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Happy Darwin Day!

My talk is over and I’m exhausted, but it went well, or so I was told (it’s hard to tell when you’re up at the podium). Tomorrow I have lunch with the Other Secularist with Famous Hair, and also a trip to the British Museum. If you know a good local in Bloomsbury, give me a shout. […]

End of the week cat

By the time you’re reading this, if you’re a Yank, I’ll be speaking about evolution and atheism.  The End of the Week felid comes from reader Michael, and it’s from The Adventures of Business Cat, who has found paradise in his office: It’s a spandrel!

Bloom County on penguin evolution

From a Tw**t by “A Scanner Snarkly” via Grania, we get the entire set of penguin evolution strips from Berk Breathed’s “Bloom County”. Click to enlarge:

The Pope and Pascal

What do they have in common? This cartoon from reader Pliny the in Between’s website Evolving Perspectives: I heard that near the end of the big Powerball fracas, the expected gain from buying a ticket exceeded its price. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing–but I still wouldn’t invest!

Another Charlie Hebdo cartoon misinterpreted as racist and “Islamophobic”

After you’ve perused Charlie Hebdo cartoons for a while, and learned about the magazine’s history and views, you can look at the cartoon below, drawn by Charlie Hebdo’s new editor Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau, and understand what it’s trying to say. To ensure accuracy of translation, I’ve asked Matthew, who speaks nearly perfect French, to give us the English: […]

God’s will

This cartoon, by Pat Bagley, appeared yesterday in—of all places—the Salt Lake Tribune. Its title: “Spokesmen for the Almighty.” There’s no op-ed or essay that better describes the malfeasance of religion. (But according to Obama and other apologists, of course, none of those are real religions—they’re all corruptions of genuine faith.) The figures or movements […]

Wiley Miller’s first cartoon of 2016: fact beats faith

It’s a good start to the cartoon year for, drawn by Wiley Miller. He must be a nonbeliever, though I don’t know for sure. Here’s his latest: Naturalism wins! But did the bears do that to nom Pierre, or are they just messing with him? h/t: Ben Goren

Imagine no religion. . . ?

There are those who say that the world would be exactly as bad off without religion as it is now, i.e., John Lennon was simply wrong. These miscreants apparently include reader and cartoonist Pliny the in Between, who on his/her website Evolving Perspectives, imagines such a world. The cartoon is called “If religion disappeared tomorrow“: I know which […]

Editorial cartoon osculates faith?

This cartoon, called “Blame,” appeared in the Chattanooga (Tennessee) Times Free Press. At first you might think that it’s trying to exculpate faith, but I doubt it. See the artist’s biography, and then some of his cartoons. If I’m right, and this is a criticism of both faiths, then it’s amazing it got published—especially in […]

Opus gets offended

Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed has continued his Bloom County strip on Facebook, and here’s a new one making fun of the brouhaha around Starbucks’s new Christmas cups (h/t to GBJames):


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