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Hijab news: The Independent becomes HuffPo, touting “modest wear” for Muslims that’s quite alluring; Marine Le Pen refuses to don hijab

If you saw the headline below on a website, you’d think it was from the Huffington Post, right? The combination of fashion news (with Muslim attire called “modest wear”), gratuitous editorializing, and fetishizing of the hijab and body covering are all characteristic of that liberal clickbait site. But if you click on the headline, you’ll see that it […]

Air France decides it’s okay to insult women

by Grania Air France is in the middle of a row with their staff members after instructing female crew members to cover their heads and wear loose jackets and trousers when they travel to Iran. Staff point out that it is against French law to require them to wear “ostentatious religious symbols”. Air France’s response to […]

Circling the drain, the New York Times labels the Texas cartoon exhibit “hate speech”

It’s a sad day when the New York Times, a bastion of free speech during Watergate and the publication of the Pentagon Papers , tarnishes its image by sort-of-excusing the Muslim attack on Pamela Geller’s exhibit of Muslim cartoons in Texas. And that sad day was yesterday. In their Thursday op-ed, “Free speech vs. hate […]

A reader writes in defending Muslim wrath

I’m doing science today and, as my brain is busy trying to avoid using the passive voice while writing a paper, I’ll save my neurons for that and put up a few easy-to-write posts. First-time commenter “J. Lee” sent his/her take on a post, and rather than approve it, burying it among comments from several days ago, I […]