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An enigmatic cartoon

Several people have sent me the following cartoon, and I’ve seen it on Facebook. I just got sent it again, and I’m not quite sure what it means. Please explain below. I suspect there are several reasons why people may find it funny, but until I understand it, I’m baffled:

When evolution goes wrong. . .

Here’s a cartoon sent by reader Thomas; it’s from “Wrong Hands“, drawn by John Atkinson: I don’t mind the birds evolving from dinosaurs, or the evolutionary stasis of the platypus (if indeed there was any stasis, for the earliest monotremes, which did exist about 110 million years ago, looked nothing like a platypus). But oy, […]

An anniversary for the Creation Museum

Reader Pliny the in Between tells me that the Creation Museum in Kentucky—the illegitimate offspring of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis—is ten years old today. And to celebrate, the artist has produced a cartoon (click to enlarge):  

Calvin and Hobbes and Cultural Studies

There’s been lots of pushback against Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay’s “conceptual penis” paper hoax, in which they submitted a meaningless (but ideologically correct) paper to the journal Cogent Social Sciences, where it was published. The main defenses are that the journal was a “pay to publish” open-access journal, and that one hoax by itself […]

“Where money acquires a patina of virtue”: The Simpsons takes on Yale

This segment of a recent “The Simpsons” video was posted only a month ago, and has racked up over 1.1 million views. The writers have clearly kept their eye on what’s happening at Yale—and other colleges.

Happy Thanksgiving (and a fossil turducken)

Today’s Bloom County cartoon, courtesy of reader Stash Krod (click to enlarge): Reader John W. sent this salacious Thanksgiving cartoon (if you don’t know what a “turducken” is, go here): And, for some biology on this day, we have an item reported in September by Discover Magazine and National Geographic: a “preshistoric turducken”.  Yes, it’s a […]

The politics of speciation

From reader Pliny the in Between’s newly renamed site, The Far Corner Cafe, we have a cartoon called “If you catch my genetic drift.” Click to enlarge. I would never mate with a Republican!

Jesus gets de-platformed

Inspired by the article about Lionel Shriver I posted a while back, reader Pliny the in Between has created a new cartoon called “The De-Platforming on the Mount“. Click to enlarge.

Naughty Niqabis on the Olympics

Eiynah (“Nice Mangos”) is an ex-Muslim and graphic artist (twitter feed here, podcasts here, website here, click “continue”), who occasionally produces a series called “Naughty Niqabis”. (I’ve written about Eiynah previously.) Her strip resembles Jesus and Mo, but features just two women in niqabs (and burquas). Here’s the latest strip, which deals with the overly adulated Muslim-American fencer, […]

Misconceptions about determinism, illustrated

Over at the website Evolving Perspectives, reader Pliny the in between has a new cartoon called “Nuts and bolts of crime and punishment“. It illustrates one of the many misconceptions people have about science-based determinism and its rejection of libertarian free will: that under determinism is useless to try to change anything since everything is […]