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Caturday felid trifecta: Meowing and barking cash-register scanner in Japan; cat with world’s fluffiest tail; Polish nurse cat

Yes, Caturday felids will continue, but only if people read them (Santa is checking!). The first one is awesome, and could take place only in Japan. I’ll let the YouTube notes explain. Shot at a supermarket in Japan with self checkout stations that meow and bark every time you scan an item. The meowing registers […]

Caturday felid trifecta: A two-faced kitten; a house puma; Russian smuggles overweight cat into cabin of Aeroflot plane, gets caught (and lagniappe)

There are three short reports today, and I’m writing this well in advance, and you may be reading it while I’m in the air to Chicago. It will be automatically posted on Caturday, so I can say that the unbroken record of Caturday felid posts remains intact. The first piece, from the Cheezburger site (click […]

Caturday felids: Mrs. Chippy, the intrepid Antarctic cat

I rarely repost anything, but this was too appropriate not to show again. Originally posted in 2015, it’s appearing here once more because the subject is perfect for a trip to Antarctica. It is the tale of Mrs. Chippy, an intrepid exploring cat. The original post is below, which I’ve updated a bit. Tomorrow we’ll […]

Caturday felid part deux: Update on Mietek the kitten

This is part two of Caturday Felids; Greg posted part one yesterday. Today’s CF is a brief update on the status of Mietek the Kitten, rescued by Elzbieta and Andrzej the Second (the staff of Leon). Mietek was badly hurt after he was kicked by a savage human, who created a big hernia that required […]

Caturday felid trifecta; Tiger, Lion, Serval, and Cheetahs (our four felids are…)

by Greg Mayer Jerry is working on a Caturday felid post, but, as we all know, he is traveling in Antarctica, and thus the timing of its completion could be delayed. So, here are some felids for your Caturday fix! First up, a Siberian Tiger (Panthera, tigris altaica). Siberian Tigers are the largest of the […]

Belated Caturday felid: Leon gets a brother

Greg posted a Caturday felid yesterday (his own cat Peyton), and now we have news from Wloclawek, Poland, where Elzbieta and Andrzej the Second, owners of Leon, have adopted a stray and abused kitten. Malgorzata tells the story: Yesterday Andrzej II went to a village nearby where, in the local library, he had a meeting […]

Caturday felid– for now

by Greg Mayer Since Jerry’s Southern Ocean sojourn has hampered his posting ability, and may lead to a delay in the Caturday felid, here’s a felid to tide you over till he’s able to make a full post. This is the Philosophickal Cat, Peyton, in her winter bed, placed near a heating duct. This picture […]

Caturday felids (on Tuesday)

I vowed to put up a Caturday felid each week, and I’ll adhere to that vow, but this week’s Caturday felid is a few days late. Further, it consists solely of a link to and excerpt from a New York Times piece (click on article below) about a black cat who ran onto the field […]

Caturday felid triefecta: Adventure cats, residents of Japan’s “cat island” saved before typhoon,

Today’s trifecta—the last Caturday post for a while—includes a readers’ cat section featuring moggies from two readers. First, the CBC has a featuring on Bodhi the Adventure Cat (click on screenshot), as well as a few other traveling moggies: While most would opt for dogs for outdoor pursuits, this Canmore resident says cats are the perfect […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Why cats land on their feet; cats with hats made from their own fur; New York’s most glamorous cats

Let’s begin with a cat quote sent in by reader Stuart: “I have cats because they have no artificially imposed, culturally prescribed sense of decorum.  They live in the moment.  If I had an aneurysm in the brain and dropped dead, I love knowing that as the paramedics carry me out, my cats are going […]