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“Cultural appropriation” of a Chinese dress causes big kerfuffle

Some people are permanently poised to be offended; in fact, you’d think they get pleasure out of being offended. One of the topics that often triggers unwarranted offense is cultural appropriation—the adoption by one culture or ethnicity of food, clothing, music, or other aspects of a different culture.  In principle this could be offensive, as in […]

A supermodel speaks, and it ain’t pretty

Yes, I do follow popular culture, at least to the extent that I know who Bella Hadid is. She’s a very wealthy  21-year-old supermodel (as is her sister Gigi), with both sisters the offspring of a very wealthy Los Angeles real-estate developer.  Bella was voted “Model of the Year” in 2016, and you can see […]

A woman who truly loves her cat

One more cat to brighten this dreary day. . . Reciprocal tee shirts! (From the Animals in Random Places Facebook page). Now if only Hili would wear a Jerry shirt!

Cat eclipse tee shirts: one day left

If you have a spare $30 or so (that includes shipping), and want this lovely cat solar eclipse tee shirt I posted the other day, reader Victoria found out that you can buy it here. Hurry if you want one, as there’s only one day left.  There are also mugs, tote bags, and ladies’ shirts […]

Holocaust revision tee-shirt

A place called Teespring, which seems to offer pretty innocuous teeshirts, also sells this one (click on pictures to go there): Front: Back:   They appear to be out of the shirt temporarily, but you can reserve one for yourself, and it’s only $21.99. Now of course I think it should be legal to sell […]

My new shoes

Having stupidly left my fleece on a bus in New Zealand, I needed to replace it, and found a brand-new Timberland fleece, in my size, on a consignment site called “Poshmark“. It was less than half the retail price, so I ordered it. I didn’t notice until later that Poshmark has received many complaints about […]

Tee shirt logos from a reader

Reader and artist Pliny the in Between has posted a number of tee-shirt logos he/she has designed over the years and put on the site The Far Corner Cafe. As far as I know, none have actually been put on tee-shirts, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one or two of these. Here are four. It […]

A distinction without a difference

I just made an awesome tw**t. Here it is: Two types of women wearing "modest wear" for same reason. One is celebrated; the other not. Why the difference? — Jerry Coyne (@Evolutionistrue) February 23, 2017

Spiffy Darwin “Origin” tee shirt

Reader Peter called my attention to this lovely Origin of Species tee shirt. I know I’ve put it up before, but here it is again, and it has 40,000 words of The Origin on it imprinted by dye sublimation. That’s not the whole book by any means: as my friend Andrew Berry just found out by […]

Hijab news: The Independent becomes HuffPo, touting “modest wear” for Muslims that’s quite alluring; Marine Le Pen refuses to don hijab

If you saw the headline below on a website, you’d think it was from the Huffington Post, right? The combination of fashion news (with Muslim attire called “modest wear”), gratuitous editorializing, and fetishizing of the hijab and body covering are all characteristic of that liberal clickbait site. But if you click on the headline, you’ll see that it […]