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An unwoke host

Reader Linda Calhoun spotted this Doonesbury strip and knew it would be appropriate for this website. Click on the link to go to the site. The author, of course, is Garry Trudeau. The students clearly haven’t heard of Joe Biden’s habits.

Another putatively anti-Semitic cartoon in the NYT?

Just one day after I reported that the international New York Times published anti-Israeli/Trump cartoon that many have seen as anti-Semitic, they’ve published yet another dubious cartoon. And while I still can’t flat-out declare that yesterday’s cartoon was anti-Semitic, this one, reported in the Jerusalem Post and Fox News (of course this appears only on […]

The supposedly anti-Semitic New York Times cartoon

I was alerted to The Cartoon by this tweet from Bari Weiss, a Jewish op-ed columnist for the NYT, and someone I much admire. However, in this case I don’t agree with her. How does a cartoon worthy of Der Stürmer get published in the paper of record? @BretStephensNYT explains how: — Bari Weiss […]

“Peanuts” and theology

I used to assidulously read “Peanuts” cartoons when I was a kid, but the religion in them—and apparently there was quite a bit—went over my head. Atlantic has an 2016 article called “The Spirituality of Snoopy,” which recounts how often the artist Charles Schulz used religious themes in his strips. “Many familiar with the Peanuts strip don’t […]

Anti-Semitic cartoons start appearing in Turkey

As I’ve mentioned here repeatedly, anti-Semitic cartoons are a staple of the media, both state and private, in the Middle East, and especially Palestine, although Israel does not purvey such hatred in its media. This disparity is, of course, ignored by the Control-Left, who will excuse the Palestinians anything, including homophobia, misogyny, and anti-Semitism, because […]

A New Yorker evolution-cartoon contest

In a recent post on The New Yorker, several readers beefed that they no longer like the cartoons. Well, I still like most of them, and always read the cartoon contest on the magazine’s last page, where an artist submits a cartoon drawing without a caption; readers submit their own caption, and the editors pick […]

A lower bar for Christians?

Today’s Doonesbury, sent by reader Taskin, shows clearly how much American churches have had to bend on dogma and faith to retain their flocks.  Or is this simply a way to show that Trump is still an exponent of “Christian values”?  

An enigmatic cartoon

Several people have sent me the following cartoon, and I’ve seen it on Facebook. I just got sent it again, and I’m not quite sure what it means. Please explain below. I suspect there are several reasons why people may find it funny, but until I understand it, I’m baffled:

When evolution goes wrong. . .

Here’s a cartoon sent by reader Thomas; it’s from “Wrong Hands“, drawn by John Atkinson: I don’t mind the birds evolving from dinosaurs, or the evolutionary stasis of the platypus (if indeed there was any stasis, for the earliest monotremes, which did exist about 110 million years ago, looked nothing like a platypus). But oy, […]

An anniversary for the Creation Museum

Reader Pliny the in Between tells me that the Creation Museum in Kentucky—the illegitimate offspring of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis—is ten years old today. And to celebrate, the artist has produced a cartoon (click to enlarge):