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Marvel introduces two new woke superheroes: “Safespace” and “Snowflake”, and the names aren’t mockery

Yes, this is from the Daily Fail, but it’s also verified by Marvel themselves in the video below. Yes, along with the rest of journalism, comic strips are getting woker and woker. And the new characters, twins called “Snowflake” and “Safespace”, aren’t mocking the outrage brigade, but are serious names of approbation (they also have […]

Am I the bad cop?

Apparently so! Matthew sent me this strip from Existential Comics with the note, “You are Bad Cop.”  (Click to enlarge; it’s gonna overlap with website text on the right.) I am sad. . . .

Readers’ wildlife photos

Happy Easter! The good news is that I had crispy dosas with coconut chutney for breakfast. The bad news is: you didn’t. Once again, as I head out to the airport, this time for Bhubaneswar, I’ve received some photos from Stephen Barnard. Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis) this morning, just across the creek. I’m hoping they […]

Bloom County on the GOP race

In case you didn’t know, Berk Breathed has resumed drawing his fantastic strip Bloom County, but it appears only on Facebook. Here’s today’s strip (click to enlarge):     h/t: Taskin

Jon Haidt on the origin of the offense culture

I want to call your attention to a piece by social psychologist Jon Haidt on the Heterodox Academy site: “The Yale problem begins in high school.” It recounts a lecture that Haidt gave to an elite high school (the kind that feeds students to Yale), as well some discussions Haidt had with students at other elite schools. What he encountered […]

Felid break: Ten Cats tackles the offense culture

I don’t look at Graham Harrop’s “Ten Cats” comic strip nearly as often as I should, as its premise is cool and the results funny: Ten abandoned cats live in an old warehouse where they are looked after by a young girl named Annie. Unbeknownst to her, the warehouse contains a boardroom on the very […]

Matthew Inman: a very short documentary

If, like me, you love The Oatmeal comics created by Matthew Inman, you’ll want to see this three-minute documentary of his life, “My life in 171 seconds,” described on the Oatmeal page this way: “Saucony made a mini-documentary about my cartooning, eating, and running habits. This was shot in my house in Seattle, Washington over a […]

SMBC Kickstarter raises money for religion-themed comic compilation, features “Speciation”

Zach Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is raising money on Kickstarter to finance a collection of his religion-themed comic strips. The project is “Religion: Ruining Everything since 4004 BC.” A bit of information: What’s in the Book? The book is a collection of the best religion jokes on SMBC over the last ten years! […]

Wednesday funnies

Too true! And it’s from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller, courtesy of reader Linda Grilli:  

The disutility of utilitarianism

From Zach Weinersmith’s strip SMBC, via Matthew Cobb: Matthew is of course a Brit, and his email of this link to me was headed “Ouch!” But of course one problem with this argument is that by voicing your own views on morality, you might improve society. That, after all, is the reason why civil rights, […]