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“Free speech . . . but” is not free speech

Here’s an example of two academic officials saying that they’re in favor of free speech while doing everything they can to oppose free speech. It’s my view, and that of the University of Chicago, that when a speaker is invited to campus, no matter how unpopular their views, the University should shut up about those […]

More about the Sullivan case at Harvard

The fallout continues from Harvard’s firing of Law School professor Ronald Sullivan and his wife Stephanie Robinson from being “faculty deans” (student mentors at residential dorms) at Winthrop House. (They were Harvard’s first African-American house deans.)  Despite Harvard’s conclusion, after a “climate survey” of students in Winthrop House, that there were other issues in the […]

Harvard Crimson: Ronald Sullivan story may be more complicated than we think

As I’ve reported recently, Harvard’s Winthrop House faculty deans Ronald Sullivan (a black professor at the Law School) and his wife Stephanie Robinson were fired by Harvard’s Invertebrate Dean Rakesh Khurana after a “climate survey” of the House. This took place after students became outraged when Sullivan decided to become part of Harvey Weinstein’s defense […]

Harvard shames itself: fires faculty deans at Winthrop house because students object to one of them taking Harvey Weinstein as a client

UPDATE: The New York Times article about this episode includes this information: But a number of Mr. Sullivan’s colleagues came to his defense; 52 professors at the law school signed a letter supporting him, saying that his commitment to representing unpopular clients was fully consistent with his roles as law professor and faculty dean, and that […]

The Williams College Council and anti-Semitism

Those of you who say you skip the posts about coddled and entitled students, go ahead and skip this one. It’s just a short update on the anti-Semitism of students at Williams College, whose College Council denied a pro-Israel organization (WIFI) status as a recognized student organization while giving that status to a pro-Palestinian one (SJP). […]

Overreaction: College library director suspended over historical exhibit that included blackface photos from the 1920s

Inside Higher Ed reports an incident demonstrating the extreme sensitivity of American colleges over racial issues.  In this case, a library exhibit at Doane University in Crete, Nebraska included two photos from 1920s college yearbooks showing students in blackface. The librarian, alerted to the fact that these photos offended students, then removed them, but it […]

Williams College melts down in a big way

Williams College is truly going the way of Evergreen State, and the trouble is happening today on three fronts. The College administration has lost control of the both the students and the faculty, and a student sit-in will happen this week. Here are the issues: 1.) Campus Security Officer pushes back against unfounded student complaints […]

Two defenses of Camille Paglia

There’s no doubt that Camille Paglia is a provocateur and a self-promoter, but there’s equally little doubt that she truly believes what she’s saying. Much of what she’s saying goes against the Authoritarian Left, even though she’s on that side of the divide. She also has the Leftist street cred of being a woman, a […]

Inclusion via exclusion: Andrew Sullivan critiques segregated housing at Williams College

The middle bit of Andrew Sullivan’s latest “Intelligencer” column at New York Magazine calls out Williams College and similar colleges that practice or propose to practice segregated housing—now given the convenient euphemism of “affinity housing”.  I’m pleased that Andrew got the idea for this section from reading this website (see below), but even more pleased […]

Williams College finally allows a pro-Israel student organization to exist, but without official approval

On April 25 I reported that the Williams College student council, by a vote of 13-8, rejected the bid of Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI), a pro-Israel student organization, to join the many student organizations already approved. These include the pro-Palestinian organization Students for Justice In Palestine (SJP). Based on its actions and anti-Zionist stand, […]