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Obama says he will nominate a replacement for Scalia (and a contest)

Well, let the games begin. Today’s New York Times, after reporting on the death of Antonin Scalia yesterday, notes that Obama plans to nominate a successor while he, Obama, is still President: Speaking to reporters from Rancho Mirage, where he is golfing with old friends, Mr. Obama paid tribute to Justice Scalia, who died earlier […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Paris

Today’s excellent Jesus and Mo refers to something you may already know about: the Paris attacks caused the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Least Reverend Justin Welby, to doubt the presence of God. The BBC recently reported this: The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the terror attacks in Paris made him “doubt” the presence of God. The Most […]

And the winner is. . .

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “photograph FvF in an incongruous place” competition; there were so many funny, clever and daring pictures to choose from. The summary post, with links to all the entries, is here. The winner is Peter M. for his carefully constructed photo WMSSH (Wise men still seek Him). It’s the sort of […]

Last of the Ninjas: FvF photo contest

I was immensely pleased with the response to our “Photograph Faith versus Fact in an incongruous place” contest, which closed on August 20. We’ve wound up with six groups of entries (links below), with the prize being an autographed (and cat-drawing-illustrated) copy of the book. This is the fifth group of entries, and thanks to Grania […]

Faith vs Fact: more reader ninja portraits

by Grania We’ve received a bountiful supply of new entries for the Fact vs Faith in Strange Places contest. Jerry has extended the deadline from Aug. 20 to August 31, so you have eleven more days to get your entries in.  The winner gets a first-printing, hardbound edition of FvF, autographed and, if you like, with a […]

FvF: Behind enemy lines (well, nearly)

by Grania Jerry’s received a couple more entries in the “photograph FvF in an incongruous place” contest, although, strictly speaking, only one of them is allowable under the Terms & Conditions. The non-allowable one is too good not to share, though. Gregory Kusnick undertook a perilous journey across the road to take this. Here’s my […]

Faith vs Fact: four new photos for the contest

Don’t forget the “selfie with Faith versus Fact” contest, which I announced earlier and gave the rules and prize, which I’ll reprise: Send a photo of yourself (or a member of your family) holding Faith versus Fact in the most incongruous place or situation you can think of. Be creative.  I’ll give people a whole month to […]

Contest: Guess three candidates

The prize here is a pretty good one: the audiobook version of Faith vs. Fact, which comprises the entire book, takes up 11 CDs, and is 11.5 hours long. It goes for $22.95 on Amazon, but substantially more at regular retail. (You can hear a sample at the site.) I received more of these than I […]

Trumpe-l’œil: the winner of Trump Your Cat contest

Professor Ceiling Cat had an epiphany when a certain mammal of the canid persuasion was Trumped by his trusty friend: He could get staff to betray their Masters everywhere by getting them to Trump Their Cats. And so it was written, and so it came to pass. You can see the list of entrants here: […]

FvF competition: readers in all the right places

Don’t forget the new Fact v Faith competition, with the rules: Send a photo of yourself (or a member of your family) holding Faith versus Fact in the most incongruous place or situation you can think of. Be creative.  We’ve already had some great ones, and we have a few more now. Send yours in before August […]


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