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Spotted yesterday

This car was outside my building yesterday. If you don’t understand the plate, you didn’t watch American cartoons as a kid:  

Evolution funnies

The latest Herman strip, drawn by Jim Unger, shows us one way of accommodationism. And it comes perilously close to those theistic evolutionists—including both scientists and creationists—who accept evolution but say that God either set up the process so that it would be guaranteed to produce Homo sapiens (the view of Simon Conway Morris, whose theory we discussed […]

The Oatmeal’s sacrilege steams up believers

Matthew Inman, producer of the fantastic strip The Oatmeal (including one of my favorite comics, The Bobcats), is lately on a tear by promoting evolution in a sarcastic way and dissing the religious alternative as belief in “Jibbers Crabst,” a Holy Crustacean that breathes fire. First watch this 11-minute video by Inman that appeared on YouTube on December […]

Dilbert: On the origin of tetrapods

A Dilbert Classic by Scott Adams:   h/t: jsp ~

Calvinian teleological evolution

“The World That Knew We Were Coming” —Title of Chapter Six in Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul, by Kenneth Miller Replace Calvin in Sunday’s Calvin and Hobbes strip with “Homo sapiens“, and you have an accurate description of theological human exceptionalism, as well as an inkling of the evolutionary teleology of misguided philosophers […]

The evolutionary psychology of politics

Today’s Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau, echoes some old research news (trigger warning: Chris M**ney):   I haven’t read the relevant papers (I have neither the time nor the interest), but if conservatives have bigger amygdalas (amygdalae?), is there evidence that their politics, and their “innate” fearfulness, is a consequence rather than a cause of conservativism? […]

The speed of prayer

A nice heathen strip from Zach Weiner’s comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:   h/t: jsp

The Oatmeal tackles the Great Anti-Atheist Canard

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal takes on and dispels the most common dumb criticism of atheism: h/t: jsp

Non Sequitur on creationism and offended religionists

Today’s Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller features creationism and a kid who must be getting advice from the Discovery Institute:   h/t: Linda Grilli

Devil Cat and Surgeon’s Assistant Cat

What are the chances? Two good cat cartoons today, both spotted by alert readers. Reader Howard sent me the latest Dilbert strip, by Scott Adams, with the note: Todays Dilbert… which combines Cats, Science, Money and Religion.  I thought you’d like it The research, as far as I know, is correct. But I just wonder if […]


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