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Christianity infests the State Department, violating the First Amendment

Newsweek and HuffPo report that this was the the U.S. Department of State’s homepage yesterday: I checked a few minutes ago, and the homepage entry has been changed to this: HuffPo reports this: The U.S. State Department’s main homepage was updated on Monday to show a photo of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with the […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ government dosh

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “fix,” came with two links in the caption: Maybe you should, Mo. Maybe you should. This strip based on a story from last year. C of E’s financial status based on this. This first link reports a warning from the head of the Church Buildings Council that the UK government should […]

Failure to cause outrage: the Blasphemy investigation of Fry fizzles out

by Grania Spingies As many of you may already know, the police investigation into the accusation of blasphemy against Stephen Fry by an anonymous and obsequious finger-wagger has been dropped. As I pointed out, there was never any real chance that Fry would be charged, let alone brought to trial. Ireland’s illiberal and misconceived Blasphemy law was […]

Jesus Christ declared the King of Poland (Mary is already Queen)

I am not making this up. According to Christian Today, and verified by my Polish friend Malgorzata, the Polish government just accepted Jesus Christ as the country’s king: Jesus has been declared King of Poland in a ceremony attended by the country’s president Andrzej Duda. The ceremony was held at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow on […]

Tennessee county petitions God to not destroy them for allowing gay marriages

UPDATE: WBIR television reports this morining that, by a vote of 10-5, the County commission refused to consider the entire agenda, so the “Save Us, God” resolution was tabled. (Be sure to watch the news video at the site showing the supporters of the Tennessee Equality Project). But chairperson Karen Miller vows to reintroduce the resolution. ____________________ […]

Arizona town stipulates that council meetings begin with prayers—but only Christian ones!

From The Coolidge Examiner of Coolidge, Arizona (population 11,825), we have a seriously blatant violation of the First Amendment: Ignoring legal counsel and concerns about a possible lawsuit, a majority of the Coolidge City Council voted Monday to amend a resolution that would allow prayers before council meetings, including a stipulation that they be Christian. […]

A Christian nation?

by Greg Mayer In an op-ed piece in Sunday’s New York Times, the historian Kevin Kruse asks, Is the United States a Christian nation? It is a common claim among Christian theocrats (those whom Andrew Sullivan has aptly called ‘Christianists’) that America is a Christian nation—that somehow the basic structures of the American government are […]

Is the devil in Lebanon, Missouri?

Here’s an update on the poll taken by the Lebanon Daily Record on Principal Lower’s graduation prayer.  As you may recall, the paper polled readers about whether Lower’s prayer was appropriate for graduation.   You can see the results by going to the Lowery-loving column by Katie Hilton, “Hats off for Lowery!“, and then clicking back to “home” […]

“We Christians out number you”: more venom from Lebanon

UPDATE: I’m adding one comment I found on Facebook’s “Standing strong with Kevin Lowery” page: It’s unbelievable: these people feel uncomfortable UNLESS God is mentioned constantly—and, in this case, illegally.  Sometimes I feel I’m living on a different planet from these people. ***** Here are a couple of comments from the Fox News story on Lebanon, […]

Religion poisons everything, including eagles

For crying out loud, what kind of morons would release a bald eagle in a chapel? The morons at Oral Roberts University, that’s who. ORU is a Pentecostal Christian University in Tulsa, Oklahoma founded by one of America’s most annoying and fraudulent preachers. According to BuzzFeed, the eagle (named Louis) was released into the university […]