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University of Chicago students demand more ethnic segregation, punishment of fraternities and no punishment for disrupting speakers

I am working on a campus where I see Regressive Leftism daily, and now it’s taking the form of requests to create segregated facilities and curricula, to make fraternities official University of Chicago organizations so they can be punished, and to exempt students themselves from being punished when they disrupt talks they don’t like (this happened three […]

“Walk on the Wild Side” offends Guelph college students; Lou Reed friends incredulous

“Walk on the Wild Side” was a song written by Lou Reed and released on his Transformer album in 1972. If you were young then, you’ll surely have heard it, though perhaps not on the radio.  It’s about people making the journey to New York City, where Andy Warhol’s “Factory” attracted all manner of beats, proto-hippies, […]

UCLA pays students to advocate social justice and “educate their peers”

If you haven’t read the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s (FIRE’s) 2017 report on U.S. college “bias response teams”, you should, even though it’s long. FIRE found 231 such teams, with 143 at public institutions. Their purpose is to investigate cases of bias and issue reports about them, which may or may not involve […]

Offense culture at my own school: student party reported as racist because its theme was “construction workers”, and it was held on May 5

Last week the local student newspaper (the Maroon) published several letters and editorials expressing outrage  about a party apparently held by a fraternity at the University of Chicago. The outrage seemed to be connected with racism, cultural appropriation, and the Cinco de Mayo holiday; but I couldn’t make out what was going on.  Some of the letters, like this […]

Portland student reporter fired for reporting public statement about Islam’s demonization of nonbelievers

This story, of course, is covered by only right-wing sites (e.g., here, here, and here), but do you expect the liberal press to report on the left-wing vindictiveness of the student press? At any rate, we have video documentation and the testimony of the reporter himself. The skinny: Andy C. Ngo, a student reporter who works for […]

British academics and students call for censorship of Israeli ambassador because his appearance could upset students

I’ll be brief, as this is all too familiar. According to the Guardian and the Elder of Ziyon sites, students and professors at a British university have their knickers in knots because two student groups invited Mark Regev, Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, to speak.  His crime? Being the ambassador to Israel, of course, which, seen as […]

Latest college shenanigans by the Regressive Left: censorship at Pomona and UCLA; Wellesley student paper publishes “we need free speech but. . . ” editorial

Several readers have pointed out that 29 people from the Claremont College group (a consortium of 5 schools) signed a letter saying that “objectivity” and “truth” are not real, but are bogus ideas used to “silence oppressed people” and promote white supremacy . The student letter (full version here), addressed to Pomona College President David Oxtoby, is a response […]

Andrew Sullivan on “intersectionality”

by Greg Mayer Most WEIT readers will be familiar with Andrew Sullivan, the conservative, gay, Catholic ur-blogger, with whom we’ve had occasion to both agree and disagree over the years. As Jerry noted, Andrew recently returned to regular writing at New York Magazine, posting a weekly “diary”, as he’s referred to it, each posting consisting […]

Sign Cornel West and Robert George’s statement in favor of free speech

  Now is your chance, if you’re an academic or affiliated with a college or university, to sign a well-crafted statement in favor of free and untrammeled expression on campuses. The statement, “Truth Seeking, Democracy, and Freedom of Thought and Expression” was written by Robert P. George, a professor of jurisprudence at Princeton, and Cornel West, […]

Frank Bruni on the American college “safety bubble”

For someone who reads this site regularly, Frank Bruni’s arguments in Saturday’s New York Times op-ed, “The dangerous safety of college“, won’t be new. But perhaps you should read the short piece anyway, if for no other reason than to show that some liberal and mainstream columnists (Bruni is openly gay as well) are recognizing that American […]