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Santa Clara University denies recognition to conservative student group

I remember the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) when I was in college in the late Sixties. The members were Republicans, pro-Nixon, and were largely ignored by the rest of the students. But the group served as a nucleus for conservatives, and I don’t remember anything particularly invidious about it. Reading over the Wikipedia entry […]

When college virtue signaling goes too far: Oberlin fined $11 million for defaming a local bakery

On Friday, an Ohio jury awarded a bakery $11 million in the bakery’s suit over the unconscionable behavior of the local Oberlin College after three of its students were accused of shoplifting by the business (they pleaded guilty). The college, the jury found, engaged in a pattern of defamation and retaliation against the bakery, trying […]

Free-speech suppression at the University of Wisconsin

Reader Gregory called my attention to this piece in the Washington Post (it may be paywalled for you, but judicious inquiry might yield a copy). Click on screenshot to read: Now the University of Wisconsin campuses are public institutions, and are therefore covered by the First Amendment. But many people are calling for a suppression […]

Williams biology professor decries the wokeness of her students

Reader Rodney called my attention to a new short piece in The Atlantic by Luana Maroja, an associate professor of biology at Williams College who has written in these pages about the suppression of free speech at her institution. Williams College, of course, is undergoing the same type of wokely degeneration as did The Evergreen […]

In face of media and alumni outcry, Williams College finally recognizes a student pro-Israel organization

As Williams College plummets down the slide toward Evergreen State College at the bottom, its wokeness has moved beyond racial divisiveness to anti-Semitism. As I’ve recently reported, the Williams Student Council decided to reject an application of WIFI, a pro-Israel organization with modest aims, to become a registered student organization (RSO). Further, they had already […]

More about the Sullivan case at Harvard

The fallout continues from Harvard’s firing of Law School professor Ronald Sullivan and his wife Stephanie Robinson from being “faculty deans” (student mentors at residential dorms) at Winthrop House. (They were Harvard’s first African-American house deans.)  Despite Harvard’s conclusion, after a “climate survey” of students in Winthrop House, that there were other issues in the […]

Leeds University Union is unhappy with Israel Independence Day

I see the termites have dined well, and have finally reached Leeds University. Yes, the student union of that school saw fit to issue this tweet today on its Facebook Page (click on screenshot to go there and see replies): The anti-Semitism here is clear. This is just a celebration of the anniversary of Israel’s […]

The Williams College Council and anti-Semitism

Those of you who say you skip the posts about coddled and entitled students, go ahead and skip this one. It’s just a short update on the anti-Semitism of students at Williams College, whose College Council denied a pro-Israel organization (WIFI) status as a recognized student organization while giving that status to a pro-Palestinian one (SJP). […]

Williams College melts down in a big way

Williams College is truly going the way of Evergreen State, and the trouble is happening today on three fronts. The College administration has lost control of the both the students and the faculty, and a student sit-in will happen this week. Here are the issues: 1.) Campus Security Officer pushes back against unfounded student complaints […]

Two defenses of Camille Paglia

There’s no doubt that Camille Paglia is a provocateur and a self-promoter, but there’s equally little doubt that she truly believes what she’s saying. Much of what she’s saying goes against the Authoritarian Left, even though she’s on that side of the divide. She also has the Leftist street cred of being a woman, a […]