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The cartoon that has it all

As reader Ben Goren said when sending me this Non Sequitur strip by Wiley Miller, it has it all: evolution, faith, and cats!   But it also shows one of Americans’ most common misconceptions about evolution: that what evolves are individuals over their lifetimes, not populations over long periods of time. This is a common misunderstanding […]

God’s plan revealed at last

. . . and in a comic strip of all places! God has chosen to reveal His long-enigmatic plan in the latest edition of Pie Comic, by John McNamee.  And it makes about as much sense as we thought all along. Isn’t it great to see comics (even though they’re not in the daily papers) be […]

Jesus @ #wrongskin

Even when I was a kid I wondered why Jesus was always depicted as if he were from Scandinavia or Germany. From Don Asmussen’s comic Bad Reporter: h/t: jsp

Monday humor: Felidae

Shall we start off the week with some felid humor? Yes, why not. First, a tw**t about the World’s Worst Idea: And here’s yesterday’s Get Fuzzy, featuring Bucky, a cat who is a complete, self-centered jerk (and of course in that way represents all cats). Bucky’s staff consists of Rob, the human, and the long-suffering […]

A trickster God

When reader Ben Goren sent me the latest strip from Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur, he asked me if Miller had received an advance copy of my book. And indeed, I’ve used the “moving stars into words” trope before as one of the things that could help convince me that there was indeed a god. (Some anti-theist […]

One of Them: Part IV

Wiley Miller continues his series on America’s Hate Laws at Non Sequitur. (Why does that old dude have a cat on his shoulder?) Reader “Micky pearce” (who won’t be seen here in the future) tried to comment on this post, demonstrating precisely the kind of religiously-inspired bigotry shown in the strip: This is unfair freind. Who […]

Merry Easter Day Greetings!

by Matthew Cobb This Easter cartoon by Stephen Collins appeared in The Guardian’s Weekend magazine (click through *twice* so you can read it without it being obscured by the book covers on the right, or if that doesn’t work go here).

Spotted yesterday

This car was outside my building yesterday. If you don’t understand the plate, you didn’t watch American cartoons as a kid:  

Evolution funnies

The latest Herman strip, drawn by Jim Unger, shows us one way of accommodationism. And it comes perilously close to those theistic evolutionists—including both scientists and creationists—who accept evolution but say that God either set up the process so that it would be guaranteed to produce Homo sapiens (the view of Simon Conway Morris, whose theory we discussed […]

The Oatmeal’s sacrilege steams up believers

Matthew Inman, producer of the fantastic strip The Oatmeal (including one of my favorite comics, The Bobcats), is lately on a tear by promoting evolution in a sarcastic way and dissing the religious alternative as belief in “Jibbers Crabst,” a Holy Crustacean that breathes fire. First watch this 11-minute video by Inman that appeared on YouTube on December […]