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My article in Quillette: A rebuttal of John Staddon’s claim that secular humanism is a religion

Since I’ve now published in Quillette, I guess I’m not only a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, but also an alt-righter and a white supremacist. Or so the Perpetually Aggrieved might say. At any rate, if you click on the screenshot below, or go here, you’ll see my 1900-word response to John Staddon’s essay, […]

My grandfather killed his cousin!

Last week, as a result of a friend looking up my ancestry, I discovered some weird stuff in the family tree. First of all, the name “Coyne” extends back to Ireland at least as far as the early eighteenth century, back to one John W. Coyne of Galway. And it could go even farther back than that. […]

Back from Greece!

I continue to get clippings about my family (just skip this if you’re bored!). Here’s the family returning from our 2.5 years in Greece, as reported in the Evening Standard (Uniontown, Pennsylvania) on July 15, 1957. I was seven then, and if you can make out the words below, I was reported to speak fluent […]

I am born

From the Uniontown (Pennsylvania) Morning Herald, January 4, 1950, heralding my birth on December 30 of the previous year. Note that I was born in a Catholic hospital—they don’t even show my name!

A bit more on my meshugge relatives

As I wrote yesterday, I continue to find out more about my relatives on my father’s side, and whether I have any gentile genes from Ireland remains a mystery. So does the source of the name “Coyne”, which apparently goes back in that form to the early 19th century—in Ireland. But I now have several […]

My political profile: how Leftist am I (or are you)?

You’ve surely heard the old saying, “If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 35, you have no brain.” The antecedents of the quote go back to 1875, but when I was younger I thought this was a horrible quote. I would never, I vowed, […]

My dad

There will be no further scholarly or intellectual-type posts today, as I can’t brain. But I did want to put up a picture of my dad—one I’d never seen before. The story is this. A friend of mine was watching a television show that mentioned “Coyne” as an Irish name, which it is. (Mine, however, […]