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Ken Ham to speak at Oklahoma university after all; university president defends free speech

As NewsOK (Oklahoma) reports, and as verified by creationist Ken Ham on his Answers in Genesis (AiG) website, Ham’s invitation to speak at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), previously withdrawn by the student government, has now been reinstated. (See my posts about this here and here, where I defend his right to speak on campus.)  It […]

Ken Ham de-platformed at an Oklahoma University

Lots of religious sites have picked up the news that evangelical Christian and Ark-Park magnate Ken Ham has been deplatformed at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), but what they report is pretty similar to what more mainstream media say (for the latter, go here, here, and here; for Answer in Genesis‘s take, go here). […]

I get creationist email: an optometrist extols the perfection of the eye (with Egnor lagniappe)

I woke up to find the email below in my inbox. I’ve eliminated identifying information except for the person’s profession and faith, which seem relevant. The writer purports to “believe in evolution”, but it seems he/she really doesn’t. Hi Jerry, I really enjoyed your book on evolution.  I am an [age redacted] Optometrist (raised Jewish) […]

Louisiana public school sued for extreme and repeated Christian proselytizing of students

When I travel and talk about evolution, say in India, I’m sometimes asked about the teaching of creationism in American public schools. When I reply that it’s illegal, but some schools do it anyway, people are incredulous. In India, for example, I’ve never heard of public schools dragging creationism into a science class. When I’m […]

An open letter to Charlotte Allen, an ignorant, evolution-dissing writer

Dear Ms. Allen, I have become aware of your recent article, “St. Charles Darwin“, in First Things (“America’s most influential journal of religion and public life”). The point of your article appears to be twofold: to defend A. N. Wilson’s execrable hit-piece that masquerades as a book-length biography of Darwin (I reviewed his book here), and, second, to […]

Creationism rears its head in India

UPDATE: Reader Snowy Owl has pointed out that pushback against Singh’s anti-evolution comments have also appeared on Indian websites and newspapers (h/t: Snowy Owl). Here are two articles defending evolution: The Hindu: “What Darwin actually said about man and apes.” (I left a comment.) Flipboard: “If the minister’s pen, with RSS support, blots the page […]

“Purpose and Desire”: a misguided biology book that got a starred review on Kirkus

On November 7,  I called attention to a new book by biology professor J. Scott Turner, “Purpose and Desire: What Makes Something ‘Alive’ and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It,” and how the book got a starred Kirkus review despite its avowed intent to put teleology (goal-directed evolution) back into biology.  Turner works at […]

The New York Times reports on creationism vs. evolution

Reader Historian, in a recent comment, called my attention to this 10-minute New York Times video, “Rising doubts about evolution. . . in Science class.” Click on the screenshot at bottom to see it. It’s mostly about the Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008, which, embodying creationists’ and Republicans’ effort to sneak the Bible and […]

Dara Ó Briain on science, quackery, and creationism

I’m sure I’ve posted this video at some time in the past, but it must have been long ago, and it’s worth seeing again.( Besides, I just watched it.) Here Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain defends science against various species of quackery. He reminds me a bit of George Carlin, and I love the “get […]

A creationist writes in

I usually throw creationist comments into the trash, but for some reason I put up this one, by Alex (you can see it here), for reasons I can’t quite fathom. But if you want, go ahead and reply below (I’ve already asked him—assuming he’s male—to provide evidence for god and for the truth of his […]