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Penn faculty and students brutally attack law professor for her conservative op-ed; Dean asks her to take a leave of absence

Today’s Wall Street Journal contains another tale of university censorship, in this case involving Amy Wax, the Mundlein Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Philadelphia. The screenshot links to the essay, but it’s mostly paywalled, though judicious inquiry might yield you a copy. The article also notes that “This essay, […]

More on the deplatforming of Ken Ham: Let the bigoted creationist speak!

Yesterday I discussed how creationist and evangelical Christian Ken Ham (creator of the Ark Park and Creation Museum) had been disinvited from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), where he was supposed to talk on March 5 about “Genesis and the State of the Culture.” It should come as no surprise that I’m vehemently opposed to […]

FIRE’s worst colleges for free speech, and their Lifetime Censorship Award

FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, has named the ten worst American campuses for free speech over the last year. In addition, they’ve given a “Lifetime Censorship” award to a school with a persistent history of censorship over time. Click on the screenshot below if you want to see the distressing details. First, […]

Andrew Sullivan on the spillover of campus politics into society at large

This week I was interviewed by an editor of the student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, who plans to write a profile of me. That was flattering, but of course I’m always wary of these things because, after all, it’s a reporter. It turned out that she was friendly (that says nothing, of course, about what […]

Satirical ICE posters deemed “hate speech” at Stanford University

Isaac Kipust is a student at Stanford University, which, though a private school, has a free speech policy that makes it equivalent to a state university—that is, speech is protected under the courts’ interpretation of our First Amendment. This is the case for all universities in California. As Stanford’s President and its Provost wrote: Certain types […]

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Evergreen State defends its regressiveness

I’ll just drop this tweet from Bret Weinstein, late of The Evergreen State College, who is appalled by an upcoming lecture at the College. I, too, am disturbed by this lecture, which really does seem designed to turn the debate about the First Amendment back to a debate about racism. Bret says he went, and […]

Officials of several San Antonio colleges: Hate speech is not free speech

There are 23 institutions in the Higher Education Council of San Antonio (Texas), and last month 13 officials in that system, including 11  college presidents as well as the Mayor of San Antonio, signed a bizarre statement that appears on the HECSA website. Here it is in its entirety: Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech American colleges and […]

Tufts University restricts free speech, intimidates students

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) defends free speech on campus whether it comes from the Right or Left, and I support their mission. According to their website, they’ve just completed a long investigation of free speech at the private Tufts University near Boston (home of Dan Dennett, by the way). While Tufts […]

HuffPo Canada denigrates free speech

It’s interesting to read other countries’ versions of the HuffPo, and I’ve found that the Canadian HuffPo is just as Authoritarian Leftist—if not more so—than the American version. Here’s an article from HuffPo Canada (I found it reprinted on HuffPo India) that denigrates the idea of free speech, with the premise that marginalized people don’t […]

Jon Haidt on intersectionality and identity politics

City Journal has published the text of a recent talk  (the Wriston lecture at the Manhattan Institute; video below) given by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, “The age of outrage: what the current political climate is doing to our country and our universities”. Here’s one except: Let us contrast King’s identity politics with the version taught […]