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Speech is not violence

You may have heard that Ryan Spector, a Dartmouth student, got into big trouble for writing an op-ed in his college paper (The Dartmouth) questioning why 15 of the 19 directors of the student program “The Trips” (it runs summer excursions for incoming first-years) were female.  Claiming that this unbalanced sex ratio reflected an exercise […]

Penn faculty and students brutally attack law professor for her conservative op-ed; Dean asks her to take a leave of absence

Today’s Wall Street Journal contains another tale of university censorship, in this case involving Amy Wax, the Mundlein Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Philadelphia. The screenshot links to the essay, but it’s mostly paywalled, though judicious inquiry might yield you a copy. The article also notes that “This essay, […]

More calls to ban Steve Bannon at my university

Posters like this one, or related ones, are now plastered all over campus, relating to the student and faculty movement to disinvite Steve Bannon from speaking at the University of Chicago this fall (see my earlier posts here). I photographed this one, put up by the UChicago Socialists, on a lightpost near the campus. Note […]

More on the deplatforming of Ken Ham: Let the bigoted creationist speak!

Yesterday I discussed how creationist and evangelical Christian Ken Ham (creator of the Ark Park and Creation Museum) had been disinvited from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), where he was supposed to talk on March 5 about “Genesis and the State of the Culture.” It should come as no surprise that I’m vehemently opposed to […]

Andrew Sullivan on the spillover of campus politics into society at large

This week I was interviewed by an editor of the student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, who plans to write a profile of me. That was flattering, but of course I’m always wary of these things because, after all, it’s a reporter. It turned out that she was friendly (that says nothing, of course, about what […]

Satirical ICE posters deemed “hate speech” at Stanford University

Isaac Kipust is a student at Stanford University, which, though a private school, has a free speech policy that makes it equivalent to a state university—that is, speech is protected under the courts’ interpretation of our First Amendment. This is the case for all universities in California. As Stanford’s President and its Provost wrote: Certain types […]

More trouble about Bannon at the University of Chicago: students have class sit-in, alumni sign petition to rescind invitation

As I reported a few days ago, “according to the student newspaper The Chicago Maroon, former Presidential advisor and Breitbart editor Steve Bannon has been invited to speak here this fall, and has accepted. The person who invited him was a professor at the business school, Luigi Zingales.” The Bannon visit, not yet scheduled, will actually be a debate, not […]

Steve Bannon invited to speak at my university; students and faculty protest; free-speech butters emerge

Well, the University of Chicago is about to go through the same tumult that afflicted Middlebury College in Vermont, Berkeley, Harvard, and all the other universities that have tried to ban right-wing speakers or those who are said to purvey “hate speech.”  For, according to the student newspaper The Chicago Maroon, former Presidential advisor and […]

Jon Haidt on intersectionality and identity politics

City Journal has published the text of a recent talk  (the Wriston lecture at the Manhattan Institute; video below) given by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, “The age of outrage: what the current political climate is doing to our country and our universities”. Here’s one except: Let us contrast King’s identity politics with the version taught […]

University College London apologizes for tweeting about a white campus

University College London issued this official tweet on Monday, reflecting the recent snow in the UK: Dreaming of a white campus? Our campuses will be open and operating fully today, Monday 11 December, so please make your way in as planned. (We can't guarantee snow but we'll try!) #snowday #londonsnow — UCL (@ucl) December 11, […]