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Is Chicago deep-dish pizza really “pizza”?

Grania found this video and commented that it was “genuinely funny”. (I think she was referring to the repartee in the last three minutes.) To a Chicagoan like me, though, it’s deadly serious. I prefer deep-dish (or stuffed) pizza over New Yorkian cheese-covered cardboard. I do like the New York style, but given a choice […]

Willis Tower in the fog

It’s now called the Willis Tower, but Chicagoans mostly know it by its former name: The Sears Tower. It was once the world’s tallest building. Yesterday, when the rain rolled in, our highest building poked proudly above the fog:


It snowed in Chicago last night and this morning, blanketing us with between 3 and 5 inches. That’s not a lot for here, but I put my car in the University garage (one of the perks of being Emeritus) since further snow is predicted. Here are a few shots I took on the walk to […]

Chicago: fall

While looking through my iPhoto album, I came across this photo of my campus in the fall, taken a few years ago. I liked it, so you get to look at it, too. It’s taken right outside my building, and you can see the pond where my ducklings reside (but not for long; they’re big […]

Sunrise: Chicago

It rained here last night, and though it was spitting a few drops this morning, the skies were clearing as the sun rose. Click to enlarge: twice to remove the website logos:

The new Wienermobiles

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. I was a little kid, and we were driving through Ohio with my parents and my sister. All of a sudden there was a car next to us shaped like a hot dog! I was transfixed. I didn’t know at the time that […]

Last night’s feed

(Trigger warning: MEAT) My old friend Ivan from Berkeley came to Chicago for a meeting yesterday, and I offered to take him to a Chicago steak restaurant (he took me to many great places when I visited him two years ago during the Great Cross-Country Trip). My first choice, which was a BYOB (I prefer […]

Chicago at sunrise

The combination of somewhat overcast skies and sunrise made for a lovely view of downtown Chicago this morning. Click to enlarge, though, with a shutter speed of about 1/5 of a second, it’s not very sharp:

Yesterday’s lunch

From time to time I meet reader Simon—a cancer researcher who moved here from Vanderbilt—to sample the fare of a local restaurant. Yesterday we went to an acclaimed place that specializes in the food of Macau: Fat Rice. The restaurant, on West Diversey Avenue, is hard to spot because the name is very inconspicuous: on […]

Chicago! (and ducks)

Here are photos of the city skyline from my crib, the first taken last evening and the second at about 5 a.m. today: Yesterday, when I made one of my three daily trips outside to feed the ducklings, I counted five instead of four! It turned out that another mother had just taken her new babies […]