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Florida bans the terms “global warming” and “climate change” in state environmental reports

Thank Ceiling Cat that some newspapers are still doing investigative reporting—and are good at it. Yesterday’s Miami Herald has a longish report by Tristam Korten revealing that, on orders from the governor and his minions, state officials are not permitted to use the terms “global warming” or “climate change’ in environmental reports or talks. What we […]

Climate researcher wins bet with climate-change skeptic over warming

A climate-change skeptic got pwned. According to the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (my links): Late 2009, in the run-up to the international climate conference in Copenhagen, PBL climate researcher Bart Strengers had an online discussion with climate sceptic Hans Labohm on the website of the Dutch news station NOS (in Dutch). This discussion, which was […]

“I’m no scientist”: Colbert on Republican climate-change denialism

Here’s our favorite faux-conservative commenting, right after the big Republican gains in the last election, about that party’s view of climate change (i.e., it’s either not happening or IT’S NOT OUR FAULT). As far as I know, 72% of the members of the previous House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology were either outright climate-change denialists or […]

Colbert on Republican climate-change denialism: “We’re not scientists”

If you click on the screenshot below, you’ll go to a short clip of Stephen Colbert taking apart Republican climate-change denialists as only he can. (Note: I’m not sure whether this clip can be seen outside of North America—or even in Canada). If it’s slow, try clicking here. I am so sick of denialists’ claim, […]

Marmot video-bombs time-lapse film of Glacier Park, licks camera

For some reason I don’t understand, photobombs by rodents are one of the most appealing things on the internet, drawing far more attention than, say, cat or dog photobombs. Perhaps it’s that adorable rodent face with its bulbous nose magnified by the camera. That, for example, may explain this old chestnut, perhaps the best—and certainly […]

Why do people deny climate change? Plus a plea for accommodationism (not from me)

  This is the second post inspired by a short essay in the New York Times, “When beliefs and facts collide,” by Brendan Nyhan, whose essay itself discusses a 49-page paper by Dan M. Kahan that’s in press in Advances in Political Psychology. Kahan is a professor of law and psychology at Yale. (Kahan’s paper, in advance form, can be […]

Kentucky state legislator says the dumbest thing ever about climate change

UPDATE: If you want to email Senator Brandon Smith, the guy who’s in the video below, there’s a simple email form here. You’ll have more clout if you’re from Kentucky, but I’ve sent an email myself. __________ God help America! (Of course he can’t, because he doesn’t exist). Here’s a Kentucky state senator making a […]

The shrinking Arctic ice cap

If you’re not worried about global warming yet, read this new report by National Geographic Daily News on the melting of the Arctic icecaps.  It’s a special problem for the magazine, which is famous for its maps. How do you draw an icecap that keeps changing in the definitive atlas, National Geographic’s Atlas of the […]

Doonesbury takes on climate-change denialism

Today’s Doonesbury is a wicked slam at climate-change denialists: This reminds me of an old and hilarious Doonesbury strip in which a TB-inflicted patient, a creationist, is asked if he wants the cure based on evolution. h/t: Linda Grilli  

Some data on global warming

Matthew Cobb called my attention to a page from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), showing temporal data on carbon dioxide concentration, sea level, temperature, sea ice, and other indicators of global warming.  It’s not pretty. (Go here for an explanation of how the data were collected.) Carbon dioxide is at its highest level […]


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