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Leah Shutkever: A fit competitive eater

Meet Leah Shutkever, formerly a Woman of Size who lost a ton of weight, hits the gym six days a week, and, on the side, is one of the most accomplished competitive eaters in the UK. Here is her story, along with some of her Food Challenges.

This year’s Miss America had a science demonstration as her talent

If you’re as ancient as I, you’ll remember the time when the Miss America pageants were a big deal. Everyone reserved the evening to watch the finals on television, often eating before the screen on t.v. tables (remember them?). And whoever won was given big-time publicity. But times have changed, and I think for the […]

Comedy wildlife awards

Due to the dearth of readers’ wildlife photos (yes, I still have some), I will be posting them only sporadically until more arrive. So today I’ll post a selection of my favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards for 2019. These are reproduced in The Guardian. Look at this poor egret! Warning! Territory marking, […]

Winners: Bird photographer of the year

Thanks to Mark Sturtevant for the link to the winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year Contest for 2019. The photos were so good that I’ll put them up in lieu of Readers’ Wildlife Photos today. Here’s just a sample; you can find all the best ones on the site: The winner for Bird […]

Star Wars Day Special: Waitress promised Toyota, gets Toy Yoda, sues

In honor of yesterday being Star Wars Day, we present this hilarious but true story from a while back. This woman would have a good case unless the company represented IN PRINT that the winner would get a “Toy Yoda.” Apparently, they didn’t, and even implied (see below) that that the Big Prize was indeed […]

Woman downs 5.5 pound hamburger in 75 seconds

Can we have a bit of gluttony at the end of the week? It always amazes me how small and skinny people can down so much food in eating contests. (Joey Chestnut is a prime example.) Here an unnamed woman manages to down a 5½-pound octuple cheeseburger, with buns AND a heap o’ fries, in […]

Winner: Prettiest bird contest

The Super Secret Judge has weighed in on the winner and two runners up for the Prettiest Bird Contest. (I am not the judge!) Here we have the top three birds (see all entries in this morning’s post): The winner: The peacock, entered by Georgiana Hoffman: The peacock [Pavo cristatus] is undoubtably the most beautiful bird, from […]

America’s Fattest Bear

The Cut has a summary of Fat Bear Week: an annual competition among the grizzlies of Katmai National Park in Alaska to see who is the Bear of Greatest Size. But don’t worry, for this is healthy obesity—packing on pounds for the Winter Sleep. The website gives details: Fat Bear Week — a fleeting celebration of […]

This year’s Physiology or Medicine Nobel goes to two cancer researchers (and a contest)

Here’s the video announcing today’s Nobel Prize, awarded to James P. Allison, an American who works at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Tasuko Honjo, a Japanese immunologist at Kyoto University, for the discovery of ways to cöopt the human immune system to attack cancer cells.  (See announcement and press release here). Here are the […]

Our World Cup contest winner (and boot lagniappe)

Reader Jack Dostal won our World Cup contest even though he didn’t get the winner (he got the closest, though). Jack dropped by the lab today on his way from North Carolina to Iowa, and I gave him his prize, an autographed copy of WEIT with a soccer-playing cat drawn in it, wearing Belgium’s team […]