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Caturday felid: The saga of Matthew Flinders and his cat Trim (and lagniappe)

Instead of the usual Caturday Felid trifecta, we have only one piece today, as it’s long. Reader Peter sent this note: “Thought you might be interested in two pages. One about the discovery in London of Matthew Flinders grave, and cos of that, another about his life with Trim, the cat.” Here’s the first article […]

Caturday felid trifecta: cats high on ‘nip; people who rescue treed cats; and man caught smuggling four kitten to Singapore in his trousers (plus lagniappe)

From Popsugar we have a series of cats high on catnip, all taken by photographer Andrew Marttila. (I wonder if he met the research protocol for this kind of work.) First an excerpt from the article, and then the pictures we all want to see: After photographer Andrew Marttila discovered his old roommate’s cat had […]

Caturday felids: Life at a British cat sanctuary; Kiwi’s lost cat notice; cats that don’t want to be at the vet’s

I don’t approve of big cat sanctuaries unless they’re to preserve a species going extinct in the wild or help cats that are injured or unable to survive in nature, but even when preventing extinction the aim should be to re-release the cats. A big animal whose genes tell it to roam miles in the […]

Caturday felids: Best of cat photos; Bessie Bamber, cat artist; and our own cat artist

We’re back again with the Caturday felids, though I’m not sure how many people want this feature to remain. Weigh in below if you do. First up is an article from BoredPanda with a compendium of funny cat photos. There are at least fifty, but I’ll show six; go see the rest as they’re all […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat supposedly says “hello”; Django, the German hardware-store cat; and rescue cat, temporarily blinded by mites, opens his beautiful eyes

This video originally came from Reddit, where the maker says this: “My cat has never meowed, she’s just always been this raspy hisser, but I’m pretty convinced she says Hi to me and it’s pretty adorable.” At first I thought the “Oh, hello” at the end came from the cat, but that’s impossible. I guess […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Two cats desperate to enter Japanese museum; a trove of cat mummies, more embarrassing cat confessions

Here are two reports about a pair of interloper cats who have been trying to enter the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum for two years. The first headline is from the Evening Standard (click on screenshots): And this from the Guardian: The two cats are a black moggie named Ken-chan and his ginger friend that the […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cativity scenes, lost cat reunited with staff after 5 years, family dog locates lost cat under floorboards two months after a fire

Welcome to the Caturday felids, Hawaii edition. (Note: there’s nothing especially Hawaiian about this except it’s being written on Oahu. I do have a photo of a Hawaiian cat at the end, though.) Although it’s a bit late, here’s some photos from i iz cat showing “25 times cats hilariously crashed Nativity scenes.” (I hate […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cats wait for the mail, cat paw hand cream from Japan, a cat song performed by a Coyne

Happy Caturday from Hawaii! As usual, we have three items today for the devoted ailurophile. First, a lovely 15-minute video of a variety of cats getting the mail. Some are friendly, some are vicious, but all are exactly like cats: *********** This article from Grape (found by Grania) shows a variety of Japanese hand creams […]

Caturday felid trifecta: An iPhone for cats; cat mistakenly shipped to Montreal, cats on glass tables

This is the last Caturday felid before Coynezaa, but they will continue, as usual, unabated through the holidays. The first contribution comes from Slate (click on screenshot) and TechCrunch. The upshot is that the fingerprint sensor you can use on an iPhone 5s (I use one on the iPhone 5), also happens to work with […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Freddy Mercury, ailurophile; man proposes to his girlfriend with a rescue cat; lazy moggies (and lagniappe)

From the site Dangerous Minds we have a post called “Freddie Mercury really loved his cats.” And indeed, though I’m not a huge fan of Mercury or Queen, I did know and appreciate the singer’s affection for moggies. Here are a few pictures of the man and his felids, as well as some information: Freddie […]