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The New Adventures of Angry Cat Man

Learning that I had been called “Angry Cat Man” by faculty at the Lab School because of what I write on my website, reader Pliny the in Between produced an appropriate cartoon, whose title is given in the header. Recognize my Evil Minion? Did you notice that the CatSuit has the coloration of a feline familiar to […]

PLos ONE publishes paper giving credit to God for designing the human hand

Most of you have heard of this incident by now, at least if you’re following science blogs, but I wanted to wait for a response to my own email before posting it. Here’s the story: three Chinese authors published a paper in PLoS ONE about the biomechanics of the human hand (reference and free link […]

Simon Conway Morris drinks the Jesus Kool-Aid: human ability to do math proves God

If you’ve followed the career of Simon Conway Morris, the famous Cambridge paleontologist, you’ll know about his work on the Burgess Shale as well as his refutation of Stephen Jay Gould’s thesis that the animals in that formation represented fundamentally novel phyla that died out due solely to “historical contingency.” You might also know that Conway […]

A lovely tw**t on evolution vs. creationism

No comment needed:

The Ark Park is nearly done, still violating the Constitution

The Ark Park constructed by Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis (AiG) organization, featuring a life-sized Noah’s Ark and ancillary amusement, has been plagued by financial and legal troubles. There was difficulty getting enough money to build it (so they issued junk bonds), and then the state shut down its application because AiG wanted to hire only […]

Big fun: Paul Nelson reviews Faith Versus Fact

You can tell without reading the review of Faith Versus Fact by Paul Nelson—a young-earth creationist and a Fellow of the Discovery Institute—that he’s not gonna like it. His review in Biola Magazine (a publication of the evangelical Christian Biola University, euphemistically renamed from The Bible Institute of Los Angeles) is called “How to make evidence […]

Creepy creationist Adnan Oktar and his Stepford “kittens”

Adnan Oktar is the real name of the pseudonymous creationist Harun Yahya, who published the widely distributed and lavishly embellished Atlas of Creation (if you’re a biologist, you’ve gotten one). Here’s my copy, which, though gathering dust atop my cabinet, has defied being discarded: Okatar’s schtick about evolution, which is the subject of the two volumes of […]

Maine governor appoints creationist as head of state education commission

According to the Raw Story and an article in the Bangor Daily News, Maine’s ultra-right-wing governor Paul LePage has appointed one of his political cronies, Bill Beardsley, as head of the state’s education commission. Beardsley is a creationist. Can it get much more ridiculous than that? But it’s worse, for the governor is a creationist as […]

Oklahoma homeschool “science fair,” associated with state university, perverts science by making it support God

From yesterday’s issue of, a site for news from Oklahoma, we hear that the University of Oklahoma, a public institution, has apparently gotten itself entangled with a homeschool “science fair” that prioritizes faith over fact—in fact, it contaminates the science with God. The site reports this: Yesterday afternoon, an Ogle Mole alerted me to a […]

Snake fossil supports the existence of Adam and Eve. Huh?

by Greg Mayer A commenter on my post about the four-legged snake, Tetrapodophis,  quoted a line from Genesis about the snake in the Garden of Eden going on its belly in retribution for bamboozling Eve; I thought (and still think) it was a poe. But apparently there are real people who think this fossil demonstrates […]