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HuffPost’s repeated smears of Joe Biden

HuffPost, of course, is not a source of news, but an Authoritarian Leftist rag where opinion masquerades as news. Their agenda is so transparent that you can see it simply by scanning the “headlines.” Right now the site is busy smearing every Democratic candidate save Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and it especially hates Joe […]

Two pieces on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the new allegations against him

It is curious that the accusations of sexual misconduct committed by Martin Luther King, Jr., recently published in Standpoint by his biographer, the distinguished civil rights historian David Garrow, have largely been ignored by the mainstream press. I think it’s because the press doesn’t know how to respond to accusations of rape-enabling and abuse of […]

A new portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. by one of his biographers paints him as a rape accomplice and abuser of women

Along with Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of my heroes. Both men, using their labor, their writing, their dedication, and especially their devotion to nonviolent civil disobedience, effected enormous social change. Gandhi helped get the British to “quit India”; King helped lead the civil rights struggles of the sixties that ended legal […]

Morris Dees fired from the Southern Poverty Law Center

I’ve posted a fair amount about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which at one time was a great organization fighting segregation and pushing for civil liberties (see my posts here).  But, as civil rights became national law, the organization started changing its mission, which largely became fighting “hate speech.” That is not necessarily bad, […]

NYT conflates civility with indifference to injustice

Yes, folks, the New York Times is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, at least if they publish op-eds like the one below (click on the screenshot to read it). Sugrue was motivated to write his piece by acts like the expulsion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders from a restaurant and the verbal attack on White House […]

ACLU’s letter to Trump

From a tw**t by the American Civil Liberties Union, threatening to sue him if he violates the Constitution or the law. Click letter to enlarge Here it is: We should be holding the same views, and supporting the retention of our cherished civil liberties. And we should all be ready to demonstrate in public.  

Ireland’s Same Sex Marriage Referendum: The Losing Side responds.

by Grania Spingies In May this year Ireland voted to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The results demonstrated that there is a bizarre disconnect in the Catholic Church. While Bishops and other dignitaries urged a No vote and then denounced the subsequent result; the slam-dunk victory for equality came from the very people the […]

Irish parents with a gay son urged a “yes” vote on the gay marriage referendum

Although some folks who favor gay marriage are still grousing about yesterday’s great victory in Ireland, calling out the Irish for not legalizing abortion at the same time, those are curmudgeons who can’t appreciate that big step forward, or realize that legalization of abortion will follow in time. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face of retrograde Catholicism, […]

Who lobbied Indiana’s governor Pence to sign the pro-discrimination bill? He ain’t saying.

Three days ago I posted a picture of the signing of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Bill” by governor Mike Pence: Apparently there was another photo, too, with a different group of “guests” at the signing, including lobbyists  And some of those guests were identified by the GLAAD Facebook page with the caption, “Some of Indiana Gov. Mike […]

A new movie claims that gay rights will criminalize and destroy American Christianity

From Right Wing Watch (courtesy of reader Heather), we learn that the Christian right has produced a new film, Light Wins: How To Overcome The Criminalization of Christianity. Its thesis is that the gay “agenda”, including gay marriage, will result in the destruction—indeed, the criminalization—of Christianity. You can watch the trailer below, and a bigger parade of idiots […]