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UCLA pays students to advocate social justice and “educate their peers”

If you haven’t read the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s (FIRE’s) 2017 report on U.S. college “bias response teams”, you should, even though it’s long. FIRE found 231 such teams, with 143 at public institutions. Their purpose is to investigate cases of bias and issue reports about them, which may or may not involve […]

Latest college shenanigans by the Regressive Left: censorship at Pomona and UCLA; Wellesley student paper publishes “we need free speech but. . . ” editorial

Several readers have pointed out that 29 people from the Claremont College group (a consortium of 5 schools) signed a letter saying that “objectivity” and “truth” are not real, but are bogus ideas used to “silence oppressed people” and promote white supremacy . The student letter (full version here), addressed to Pomona College President David Oxtoby, is a response […]

Ann Coulter banned at Berkeley

I’ve always despised the conservative commentator Ann Coulter, especially for writing a book that largely made fun of those who accept evolution. In fact, I wrote a satirical piece for the New Republic excoriating her dumb anti-evolution book Godless (my piece, called “Coultergeist“, is free online). But I’m also for free speech, which trumps (pardon the […]

Frank Bruni on the American college “safety bubble”

For someone who reads this site regularly, Frank Bruni’s arguments in Saturday’s New York Times op-ed, “The dangerous safety of college“, won’t be new. But perhaps you should read the short piece anyway, if for no other reason than to show that some liberal and mainstream columnists (Bruni is openly gay as well) are recognizing that American […]

Highly recommended reading: “On Political Correctness”

The American Scholar is the house magazine of the Phi Beta Kappa honorary society, with the journal’s name taken from a speech given to that society by Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1837.  It’s published a number of distinguished articles, but a new one stands out: “On political correctness: Power, class, and the new campus religion“. It’s by […]

Dave Rubin speech at USC postponed indefinitely over “safety concerns”

Dave Rubin may have been criticized for not challenging some of his “problematic” guests (e.g., Milo Yiannopoulos), but I think that criticism is largely unfair, for Rubin’s brief is to just let guests talk on the premise that unfiltered, un-reactive speech is useful in letting viewers see someone’s true opinion. And you may object to some […]

Student suspended for not abiding by “oops” and “ouch” requirements for microaggressions

UPDATE: A reader has identified, in comment #10, the school where ms. Gradstein goes, and I’ve found email addresses you can write to if you want to protest her suspension for being too rational in a school that infantilizes its students. Under comment #10 I’ve also put the email I’ve sent to the university. _____________ […]

Glasgow theology students given trigger warning about images of the crucifixion

Seriously, is there anybody studying theology—indeed, anybody alive—who hasn’t seen an image of Jesus on the cross? It’s so common that one would think that you needn’t be warned about exposure to it. Well, that doesn’t take into account the new campus climate of giving warnings about things that don’t seem triggering at all. And Glasgow […]

Tufts University: a black hole for freedom of speech

Once again we must turn to right-wing websites, the College Fix and Heat Street (corroborated from other sites), to find out how free speech is going down the tubes at many American Universities.  In this case it’s Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts (home of Dan Dennett), which has been given a “red rating” by the Foundation […]

The University of Chicago and William and Mary top list of universities fostering viewpoint diversity; Yale flunks miserably

The Heterodox Academy, a group of scholars dedicated to maintaining viewpoint diversity as well as freedom of speech on college campuses, has taken the list of America’s top 150 colleges and universities and ranked them according to how well each meets the Academy’s aims of promoting or not suppressing viewpoint diversity. It’s really about whether these schools […]