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Tuesday cartoon

This one, sent by reader Paul, is by Hillary B. Price, one of her Rhymes with Orange strips. Many of you will recognize the problem.

The old, politically incorrect Trudeau

. . . before he realized it was wrong to “punch down”: h/t: Hempenstein

Religions of peace (?)

Over at Non Sequitur, Wiley Miller continues his sarcastic commentary on religiously motivated behavior. He’s gonna need armed guards if he keeps this up! h/t: John, Linda Grilli

“Those people”

A new Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller satirizes the new Hate Laws that masquerade as “religous protection acts”: h/t: Linda Grilli  

Daily Kos removes anti-vax cartoon

I guess the liberal website The Daily Kos got a lot of heat for publishing Keith Knight’s anti-vax cartoon, which I highlighted yesterday. Readers here, like those at the site, were rightly appalled.  Well, now the cartoon is gone. It rests in peace and sings with the choir invisible: it is an ex-cartoon. If you […]

Garry Trudeau’s full (and clueless) remarks on “hate speech” published in The Atlantic

At least one person questioned, when I reported yesterday that Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau criticized Charlie Hebdo for engaging in “hate speech,” whether Trudeau’s remarks might be inaccurate, perhaps distorted through other peoples’ Twi**er reports. Sadly, that’s not the case. The Atlantic has published Trudeau’s full remarks that he made on receiving a Polk Award for […]

Garry Trudeau criticizes Charlie Hebdo for hate speech. WHAT?

According to PuffHo and numerous other venues, Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau has come out attacking Charlie Hebdo for “hate speech.” It’s unfortunate that in the article, whose text I copied yesterday (below), they misspell the cartoonist’s first name: Famed Doonesbury cartoonist Gary [sic] Trudeau slammed his counterparts at Charlie Hebdo — the French satirical newspaper that […]

One more for the floor, barkeep. . .

It’s Good Friday, and what can make it Gooder than a cat cartoon drawn by the author of The Oatmeal (I won’t use this new site’s real name!):

God-Man not good

A “Tom the Dancing Bug” strip at The Nib, by Ruben Bolling. Its title is “Is God-Man Good?” and the answer is clear. Now this is Sophisticated Cartooning™. As always, click twice, waiting between clicks, to enlarge it without overlapping the books on the right. It was just a metaphor! (From Ruben Bolling on Twi**er, […]

A subversive pro-science cartoon from Tennessee

Reader Phil sent me a nice cartoon from a local newspaper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press, with this note: “Perhaps you might enjoy the attached political cartoon. Clay Bennett is one of the lone bright spots in Tennessee journalism. I’m sure he gets a lot of hate mail. You can find more of his work here.” Non-Americans might […]


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