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Comedians stand up for Count Dankula

As I noted three days ago, the Scot Markus Meechan, otherwise known as “Count Dankula”, was convincted of purveying hate speech through public media (YouTube). In what he says was a joke to tick off his girlfriend, Meechan taught her pug dog to raise its paw when Meechan said “Heil Hitler”, and to react when […]

Sarah Silverman jumps the rails

Sarah Silverman, every Jewish boy’s dream girl, has a new series premiering on Hulu, “I love you, America.” It started on October 12, and, according to the Guardian, is a kind of Clintonian “listening tour,” in which she meets and interacts with Americans of all stripes—including Trump supporters. (Silverman’s a diehard Democrat who initially supported […]

Dara Ó Briain on science, quackery, and creationism

I’m sure I’ve posted this video at some time in the past, but it must have been long ago, and it’s worth seeing again.( Besides, I just watched it.) Here Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain defends science against various species of quackery. He reminds me a bit of George Carlin, and I love the “get […]

Jerry Lewis died

Jerry Lewis,  comedian, actor, director, writer, and raiser of more than $2 billion for muscular dystrophy, passed away peacefully this morning at his home in Las Vegas. He was 91. I emailed the news bulletin to a friend who was a huge fan of Jerry Lewis (and did a credible imitation); his response was this: All […]

Dick Gregory died

Yesterday the comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory died in Washington, D. C. He was 84; the cause was heart failure. Although he started his comedy career as a convention funnyman, he gradually incorporated more material about racism into his routines. The New York Times gives some of his bon mots: He would plant […]

NYT’s piece on a Muslim comedian evades some important issues

Yesterday’s New York Times had an article written by a Muslim comedian, Zahra Noorbakhsh (you can see part of her act here). Her piece, “It’s not this Muslim comedian’s job to open your mind,” recounts the dilemma of a woman expected to have a comedic mission: to show Americans that Muslims are just like everyone else. This […]

Don Rickles died

Legendary comedian Don Rickles, famous for insulting nearly everyone, died of kidney failure yesterday in Los Angeles. He was 90. Given today’s political and social climate, it’s unlikely we’ll see anyone like him again. The video below gives a taste of his humor, and do read the New Yorker profile of Rickles from 2004, “Don’t call me Sir: Don […]

Jonathan Pie on language policing

From today until I get back from New Zealand (April 17), posting will be light, as I’m preparing to leave and have tons of stuff to do. Bear with me, and after March 15 I’ll ask readers to ratchet back on emailing me when I’m on the road. Meanwhile, here’s a 3½-minute video by “Jonathan […]

Mary Tyler Moore dies at 80

This is so sad; I was a huge fan of her comedy, starting with her performance as Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show (one of the best shows ever!) and continuing on to her own eponymous show set in Minneapolis. She was not just a comedian, but an actress, nominated for an Oscar for the […]

The BBC’s comedy clip: “Real Housewives of ISIS”

The media has been criticized for going easy on Muslims, and even ISIS, but at least the BBC has a sense of humor about them. As The Independent and Metro report, on Tuesday the BBC 2 screened the clip below as part of the comedy show “Revolting”. But the clip has caused outrage among many people […]