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Ali Rizvi talks sense on Israel and Palestine

Unbeknownst to me, Ali Rizvi, author of The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason (I blurbed the book) wrote a fine article on the Israel Palestine crisis that was published in PuffHo on July 28, 2014. (Click on screenshot below to read it, and you should.) Normally I’d kvetch about his publishing this […]

Giles Fraser says Meghan Markle will make the royals more Jesus-like

I swear, I used to read the Guardian as my go-to paper in the UK years ago, but I wouldn’t read it now. One reason is its mawkish catering to faith, as instantiated by the new column below. The author, Giles Fraser, is a broadcaster, writer, and Anglican priest. He’s combined the last two into […]

Another beef from Grania: UK ministers pray for Prince George to either be gay or straight

Grania says this about a new Guardian article: “Here’s a facepalm of the day. Hard to say which one of these fine religious leaders needs their head smacked hardest.” Here’s that article: Prince George (of Cambridge), of course, is the only son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,” and he’s […]

Television refuses to air pastor’s restoration of a believer’s tumescence—and its consequences

Talk about the secularism of the media: here’s an example of a television station refusing to air an honest-go-God miracle, one reported in the story below (click on the screenshot) as well as at many other sites (e.g., here and here): The pastor is Paseka Motsoeneng (born 1968), also known as “Prophet PFP Motsoeneng” or “Prophet Mboro”, […]

I get emails from goddies

Here’s an email I received this morning. Though it’s addressed to multiple people, it may have been sent to me and “atheists and LGBTQ friends” may be the readers. I will reveal, besides the state where he lives, the fact that the person is an older gentleman (he has a publicly viewable Facebook page) and—no […]

The UK goes secular, too

Yesterday I wrote about how religiosity was declining in the U.S., especially among Protestants, while the “nones”—those who claim no formal religious affiliation—were growing quickly. We all know this is happening even faster in the UK, where for the first time this year, more British people reported themselves to as “not religious” than “Christian”. The […]

The Atlantic blatantly touts religion: why “thoughts and prayers” are great for stopping gun violence

The Atlantic continues its downhill slide (I swear, is every good journalistic outlet going to become clickbait?) with a new piece by Katelyn Beaty,”The case for ‘thoughts and prayers’—even if you don’t believe in God.” Of course, Beaty, a believer, slants most of it toward fellow goddies, not atheists. Her author profile describes her as […]

My alma mater jumps the shark

It was bad enough that an ACLU talk on free speech at The College of William and Mary (my school, class of 1971) was just shouted down by members of Black Lives Matter, and the College President made pious mutterings about free speech but does nothing. (He hasn’t yet answered my letter.) But that injury […]

Theistic evolution is not science: More misrepresentation of a survey on British beliefs about evolution

Yesterday I wrote a brief post about a story published in the Guardian (really The Observer, but they post on the same site) called “Would you Adam and Eve it? Why creation story is at the heart of a new spiritual divide”. It also bore the invidious subtitle, “Major survey reveals that it’s atheists who perpetuate […]

Canada offers aid to Texas hurricane victims; state turns it down, asking for prayers instead

When I saw this headline from the website The Root, I thought it was a joke. (I thought the Root might have been a “satirical news” site, but it’s a black news site.) Click screenshot to see article: Just to be sure, I checked on the web, and found this on the CBC: And the […]