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Don’t pray for Paris

Reader Tom sent me this poignant cartoon, which I verified as genuine from an article in People magazine and other venues. It was drawn in the wake of Friday’s terrorist murders in Paris by well-known French artist Joann Sfar, who drew for Charlie Hebdo. Well, yes, for the living it’s about life. But for thousands of […]

Does God take sides?

A strip from Pearls before Swine by Stephan Pastis: Remember that 27% of Americans—and 38% of white evangelical Protestants—believe that God plays a role in determining who wins sporting events. And 50% of Americans approve when athletes publicly thank God during a sporting event (only 8% disapprove). This strip merely shows what happens when you […]

More on smart guns

To end the day, reader Pliny the in Between produced a cartoon on his/her site Evolving Perspectives relevant to our discussion this morning:  

South Park takes on “safe spaces”

A new episode of South Park, “Safe Space,” is an amusing spoof on the notion of “safe spaces”, involving body shaming of a Boy of Size. Click on the screenshot to see the 21-minute show (note: it’s on Hulu and may not be visible outside the U.S., and you’ll have to watch some ads. ). There’s […]

Your thorny theological questions ANSWERED

Reader and artist Pliny the in Between published a cartoon on Evolving Perspectives, and sent it to me with the note: I’m thinking about launching a website like Answers in Genesis but with a slightly different approach to the material. The title is “Cleanup on Orbit Three”:

The world’s best boss

I suspect that this cartoon, sent to me by Matthew Cobb, expresses both his and my feelings. He’s overworked with lectures and writing; I’m largely done with the work I set myself in Dobrzyn and simply want to cuddle with the Furry Princess of Poland on this very cold morning. Would that bosses could be so understanding! […]

A hard choice

Apropos, a new cartoon from Pliny the in Between at Pictoral Theology. Nice title, too. GOP Kobayashi Maru

End of the Week Felid

For the End of the Week Felid, we have a cartoon by Paul Noth, sent in by reader Merilee. It speaks for itself, though you may have to look up the poker term “tell”:

Those pesky atheist scientists: wrong about God, wrong about global warming

Before I show you a political cartoon sent by a reader, let’s remind ourselves how much more atheistic American scientists are than their fellow citizens. Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote last March for the New Republic: Surveying American scientists as a whole, regardless of status, a different Pew poll showed that only 33% admitted belief in God, […]

How Pope Francis interprets Genesis

Inspired by both my piece on the Pope’s refusal to face the problem of overpopulation, itself inspired by an essay by Katha Pollitt in The Nation, reader Pliny the in Between posted this cartoon at his/her site Evolving Perspectives. It shows how the Catholic Church might now interpret Genesis 3:6:


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