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Accommodationism in Nature: A prestigious scientific journal lauds the Pope on global warming, neglects his retrograde stance on birth control

Many people were excited by Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Global Warming, for Francis acknowledged that global warming is largely caused by humans, and also has a disproportionate effect on the poor. Although I’m not sure how much a Pope’s words on such issues can affect public policy, especially given the inertia of nations and the influence of […]

A letter from an angry climate-change denialist: give your response

UPDATE: Our emailer insists on being named, so named his shall be as requested in the missive below: Bernard Arthur Hutchins Jr You Must Acknowledge Intellectral Property Jerry – I make it three days now since I asked you to put my name on the item on your blog that was MY intellectual property which YOU posted without giving the source. […]

Nick Cohen on the Pope and global warming

On Friday I reported on the reactions of Lawrence Krauss and Steve Pinker to the Pope’s new global-warming encyclical. Their reactions were mixed, but mostly negative, largely because the Pope, while calling attention to the problem, neglected one of its main causes: overpopulation and the ensuing generation of greenhouse gases. The Pope in fact dismissed the […]

Krauss and Pinker on the Pope’s misguided climate-change bicycle

Scientific American asked physicist Lawrence Krauss to comment on Pope Francis’s long encyclical on global warming. Krauss’s piece, “Ideology subsumes empiricism in Pope’s climate encyclical,” gives to the Pope with one hand but slaps him with the other. Krauss lauds the Pope for the his no-nonsense acceptance of anthropogenic global warming, and his warning that climate change has the most severe […]

Pope Francis’s Encyclical: The Movie

I remember when Archie Bunker used to talk about the “Pope’s Bicycle” (he also said the Pope was “inflammable”). Archie was of course referring to encyclicals, or letters from the pontiff sent to all Catholic bishops.  You might know that Pope Francis’s Bicycle on Climate Change, due to be published in three days, was leaked to the press […]

Florida bans the terms “global warming” and “climate change” in state environmental reports

Thank Ceiling Cat that some newspapers are still doing investigative reporting—and are good at it. Yesterday’s Miami Herald has a longish report by Tristam Korten revealing that, on orders from the governor and his minions, state officials are not permitted to use the terms “global warming” or “climate change’ in environmental reports or talks. What we […]

Climate researcher wins bet with climate-change skeptic over warming

A climate-change skeptic got pwned. According to the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (my links): Late 2009, in the run-up to the international climate conference in Copenhagen, PBL climate researcher Bart Strengers had an online discussion with climate sceptic Hans Labohm on the website of the Dutch news station NOS (in Dutch). This discussion, which was […]

“I’m no scientist”: Colbert on Republican climate-change denialism

Here’s our favorite faux-conservative commenting, right after the big Republican gains in the last election, about that party’s view of climate change (i.e., it’s either not happening or IT’S NOT OUR FAULT). As far as I know, 72% of the members of the previous House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology were either outright climate-change denialists or […]

Colbert on Republican climate-change denialism: “We’re not scientists”

If you click on the screenshot below, you’ll go to a short clip of Stephen Colbert taking apart Republican climate-change denialists as only he can. (Note: I’m not sure whether this clip can be seen outside of North America—or even in Canada). If it’s slow, try clicking here. I am so sick of denialists’ claim, […]

Marmot video-bombs time-lapse film of Glacier Park, licks camera

For some reason I don’t understand, photobombs by rodents are one of the most appealing things on the internet, drawing far more attention than, say, cat or dog photobombs. Perhaps it’s that adorable rodent face with its bulbous nose magnified by the camera. That, for example, may explain this old chestnut, perhaps the best—and certainly […]


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