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Physics explains it all

Reader Pliny the In Between has a new cartoon, “Time Dilation,” on his/her site Evolving Perspectives (click to enlarge): Making these cartoons is no easy job; in another new post, Pliny explains the work behind creating the characters and making the panels. It’s far more complicated and laborious than you’d imagine!

Hitchens’s only conversion

From Pictoral Theology, reader Pliny the in Between comments on Christopher Hitchens’s “conversion”. The cartoon’s title is “Yes he converted—he stopped phosphorylating ADP.” Click to enlarge:  

The Argument from Ponies

In a cartoon called “The Tao of Tommy: Budding Apologist Edition“, Reader Pliny the in Between presents a self-aggrandizing version of the familiar (and flawed) Ontological Argument: I think that the kid, though, is really “Billy,” a budding William Lane Craig. However, there’s an unstated premise in the argument: “my happiness must necessarily be instantiated in this […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ lagniappe (and a digression)

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “sitcom,” came with this note from the author: Is Mo pretending to be stupid? I have no idea. This one was inspired by British MP Rupa Huq’s complaint about a popular sitcom called Citizen Khan. The link goes to an Express & Star piece on the show, and Rupa Huq […]

Is God a question or an answer?

Apparently inspired by my post about the claim that God is not an answer, but a question, reader Pliny the in Between produced this cartoon on Evolving Perspectives. Doesn’t that theologian look familiar?

The Argument from A Meaningful Life

Over at Evolving Perspectives, reader Pliny the in Between takes up the issue of “a meaningful life,” something we discussed yesterday. Click to enlarge this cartoon, called “Monsters under the bed”:  

The Atheist Pig and Islam

Somehow it’s particularly ironic that a jihadist discusses his faith with The Atheist Pig. But the pig is right on the money, far more insightful than many atheist ragebloggers: h/t: Linda Grilli

Cellphones in Heaven

It’s 10:30 in India, and I’m cooling my heels in the Air India Business Lounge at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi airport, having consumed a large plate of non-veg (but Indian) food and a cold bottle of Kingfisher. Three hours to go, but I must beware of overnomming given the food on the 16-hour flight ahead. My […]

A new perspective of the geopolitical globe

by Grania This explains a lot. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe that Trump actually holds all the positions that he espouses on the podium. In fact, probably only a few politicians do: elections are all too often reduced to personality contests where the person who managed to say the things the audience most […]

Cartoon reactions to the Brussels bombings

There have been various cartoons and tw**ted artwork about the Brussels bombings, and Grania and I have collected a few below: From artist Plantu, President of  CartooningPeace Many of the cartoons feature the famous “Mannekin Pis” (“little dude pees”) statue erected in Brussels in 1618/1619: And of course many feature Tintin, the beloved reporter/detective who combed the […]


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