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The “most embarrassing moment” contest winner

When Leo Glenn won the contest with his story about having to bathe nude in a Japanese hot spring with his nether parts dyed bright red from his bathing trunks, he wrote this response (I asked him what kind of cat he’d like drawn in it): What a thrill to win the contest! Thank you so […]

Contest winner (and runners-up)

As promised, I present the winner of the most recent Book Contest, the prize being an autographed, hardback, first-printing edition of Faith versus Fact, with a cat drawn in it to the reader’s specifications. As you may recall, the contest question was this: Recount the funniest or most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you. […]

90 minutes left in the Big Book Contest

For you procrastinators, you still have 90 minutes (till 1 p.m. Chicago time) to enter the competition for a free copy of FvF, inscribed and illustrated (with a cat) to your specifications. Go here to submit your entry; I’ve disabled comments on this post so that entries will all be on thread. The winner will […]

Final notice: book contest

Remember that the competition for a free autographed hardback copy of Faith versus Fact, with a cat drawn in it to your specifications, expires tomorrow, Sunday May 10, at 1 pm. The rules are here, and entering is simple, just post, at the links just given, a short answer to this query: Recount the funniest or […]

Don’t forget the book contest

I think we need more entries for the Win-the-Albatross Contest, which closes next Sunday (May 10) at 1 pm. There are lots of good stories so far, but Professor Ceiling Cat wants more. And what do you have to lose? You tell others a bit about your past, and for writing one short paragraph you can […]

Contest! Win a first-printing hardbound copy of Faith versus Fact

Okay, I have my pile of free hardbound copies of Faith Versus Fact (it’s part of my contract), and I’ll offer a few to readers over the next few weeks. But they’re not free, for you have to win a contest. The single winner of this contest will get an autographed copy of the book with […]

A reader wins the “name the kitten” prize

On February 2, I showed the following picture of this unnamed Bengal kitten (to be precise, a “seal lynx point” Bengal), and asked readers to suggest a name, offering an autographed and cat-emblazoned copy of WEIT to whoever gave an adopted name. One of the names that owner Joe and his people were tossing around […]

The 10,000th post: what shall it be?

In only 145 more posts (144 after this one goes up), we’ll hit 10,000, and at the rate I post that will be in less than a month. Given that it’s a landmark (granted, an artificial one), and that we don’t know if I’ll get up to 20,000 (I could get sick of it all–or […]

Name the kitten! (and lagniappe)

Reader Joe from Bristol, England sent this gorgeous photo of his new kitten, and is searching for a name. The information (I’ve chosen one photo to show) is below. I’ve never seen a Bengal like this—it looks like a tiny snow leopard. We picked up an new addition to our family on Saturday (you’ve featured our […]

Cat Caption Challenge

by Greg Mayer The BBC News Magazine has a “Caption Challenge“, and the latest subject is an intriguing picture of a cat. I hold my own cat like this all the time, but usually I’m lying on my back on the floor, swinging the cat from left to right, and making whooshing noises while singing […]


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