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What, if anything, is wrong with the Pew poll on evolution acceptance?

by Greg Mayer I posted on Wednesday about the new Pew poll on evolution acceptance, focusing on the divergence between the Pew results and those from 2012’s Gallup poll of the same issue. In both polls it is possible to divide respondents into three classes that can be thought of as those that accept “naturalistic […]

Pew Poll: American evolution-acceptance holds steady, partisan divide widens

UPDATE by JAC: Dan Kahan of the Cultural Cognition Project of Yale Law School has further analyzed this survey and finds some problems with it: some data are missing in both the summary and the full report, and this makes it impossible to determine whether the pro-creationist tendencies of Republicans reflects a shift in ideology […]

Ken Miller, Joe Levine—and evolution—win in Texas

If you’ve followed the Texas Textbook Kerfuffle (see my post here), you’ll know that the Texas School Board approved all of the high-school biology textbooks submitted to them except for one: Ken Miller and Joe Levine’s best-selling and evolution-heavy Biology, published by Pearson. That one was held up by a creationist reviewer who demanded all sorts […]

Creationism in North Carolina State University newspaper

I was surprised—and distressed—to see a blatantly creationist article appear in a student newspaper at a decent university. The school is North Carolina State University (NCSU), the paper is The Technician, the article is “How to argue against evolutionists,” and the author is Nicky Vaught, who is the Deputy Features Editor of the paper. At […]

Noah’s Ark Park floated by junk bonds

This has already been covered by several “bloggers,” so I’ll be brief, because the entire story is told by Mark Joseph Stern at Slate. If you haven’t been in Ulan Bator for a year or so, you’llknow that Ken Ham is supplementing the Creation Museum with a new theme park called “The Ark Encounter.” It […]

Textbooks and Texas

by Greg Mayer Paul Waldman, writing about the perennial attempts to keep science out of Texas schools, perceptively asks, “What about the textbook companies?” …how can the people who work at a publisher in good conscience agree to write a biology textbook that treats evolution as a wild, unsupported idea? What if the Texas Board […]

Let a thousand ignoramuses bloom: Texas creationist wants pro-evolution texts adopted!

(Perhaps the plural is “ignorami”?) As you may know, the Texas State Board of Education is holding hearings this week for new biology textbooks. This is always a farce, enlivened not only by the testimony of religious creationists (an obvious tautology), some of who approach frothing lunacy in their testimony, but also by the sympathetic […]

The New York Times hosts a superfluous debate on evolution vs. creationism, including more dumb accusations that science is based on faith

In a “Room for debate” feature in yesterday’s New York Times, seven scholars and public figures weigh in on the question, “Should creationism be controversial?” It’s dispiriting because it’s a complete waste of space. No points are made that haven’t been made before, and the debate is largely about how we can deal with the […]

Odious Ray Comfort movie (watch it below) to be distributed in public schools

The following information comes from PR Newswire, so it’s just a press release from Ray Comfort’s “Living Waters” organization; but according to that, kids at Hollywood High School are about to get a free creationist e-treat: On August 13, students entering Hollywood High School will be given a DVD that shows top evolutionary scientists unable […]

The depressing news

Here are the nine Amazon best-sellers in organic evolution.  Three of them are creationist books: No doubt the Discovery Institute is delighted that their creationist “God caused the Cambrian Explosion” book is at the top, but that just speaks to the immensely larger number of evolution-deniers than evolution believers among the American public. Still, the […]


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