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John Lewis’s Christmas ad with Elton John, and some stupid pushback from HuffPo

John Lewis & Partners have put out their annual Christmas ad, and this one with Elton John is, as the kids say, “epic”. The obvious point is that a gift you give to a child can make an immense difference in its life. But the way it’s done is poignant, and also features my favorite […]

Serena Williams: child vs. champion

Reader Jon sent a one-minute video of Serena Williams as a little girl (already great at tennis) and at the U.S. Open. John said “this is good for a commercial”, but it’s made by Nike and looks just like a commercial. Regardless, it’s really good. Jon’s take: Caution: might make you tear up. This is good […]

A parody on Canadian television highlights the divisiveness of religion

Diana MacPherson sent these two videos, one of which is a real commercial and the other a parody. As she says:  I hope you can view these. It’s for “This Hour Has 22 Minutes“, a political and satirical comedy show in Canada. Here they make fun of religion as divisive based on an commercial about finding […]

Ark Encounter commercial

Reader Tom wrote me that he saw this ad for Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Park “during the Red Sox game this afternoon, on TBS.” I’m surprised it doesn’t mention religion or the Bible, but only the size of the Ark. Is this a way to lure the kids when the Park’s apparently having financial difficulties?

Drink a Heineken, save the world

by Grania Spingies You’d think that after the Pepsi fiasco a few weeks ago, any advertising agency – or any product producer about to launch a new campaign – would consider the mockery and derision aimed at the soft drink purveyor and demand that any similar campaign in the works suggesting that their own product […]

ZeFrank on the superiority of cats vs. d*gs

As Diana McP. told me when sending me this new “Dear Kitten” video by the famouz ZeFrank (“True facts about. . . “), it is perfectly timed for the Cats vs. Dogs debate on Saturday. And indeed it is, conclusively demonstrating the superiority of felids. This series of videos is obviously sponsored by Friskies, and there are links […]

Saucy video

It’s Friday afternoon, so, as Mehitabel the cat said, ‘Wotthehell.”  Reader Gunnar sent a link to this funny (and slightly salacious) video. Because of the last frame, it’s been characterized on other sites as a commercial for hair products; but some commenter say it’s from a UK television show called “Smack the Pony,” about which […]

Love at first bite

Got sushi? This is a real Japanese commercial, perhaps a tad salacious, but certainly not NSFW.

A cat translator

From this week’s SMBC, courtesy of reader Steve: There are two things wrong with this cartoon: 1. Nobody would name their cat “Scruffles”. (The inevitable result of that statement is that some reader will say he/she owns a cat named Scruffles.) 2. I don’t think the translation is accurate. A more likely one is “Where […]

An amazing Japanese commercial (and a note on Tippett and Krauss)

Well, I thought I’d seen it all, but this Japanese commercial for a smartphone, brought to my attention by alert reader Jon, beats all. It’s a huge xylophone, placed in a hilly Japanese forest, that plays Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring as a wooden ball rolls down it.  Fantastic—do not miss this one! Imagine […]