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Greg Sheridan in The Spectator: The West will die without Christianity

I’ve heard mutterings in the dark corners of the Internet that I spend too much time posting critiques of religion and theology. Well, to those who beef about that, I say, “I hear you, but I’m gonna keep doing it anyway.” For there must be constant pushback against religion, which is always sticking its nose […]

More Anglican desperation: They’re building a fun “Helter Skelter” in Norwich Cathedral

I didn’t really know what a “Helter Skelter” was until reader Michael called my attention to the fact that one of them was being built in Norwich Cathedral (admission: £2). And it’s apparently one of the Church of England’s desperation tactics to bring British bums into the pews by making church “fun”. That Church is […]

A Christian pleads for a replacement for “purity culture” in the pages of the New York Times

A friend sent me the link to an article in today’s New York Times on Christian sex, with the note: “You might want to check out this piece — again, in the NYT. I believe the writer has legitimate grounds for writing the piece, but why does it appear in the NYT? How many Evangelical […]

More religious testifying in a major newspaper

If you don’t know what “testifying” is in an American religious context, it means telling to a bunch of people—usually in a church—how you came to Jesus (it’s a Christian practice) and how much you love the Lord. In fact, Wikipedia even has a subsection on it. But listening to such testimony quickly gets boring […]

Doesn’t the surgeon get any credit?

As the Detroit Free Press reported, Kelly Stafford, the wife of the Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (parents of three), just had 12 hours of brain surgery to remove a benign tumor impinging on her cranial nerves. Stafford announced on Instagram earlier in April that doctors found an acoustic neuroma, or a benign tumor, resting […]

Maajid Nawaz sees a change in world leaders’ tweets about the Christchurch and Sri Lanka terrorist attacks

Maajid Nawaz put up a short clip from his radio show about the reactions of three world leaders—Theresa May, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton—to the two terrorist attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand (against Muslims in mosques) and the bombings in Sri Lanka (against Christians in churches). He quotes tweets from these three leaders and shows […]

Easter Special: Nicholas Kristof interviews a Christian who doesn’t accept the tenets of Christianity

For a long time, New York Times op-ed writer Nicholas Kristof has been interviewing religious people, struggling to somehow buttress his Christianity.  He’s written a number of columns in which he asks religionists and church leaders if he, Kristof, is really a Christian (see here, here, and here), for, like any sensible person, he has […]

New York Times touts tired old Christian theology

Well, this Sunday is Easter, and so it’s time to hear about how and why Jesus died for our sins, and why. Here we have an answer in The New York Times, penned Peter Wehner, a man identified this way: Peter Wehner (@Peter Wehner) a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, served […]

Mathematician John Lennox embarrasses himself by trying to reconcile Christianity and science

Reader Alexander called my attention to this item in the Science Focus section of the BBC. (Note that it’s in the science section, not the “religion” section!) It’s a 33-minute podcast interview with John Lennox, whose Wikipedia page says this (my emphasis, and yes, that’s THE Templeton Foundation, which now has a damn Oxford College […]

NBC News propagates the Jesus myth

Just a note about how the news treats religious superstition. My regular evening newscast on NBC was reporting the Christmas festivities around the world (celebrations in Israel, the Queen’s Jesus message, and the Pope’s annual homily), when it described the festivities in Bethlehem as being “in the birthplace of Jesus.” Not the “traditional birthplace of Jesus”, […]