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“Climate change” redacted from U.S. Geological Survey press releases

I’m rereading Orwell’s novel 1984, and so this new report from Science reminded me of the Party’s attempt to change language into “Newspeak” and, by purging old words, creating a new language with a new ideological slant. (That, of course, derived from Orwell’s earlier but superb essay Politics and the English Language.) The Science article relates, […]

Did someone make science and religion compatible?

Apparently so. This article, sent to me by reader Snowy Owl, appeared on Quartz (click on screenshot to read it): And the first sentence notes that “bridging the gap” means making science and religion compatible: Katharine Hayhoe is here to challenge the idea that science and faith are incompatible. Okay, well, I’ll bite. How does […]

How to make America take global warming seriously

Over at the Far Corner Cafe, reader Pliny the in Between offers a good suggestion (click cartoon to enlarge): Text in the balloon: “Dust kicked up in drought stricken areas and salt spray from rising sea levels will increase barrel wear and corrosion.”

Heather Hastie on Trump and the Paris Accord

I’ve kvetched a bit about Trump’s stupid decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords, but, over at Heather Hastie’s site, she’s produced a much better critique: “Trump has exceeded himself in stupidity.” It starts this way and then gets into the nitty-gritty: The recent meeting of the G7 in Sicily saw Donald […]

Trump quits Paris climate accord

If I could curse on this website, I’d spout a streak of blue language. I’ve lived through a lot of conservative Presidents, but never one as thoroughly odious as Donald Trump. What the #$((&*^% just did is, according to CNN and multiple sources, decide to draw the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement. President […]

The New York Times prints a FAQ piece on climate change

It’s hard for most of us to keep up with the issue of global warming, which I don’t see as a “controversy” because virtually all scientists agree that anthropogenic warming is happening and that we’re in trouble. But unless you’re a weather fanatic, there’s simply too much information and discussion out there. Is there a place you can go to […]

The correlation between rejection of evolution and rejection of environmental regulation: what does it mean?

I was sent the following Washington Post tw**t, which refers to an article by Chris Mooney, an accommodationist who now works for that paper. Of course I was intrigued, so I went to both Mooney’s article and the source of that graph, an analysis of Pew-poll data and a post by Josh Rosenau, another accommodationist who works for […]

Philomena Cunk on climate change

Today’s episode of “Moments of Wonder,” with the inimitable and adorable Philomena Cunk, deals with the serious problem of climate change. (We’ll have an episode a day until they run out, which will be soon.) And yes, Andy Watson is a real “Science Man.”

A truly WTF article in The New York Times

We all know that The New York Times shows an unconscionable love of religion (viz., its giving Tanya Luhrmann a regular column), but Greg Mayer steered me to a piece that is not only soft on religion, but for reasons that are completely opaque. In fact, unless I’ve lost my mind, the article is unreadable. I’m […]

Do people who deny evolution know less about it than others?

Several people sent me a short essay in the New York Times, “When beliefs and facts collide,” by Brendan Nyhan.  They thought, correctly, that I’d be interested in it because it discusses the reasons why so many Americans deny palpably true science, in particular evolution and human-caused global warming. Both of these “theories” are supported […]