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Monday Deepakity

It’s always a good week when it starts with Deepak trying to show his credibility as a scientist. He tw**ted this at me yesterday (I got informed by email), with the obvious message that REAL SCIENTISTS take him seriously. Or, perhaps this is a tacit admission on his part that HIV causes AIDS after all. . . […]

Another tw**t at Deepakity

Someone’s gonna have to explain these to me: On a jealous note, Sam’s new book, Waking Up, is doing really well. Note, too, that Randall Munroe’s book (he’s the creator of xkcd), is #3 on the Times list, which is great. And from the New York Times:

Woo of the day

Don’t worry; I’ll soon tire of this, but I was energized by Brian Cox’s exchange with Deepakity. How can a man on safari in Africa still want to tw**t, much less broadcast nonsense like this? If consciousness consists, as Chopra says, of subjective sensation, or “qualia,” then who gets your qualia after you die?