughlin and her husband, fashion designer Massimo Giannulli, have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. The details are in the article below from CNN (click on screenshot). The […]

Harvey Weinstein convicted of on two charges of sex crimes

Given the corroborating testimony about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior (over 90 women have made accusations), and the fact that there’s another trial coming up for him in Los Angeles, it was impossible—for me at least—to believe that he was innocent of using his power to coerce women into sex. Justice, then, appears to have been done: […]

Atlantic article criticizes due process as being harmful and full of lies

I came upon this article when someone sent me the tweet below (I don’t know who Cathy Young is). The caption is pretty snarky, but the article in The Atlantic  by Megan Garber, which you can access by clicking on the link or the bottom part of the tweet, justifies the snark. It’s really a […]

Photos of readers

Well, today we actually have a drawing of a reader, Ken Kukec. And there’s a reason why it’s a drawing: Federal courts don’t allow cameras in the courtroom, but here’s a sketch of yours truly with a client readers may recognize. My brother was in Washington, DC, recently and discovered it in the Library of Congress. The […]

Give convicted felons the right to vote

In most states of the Union, convicted felons have their right to vote abridged in one way or another. (In 1974 the Supreme Court affirmed that the voting rights of convicted felons was a matter for states to decide.) The figure below shows the restrictions in place at present (only Maine and Vermons allow convicted […]

Stabbing attack at London Bridge; suspect reportedly shot by police

CNN has live updates on a stabbing incident in London, which is also reported in the New York Times. The latter report says this: The police opened fire on London Bridge on Friday, according to witnesses, and the Metropolitan Police said they had been responding to a stabbing near the busy thoroughfare. A man was […]

The issue of transgender prisoners: Where do you place them?

Like all liberals, I favor equal treatment for transgender people, including using the pronouns that they choose for themselves. Previously, though, I’ve drawn the line at sports, in which transgender women, some of whom have undergone neither surgery nor hormone replacement, are allowed in some places to compete with biological women. Given the greater strength […]

There’s already a movie on the college admissions scandal

Yes, theres a movie, “ripped from the headlines,” and out before even the most famous defendant Lori Laughlin, has been tried, much less sentenced (Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty and will soon be sentenced), while Laughlin pleaded not guilty and is yet to go to trial.) Were I Laughlin’s lawyer, I’d probably try to get her […]

Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in jail

UPDATE: The NYT updated report says that Epstein was on suicide watch, but had been taken off it, though I have no idea why—nor are officials forthcoming about it: But one federal prison official with knowledge of the incident said Mr. Epstein had been taken off suicide watch a few days ago, and was being […]

Another mass shooting, this time in Texas

UPDATE: The news now says that at least 19 people are dead and 40 injured; the gunman, now in custody, is a 21-year-old man who used a semiautomatic, assault-style rifle. The motive is still unknown. ___________________ From CNN, a bulletin (click on screenshot). So far news is scanty. How many deaths will it take till […]