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Scott Pruitt publicly shamed at a restaurant

I despise Scott Pruitt, for as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), he’s enacting odious policies that despoil the environment; he rejects the fact of anthropogenic climate change; and he’s been charged with misspending government money and other dereliction of duty. He’s about the worst possible person to hold his job. Under […]

Bill Maher has a chat with Ben Shapiro

Bill Maher, to his credit, had conservative Ben Shapiro on his show, and here’s a ten-minute discussion between them. Of course I agree with Maher far more than with Shapiro, but this does show that two political opponents can have a civil discussion. I don’t think minds were changed, but they do have points where […]

NYT conflates civility with indifference to injustice

Yes, folks, the New York Times is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, at least if they publish op-eds like the one below (click on the screenshot to read it). Sugrue was motivated to write his piece by acts like the expulsion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders from a restaurant and the verbal attack on White House […]

The Advice Goddess schools college students in manners

One of the few non-science, non-heathen websites that I follow is Amy Alkon’s “The Advice Goddess Blog.” Described as “Miss Manners with fangs,” Amy has a no-nonsense and hardnosed approach to manners. She pulls no punches, as in her relentless campaign to get people to stop talking loudly on their cellphones in public places (a stand […]