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More trouble about Bannon at the University of Chicago: students have class sit-in, alumni sign petition to rescind invitation

As I reported a few days ago, “according to the student newspaper The Chicago Maroon, former Presidential advisor and Breitbart editor Steve Bannon has been invited to speak here this fall, and has accepted. The person who invited him was a professor at the business school, Luigi Zingales.” The Bannon visit, not yet scheduled, will actually be a debate, not […]

Officials of several San Antonio colleges: Hate speech is not free speech

There are 23 institutions in the Higher Education Council of San Antonio (Texas), and last month 13 officials in that system, including 11  college presidents as well as the Mayor of San Antonio, signed a bizarre statement that appears on the HECSA website. Here it is in its entirety: Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech American colleges and […]

The complaint against Lindsay Shepherd at Wifrid Laurier University was by its LGBT Center

I’ve posted several times about Lindsay Shepherd, a grad student at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) in Canada.  Shepherd got in trouble with her advisor and the school because in the class she was, she played a short clip from The Agenda showing Jordan Peterson questioning the need to use special pronouns for students not identifying as […]

Steve Paikin discusses freedom of speech with five Canadian professors

Wilfred Laurier’s attempt to stifle/punish Lindsay Shepherd for playing a bit of Jordan Peterson video in her class has ignited a big debate in Canada, none of which would have happened had Shepherd not been savvy enough to tape the meeting in which she was admonished, and then to release the tape to the press. […]

Hitler as a social justice warrior

The Downfall parodies are of variable quality, but I liked this one, which is about the Linday Shepherd case at Canada’s Wilfred Laurier University (see my post here).   h/t: Orli

The Cultural Revolution hits a Canadian university: grad student teacher bullied for promoting free discussion in her class

Wilfred Laurier University is a public university in Waterloo, Ontario, and has just become the target of international opprobrium after its persecution of a graduate teaching assistant became public this week. The teaching assistant, 22 year old Lindsay Shepherd, is now one of my heroes for standing up for the principles of free speech and […]

Bard College President has a genius response to snowflake professors beefing about a right-wing speaker

Yes, the title is HuffPoe-ian clickbait, but I couldn’t resist. A big group of 56 Offended Academics, all of course in the humanities, wrote an open letter in the Chronicle of Higher Education, objecting to the appearance of a far-right-wing German politician at a conference on “Crises of Democracy” at Bard College in New York […]