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Three Maine clergymen try to ban a library display of banned books

Reader Ken called my attention to an article in the Lewiston (Maine) Sun Journal about a group of three clergymen who tried to ban not books, but worse: they tried to ban a display of banned books at the local library. It turns out that National Banned Books Week is from September 23-29, when libraries […]

A propagandizing snack

From reader Merilee: The Muslim version of this satirical commercial would lead to its creators being murdered. Thank goodness for free speech in America!   p.s. White Cheddar Cheez-Its is the best snack ever!   h/t: Merilee

Chuckle of the day, but also sad

Reader Paul sent me this article from Canada’s National Post (click on screenshot to read it), noting that it was “not from The Onion, but real Canadian news.” It has to be real because even The Onion couldn’t make up stuff like this: Get this: A B.C. couple whose religious views are too extreme even […]

News of the day: Kim Kardashian gets special treatment from Trump; preacher who wanted a new jet takes down his importuning video

Grania sent me this tweet with the note, “Reality is officially worse than satire now.” Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 30, 2018 Yes, that’s the Donald with the world’s biggest Media Strumpet, talking about policy.  In reality, Kardashian wasn’t in the Oval […]

Christian televangelist asks supporters to buy him a $54 million dollar jet

No wonder they call Christians congregations “a flock”, since they’re so easily led and so easily fleeced. Meet preacher Jesse Duplantis of New Orleans, who, in this video, is asking his sheeple to ante up $54 million to buy him his fourth private jet, a Falcon 7X. He’s fleeced ’em thrice before, and here he’s doing […]

National Geographic touts a 3-D film on the “tomb of Christ” (now with bonus comment by Alvin Plantinga)

UPDATE: Note that an “Alvin Plantinga” has commented favorably on the National Geographic fiction (comment #14 below). I can’t be sure that it’s the Alvin Plantinga, known for convoluted Sophisticated Theology™, but I’m guessing it is. If you respond to him, be polite! ______________ What the bloody hell is happening with National Geographic? Article after article is […]

A lower bar for Christians?

Today’s Doonesbury, sent by reader Taskin, shows clearly how much American churches have had to bend on dogma and faith to retain their flocks.  Or is this simply a way to show that Trump is still an exponent of “Christian values”?  

A believer comments: God doesn’t want organ donation

Here’s a comment I got on my post “Social Justice Warrior would rather let someone die than donate her organs, because they might go to rich or “overeducated” people“. That post, which was one of the most ridiculous manifestations of Authoritarian Leftism I’ve ever seen, recounted the views of one Kristel Clayville, a visiting assistant […]

Two scholars: Jesus was a #MeToo victim because he was stripped before the Crucifixion

The Conversation, which I thought was a site for intellectual discourse (its motto is “Academic rigor, journalistic flair”), is increasingly publishing bizarre pieces that lack both rigor and flair. One of these, by Katie Edwards and David Tombs, insists on dragging Jesus into today’s sexual harassment debate, arguing that because Jesus was stripped during the […]

Catholic priest says that Hawking, while smart, didn’t solve the biggest questions of the universe

Stephen Hawking’s body was barely cold (or rather, his ashes were barely cold) when the religionists came muscling in with their tut-tutting and caveats about his accomplishments. For Father Raymond de Souza, a Canadian priest in Ontario (and Catholic Chaplain of Queen’s University), he did his kvetching in yesterday’s National Post. His column, as you […]