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Caturday felids: Cat-on-the-head guy; a sad book about cats and a dying woman, if cats could text

From the website “Texas, a Parisian Cat in America,” we have the story of a man named Charlie Parisi, who, as of 2014, had been walking the streets of New York City with his cat Charlie balanced on his head. Parisi lost his job, and figured that if he could train his cat to balance […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Photos of cats on nip; Puffy the Hypnotist Cat; Londoners drank gin from a cat’s paw

Woman’s World features a piece on “The best cats on catnip photos that we’ve ever seen.” Here’s a few of the good ones with the site’s captions:         ********* In the mid 1940s, a cream-colored Persian cat named Puffy became quite popular, for he was said to hypnotize people with his unblinking […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Andy Warhol’s cat books; man uses cheetah as a pillow; cats steal pizza

Reader Michael called my attention to the fact that Andy Warhol, in his younger days, created seven hand-illustrated books that you can buy (at a big price!) in a single volume. Two of them are described at (holding nose) Brainpickings, which reproduces the illustrations. The backstory: When [Warjhol’s] mother, Julia Warhola — an artist herself […]

Caturday felids trifecta: Hong Kong shop cats; Parsley, Oban’s GPS-tracked cat, and Gli, the Hagia Sofia cat (plus lagniappe!)

The first gives a few pictures from a new book, Hong Market Cats, by photographer Marcel Heijnin. I saw lots of shop cats when I visited that city, and here are a few photos from Hiejnen’s book. They’re taken from the first link as well as articles in The Guardian and in the South China Morning Post. […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat weather vanes; cat runs for rector at Scottish university; cats review a laser toy

To introduce today’s trifecta, here’s a cartoon contributed by reader Blue: Make everyday a Caturday! #cats #catsrule — The Purrington Post (@purringtonpost) February 16, 2018 Reader Kevin called my attention to West Coast Weathervanes, which sells the eponymous product in custom designs. What’s nice about the place is that many of its weathervanes are […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Office cat collects money for charity, cat listens to bad music, d*g rescues cat with head stuck in cup (and Maru lagniappe)

The Dodo reports on a money-grabbing rescue moggie from Oklahoma named Sir Whines A Lot.  People love to tease him with dollar bills, which he grabs and pulls indoors. His staff has renamed him “CASHnip Kitty,” and donates the money, as shown in this video, to a homeless shelter. If you’re in Tulsa, the video […]

Caturday trifecta: Cats rescued from freezing weather, people surprised with gift kittens, one-eyed cat guides his blind brother

We have three videos (and lagniappe) today. The first shows the capture, rescue, and adoption of two freezing feral cats, Clarence and Midnight. ************** Here’s a compilation video of people getting kittens as presents (and one little girl retrieving her lost cat Cursor after it had gone missing for three years). I dare you not […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Japanese spa offers cat back massages, bobcat running through snow, comfort cats at Calgary airport

The staff of Gus the cat includes a massage therapist, and Gus meows loudly at the door when a client is getting a massage. I’ve often suggested that they put a “cat massage” on the ticket, with an extra charge of $5 (part of the money must go for Gus Treats). Well, a Japanese spa […]

Caturday felids trifecta: Cat recovers duck-purloined treats, Masha the hero cat, fruit-tart cat bed

It’s Caturday, and, as usual, there are three items for the ailurophiles. First, a duck steals a cat’s treats, but it gets revenge on both ducks and geese. You can see more of these videos at the YouTube channel AaronsAnimals, which has some really good stuff.  Don’t miss this video! ********* Here’s the story of Masha, a […]

Caturday felid trifects: Grumpy Jesus Cat, cats vs. parrots, cat helps autistic girls

I now have a comfortable backlog of Caturday felid posts thanks to the kindly readers who send me cat stuff. Today’s trifecta begins with an article from The Dodo showing a cat who, displacing Baby Jesus, has interpolated itself into a nativity scene. The text: Early last Sunday, on a nippy autumn sidewalk in New […]