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Caturday felid trifecta: World champion Hello Kitty collector; bubble chairs for cats; Scott Metzger’s cat cartoons

The Japanese are, of course, crazy for Hello Kitty, and I wish I had the money that that mouthless felid has brought in since introduced in 1974. The company that markets her brings in $5 billion per year!  One of the endearing things about the Japanese is their pervasive love of cats (d*gs, except for Hachikō, […]

Caturday felids: Fancy cat loo, American Museum of the House Cat, and (plus lagniappe)

From Ikea Hackers we have an obsessed cat owner who built an extremely fancy bathroom for their cat out of existing cabinets. The site gives instructions on how to do it. I’ll just show a few pictures: Note that it’s unisex, and access is through nicely carpeted stairs. A doorway was cut in the wall […]

Caturday felids: The British Museum cats, the best of Caturdays, and a reader mourns her cat

The British Museum has a swell post and podcast about its cats. For years there were feral cats hanging around the Museum, and then most were “eliminated” (best not to ask questions).  Then, for two decades, they took care of a half dozen cats to keep the mouse population down. You can read the story, […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat Island, new cat-related movie, cat photos taken at the right moment

AV News has an article about an area you may have heard of: “Cat Island” in Japan, Tashirohjima Island, where there are six cats for every human. As the Atlantic relates, Japan actually has about a dozen “cat islands”, areas where felines run free and outnumber humans, and their article is about Aoshima Island, which also […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat with the world’s longest tail, surprise kittens, and mewing kitten saved from Hurricane Harvey

I’m sure you’ve wondered which cat has the world’s longest tail. Well, according to the 2018 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s Cygnus!: The honorees include a cat from Ferndale, Michigan, named Cygnus that boasts a tail that stretches more than 17 inches (46 centimeters). It set the world record for longest […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Lynx standoff in the middle of the road; pet portraits; domestic cats raise manuls

Here’s a video that was all over the Internet about two weeks ago. This description comes from Laughing Squid: While traveling on a small road outside of the Kokadjo Camps near Greenville, Maine, driver Sarah Verney encountered the rather rare sight of two angry lynx facing off. Verney came to a stop, opened the car door and heard the two big cats […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Bringing back the Iberian lynx, rescuing cats from trees, and a Japanese cat-cafe train,

There is no doubt about it: the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), is, as the World Wildlife Fund notes, “the world’s most endangered cat species.” A native of the Iberian peninsula, it was severely reduced in size by habitat destruction, death of rabbit prey by myxomatosis (rabbits constitute 90% of the cat’s diet), and overhunting. At one […]

Caturday felid trifecta: A Victorian book of cats, foster mom for abandoned baby tiger, famous artists and their cats

A greeting from Larry the Cat, the British’s Government’s Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office: Happy #Caturday — Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) August 26, 2017   The Atlas Obscura gives details about a little-known Victorian book of cats with nice illustrations: In the 1800s, people were just as crazed about cats as we are today. […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Snow leopard cubs in Toronto; cat mayor of Alaskan town dies; cat gently pets tiny frog

Today’s trifecta includes a nice video of a rare snow leopard (Panthera uncia) with her two adorable cubs in the Toronto zoo. Sadly, there were originally three cubs but one died of pneumonia. Listen to their little squeaks! And look at mom’s tail! They’re now three months old, and, fingers crossed, will grow up to be […]

Caturday felids: Cats in the sun, popsicles for house cats, an 1895 cat dictionary

We have the usual three cat-related items today, and some lagniappe. The lagniappe first: a bonus!   ********** From Bored Panda, we have some photos of “sun-kissed cats” by Japanese photographer Seiji Mamiya. He’s published a book (in Japanese) featuring more of his cats. Here are some of my favorites from the Bored Panda piece: ********* Although […]