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Sign Cornel West and Robert George’s statement in favor of free speech

  Now is your chance, if you’re an academic or affiliated with a college or university, to sign a well-crafted statement in favor of free and untrammeled expression on campuses. The statement, “Truth Seeking, Democracy, and Freedom of Thought and Expression” was written by Robert P. George, a professor of jurisprudence at Princeton, and Cornel West, […]

Frank Bruni on the American college “safety bubble”

For someone who reads this site regularly, Frank Bruni’s arguments in Saturday’s New York Times op-ed, “The dangerous safety of college“, won’t be new. But perhaps you should read the short piece anyway, if for no other reason than to show that some liberal and mainstream columnists (Bruni is openly gay as well) are recognizing that American […]

Jonathan Pie on language policing

From today until I get back from New Zealand (April 17), posting will be light, as I’m preparing to leave and have tons of stuff to do. Bear with me, and after March 15 I’ll ask readers to ratchet back on emailing me when I’m on the road. Meanwhile, here’s a 3½-minute video by “Jonathan […]

Highly recommended reading: “On Political Correctness”

The American Scholar is the house magazine of the Phi Beta Kappa honorary society, with the journal’s name taken from a speech given to that society by Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1837.  It’s published a number of distinguished articles, but a new one stands out: “On political correctness: Power, class, and the new campus religion“. It’s by […]

NYT defends free speech at Middlebury College

The New York Times should defend free speech—after all, it’s the country’s best newspaper—but I was still surprised to see today’s editorial, “Smothering speech at Middlebury“, as the Times also has a leftward slant. And it’s a good defense of free speech, though that defense starts, oddly, by saying that the “shutting down” of Charles Murray’s […]

Lincoln University Conservatives have social media accounts suspended because they posted a low free-speech ranking for their university

As the tweet below notes, in January the website Spiked rated British Universities for how tolerant they were toward free speech, giving them three ratings: The University of Lincoln, in the eponymous town, received an Amber rating for the University as a whole and red for its Student Union, for the following reasons: Charlie Peters writes […]

Middlebury College students’ “peaceful” protest against Charles Murray

As I reported the other day, the author and political scientist Charles Murray was attacked at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he was invited to speak by the school’s American Enterprise Institute Club. Not only did the students shout him down, so that the talk had to be moved to a sequestered room and livestreamed […]

Mob at Middlebury college attacks speaker Charles Murray, injures his host

Charles Murray is a conservative political scientist and author, perhaps most famous for his book The Bell Curve, co-written with Richard Herrnstein. I confess that I haven’t read it, but I’ve certainly read enough to about it to know that Murray and Herrnstein’s hereditarian views of IQ have been strongly attacked by some other scholars, largely […]

Dave Rubin speech at USC postponed indefinitely over “safety concerns”

Dave Rubin may have been criticized for not challenging some of his “problematic” guests (e.g., Milo Yiannopoulos), but I think that criticism is largely unfair, for Rubin’s brief is to just let guests talk on the premise that unfiltered, un-reactive speech is useful in letting viewers see someone’s true opinion. And you may object to some […]

More censorship, this time of Israeli ambassador to the UN

It’s not just Milo who’s demonized; it’s anybody connected with Israel. This tweet was posted yesterday evening, and reportedly shows Columbia University students “shutting him down” by disrupting his talk. When will they ever learn? Danny Danon, #Israel's Ambassador to the UN is currently speaking at #Columbia University. Audience members have shouted him down 7 […]