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NY Times hires science disser as op-ed writer

Late last month, the New York Times hired conservative Bret Stephens as an op-ed writer. Only 43 years old, Stephens had previously worked at the Wall Street Journal, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2013. While Stephens isn’t an out-and-out denialist of global warming, he’s always tried to minimize its potential effects on our planet. […]

House science committee endorses climate-denialism article

As I noted in Faith Versus Fact, an important science committee of the U.S. House of Representatives is loaded with climate-change denialists—and that was before Trump was elected. Get a load of some of the statements that have come from Republican (of course) members of that committee (this is from FvF, pp. 249-250): And even when […]

An xkcd semi-interactive timeline for global warming

There’s not much to say about this swell xkcd timeline of climate change over the last 22,000 years except that it’s fascinating and you can scroll though the long diagram to see what the temperatures were when.  It’s very long so I’ve just posted the top and bottom. Go to the original to see the […]

Brian Cox has a genius response to a climate-change hater!

LOL, I love PuffHo headlines. Here, His Highness Brian Cox throws serious shade on a climate-change denialist. This tweet is from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Q&A” show which just featured Cox on a panel which includes an elected Senator, Malcolm Roberts, who’s also a climate change denier (Aussies, please tell us who this clown is). When […]

NYT: Science can’t save us from our “apocalyptic future”, but can philosophy help?

Roy Scranton served in the Army for four years (2002-2006), is now a doctoral candidate in English at Princeton, and, in October, published a book called Learning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization. He just reprised his thesis in the philosophy column “The Stone” at the New York Times in a […]

The New York Times prints a FAQ piece on climate change

It’s hard for most of us to keep up with the issue of global warming, which I don’t see as a “controversy” because virtually all scientists agree that anthropogenic warming is happening and that we’re in trouble. But unless you’re a weather fanatic, there’s simply too much information and discussion out there. Is there a place you can go to […]

Those pesky atheist scientists: wrong about God, wrong about global warming

Before I show you a political cartoon sent by a reader, let’s remind ourselves how much more atheistic American scientists are than their fellow citizens. Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote last March for the New Republic: Surveying American scientists as a whole, regardless of status, a different Pew poll showed that only 33% admitted belief in God, […]

Accommodationism in Nature: A prestigious scientific journal lauds the Pope on global warming, neglects his retrograde stance on birth control

Many people were excited by Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Global Warming, for Francis acknowledged that global warming is largely caused by humans, and also has a disproportionate effect on the poor. Although I’m not sure how much a Pope’s words on such issues can affect public policy, especially given the inertia of nations and the influence of […]

A letter from an angry climate-change denialist: give your response

UPDATE: Our emailer insists on being named, so named his shall be as requested in the missive below: Bernard Arthur Hutchins Jr You Must Acknowledge Intellectral Property Jerry – I make it three days now since I asked you to put my name on the item on your blog that was MY intellectual property which YOU posted without giving the source. […]

Nick Cohen on the Pope and global warming

On Friday I reported on the reactions of Lawrence Krauss and Steve Pinker to the Pope’s new global-warming encyclical. Their reactions were mixed, but mostly negative, largely because the Pope, while calling attention to the problem, neglected one of its main causes: overpopulation and the ensuing generation of greenhouse gases. The Pope in fact dismissed the […]