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Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying settle with Evergreen State for $500K, then resign

As I reported many times this year, biology professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (a married couple) were tormented and demonized by students, faculty, and the administration at The Evergreen State College after Weinstein refused to leave campus along with other white people on the “Day of Absence” in April. There’s not much question about […]

Students for Justice in Palestine lump Zionists with fascists and white supremacists, urge physical violence against them

I’ve always seen Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as an anti-Semitic organization, since they’re “anti-Zionist” (that’s the euphemism for “anti-Semitic”, just as “states’ rights” was once a euphemism for “segregation”). How can you say you’re not anti-Semitic if you are against the existence of Israel as a homeland for refugee Jews? Here is the […]

An ex-Provost spills the beans on The Evergreen State College

Michael Zimmerman was provost and vice-president for academic affairs of The Evergreen State College (TESC) from 2011-2016, but when the cowardly invertebrate George Bridges was hired as President, he summarily downgraded Zimmerman’s job, i.e., fired him from it. Zimmerman left TESC on July 1 of this year (2 days ago), and the very next day […]

Bret Weinstein talks with Gad Saad

This hourlong conversation between Gad Saad and Bret Weinstein, apostate professor of evolutionary biology at The Evergreen State College, is worth a listen. Weinstein shows himself to be thoughtful and articulate, and deals with many of questions that have arisen among this website’s readers. One in particular is whether the requested “absence” of whites from […]

Evergreen State College spokesperson lies about Bret Weinstein, faculty says he should shut up

This is worth only a short mention, but I add it here to keep a record. If you’ve been following the Demonization of Bret Weinstein by the Assembled Authoritarians of The Evergreen State College (TESC) you’ll know that after being threatened and told by campus police that they couldn’t protect him, biology professor Bret Weinstein […]

More craziness at Evergreen State College: Jewish students write a letter saying that Bret Weinstein’s own Jewish background makes him even more racist

Just when you think Bret Weinstein’s demonization at The Evergreen State College couldn’t get any worse, it does. Now a group of cowardly and presumably Jewish students have written  “A letter to Bret Weinstein from some Jews bent on the destruction of White Supremacy“. They sign the letter “Some Jewish students at Evergreen bent on the […]

The latest on Evergreen State College and the demonization of Bret Weinstein

The fracas at The Evergreen State College (TESC), which I think has permanently ruined its reputation, continues to gain traction in the mainstream media, though most left-wing venues have resolutely ignored the story. (Exceptions are the Washington Post and the New York Times.) I still think this is some kind of turning point that will hurt […]

Seattle Times warns of Evergreen State’s future–and more updates on the situation

I hadn’t realized that The Evergreen State College (ESC)  is “the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011 despite wide-open admission standards.” (They accept about 98% of applicants, I believe). The statement in quotes comes from yesterday’s editorial in the Seattle Times, “The Evergreen State College: No safety, no […]

Evergreen State professors and staff sign “statement of solidarity” with the entitled and racist students

About 55 Evergreen State College faculty and 23 College Staff have signed a “statement of solidarity” with the student protestors, which you can find here. (That’s more than a quarter of the faculty). I reproduce the statement in its entirety (indented). It is an implicit criticism of biology professor Bret Weinstein as a racist, which […]

Is the tide turning? The NYT criticizes the entitled students of Evergreen State

For some reason—and I may well be wrong—I think the demonization of biology professor Bret Weinstein at The Evergreen State College, the abject cowering of College President George Bridges in front of hordes of screaming students, and the absolutely unbelievable authoritarianism of those students as well as the non-science faculty—all represent a turning point in […]