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University of the Arts President defends Camille Paglia’s freedom of speech after she makes controversial statements

I’ve seen Camille Paglia speak in person once (I barely remember what she said), and haven’t followed her work, but what I do remember is that her scholarship is larded with an alarming amount of self-promotion.  (She’s a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.) But I plead ignorance and may be wrong. […]

Nicholas Christakis has a new book

You’ll surely remember Nicholas Christakis of Yale University, a good man who, along with his wife, got ensnared in a net thrown by The Woke.  If you don’t remember that tale, read the New York Times article below or my post on Christakisgate (the NYT piece is largely about his new book; more on that […]

U of C minority law students boycott “admitted students weekend” after University fails to condemn professor who used “n-word” in class as an example; students further call for restrictions on free speech

I’ll try to be brief here, but there’s a new series of incidents on my campus that has wound up with some law students calling for restrictions on free speech, and free speech is a flagship principle of the University of Chicago. The incident involves Professor Geoffrey Stone of the Law School, who was the […]

Sarah Lawrence College on the road to Evergreen State: entitled students demand to review the tenure of a conservative tenured professor, issue many other ludicrous demands

Well, two previously highly-reputed and well respected colleges are going down the drain as they cave in to unconscionable student demands. The first is Williams College in Massachusetts, where an unhinged gender-studies professor is basically determining college policy with the help of an invertebrate President. I’ll have more on that sad situation later. The second […]

When wokeness overwhelms reason: Harvard students demand punishment of a law professor for his legal defense of Harvey Weinstein; university administration waffles

A few years ago I would not have thought this possible. After all, it’s Harvard (for which I retain some vestigial affection), and the protestors, who are demanding the scalp of a black law professor who is defending Harvey Weinstein, are so terribly ignorant of the basis of criminal defense that they seem almost stupid. […]

Do colleges have a responsibility to report the outcomes of “hate crime” investigations?

Here’s a hypothetical situation which may not be so hypothetical, but more on that later.  I’m asking for reader input here. The scenario: a college or university has several reports of “hate crimes”, which take the form of bigoted or threatening writings on walls (or posters), insulting or threatening Hispanics, blacks, and other minorities. The […]

Student op-ed: We don’t need to hear conservative voices

I don’t claim that this op-ed, by a staff writer for Student Life, the student newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis, is typical of all college students. But this kind of dismissive attitude is spreading, and it’s not just mushbrained but positively dangerous. For it’s only one step from claiming that conservatives have nothing […]

More kerfuffles at Williams College

Gather ye around, and hear my prediction: Williams College, in Williamstown Massachusetts, widely regarded as the best small liberal-arts school in America, is on its way to becoming the Evergreen State College of the East.  It is becoming hyper-woke in the same way that Evergreen State did before it imploded, with Evergreen’s enrollment and budget […]

University of Chicago newspaper tars college President by finding that he voted in the last Republican primary

Our student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, had as its big headline the results of its diligent investigation: a trawl through public voting records. And what they found is revealed below (click on screenshot): Make no mistake about it: this is meant to tar the President—who’s done a pretty damn good job—by implying that he’s a […]

More free speech kerfuffle at Williams College, a school on the road to becoming Evergreen State

Williams College, a very prestigious school in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is currently in the throes of a debate about free speech. In this case the professors (not all of them, but many) want Williams to adopt the Chicago Principles of Free Expression (the “Chicago Principles”). The students, however, don’t want any stinking principles; they want endless […]