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Falling for the most common misconception about evolution, a Catholic asserts that a doctor can’t be an atheist

If you ask an evolutionary biologist what the most common public misconception about evolution by natural selection is, you’re likely to get this response: “It’s the false assumption that evolution is an accidental process and that its results are purely due to chance.” The scientific answer to this misconception, of course, is that evolution by […]

New Bavarian law mandates crosses in all state offices

Bavaria is of course a pretty Catholic area of Germany, but I’m not sure how many Bavarians really believe in God (Bavarians out there should weigh in). Nevertheless, this new law, described in the BBC article below (click on screenshot) seems to violate all canons of secularity. An excerpt (my emphasis): The German state of […]

Demand for Catholic exorcisms rise

For those who think that the Catholic Church is becoming saner and more liberal, have a gander at this article from the Guardian (click on screenshot to read it). I’ve reported before on the frequency of exorcisms in the Church (see here for a number of posts), and on the unofficial Vatican exorcist, Gabriele Amorth, […]

Australian Archbishop refuses to report pedophile priests or their victims to the law; claims that confession alone is a “higher” communication with God

It’s unbelievable that after so many findings of pedophilia and its coverup by the Catholic Church, there are still Catholic bigwigs, people like Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne, who want to continue brushing pedophilia under the rug—or keeping it in the confessional. His denials and evasions have been going on for over six months, yet […]

Catholic priest says that Hawking, while smart, didn’t solve the biggest questions of the universe

Stephen Hawking’s body was barely cold (or rather, his ashes were barely cold) when the religionists came muscling in with their tut-tutting and caveats about his accomplishments. For Father Raymond de Souza, a Canadian priest in Ontario (and Catholic Chaplain of Queen’s University), he did his kvetching in yesterday’s National Post. His column, as you […]

Catholic teacher fired for same-sex marriage; colleagues warned to stay away from such weddings

It’s about time that the Pope has a revelation, and gives some pronouncement ex cathedra, that people can marry others of the same sex.  People happen to fall in love with others of their sex, and there’s no good reason, save an antiquated and fictitious book, to keep them from formalizing their relationship.  I don’t […]

Priest at HuffPo: Dawkins is dangerous and has damaged our culture

Amazingly, the link to the “religion” section at HuffPo seems to have vanished, so there’s no way to see its articles except by Googling “HuffPo religion”. This is good, for there’s no longer one-click access to the panoply of HuffPo pieces extolling all religions save fundamentalist Christianity, and the endless Islamsplaining articles by Carol Kuruvilla. […]

Catholic church prohibits gluten-free wafers as Jesus’s body must have gluten

A communique from the Vatican, as reported by The Washington Post, lays out the guidelines for what must be in Communion wafers, and that means that there MUST BE SOME GLUTEN.  (Gluten is a complex of proteins in grains that allow bready stuff to rise and hold its shape.) This dictum apparently isn’t new, but […]

Pope insults atheists, comparing them to bad Catholics

Yes, yes, Pope Francis is more conciliatory than his predecessors, but he’s still coming out with some howlers. The latest is this, reported by Reuters: Pope Francis delivered another criticism of some members of his own Church on Thursday, suggesting it is better to be an atheist than one of “many” Catholics who he said […]

More “Something-of-the-gaps” arguments: Ross Douthat uses spiritual experiences to argue for God

Ross Douthat is, of course, a young (37) conservative op-ed writer for the New York Times, and a devout Catholic. In his Christmas column—which went along with Nicholas Kristof’s frenetic attempts to remain a card-carrying Christian in his interview with evangelical pastor Timothy Keller—Douthat makes his own pitch for God. In his short piece, “Varieties of Religious […]