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Jesus & Mo: Your weekly dose of blasphemy

by Grania Jesus & Mo is being an equal opportunities blasphemer this week. The worshipers of Thor and Atum must be most insulted by this heresy. Thor, being a god whose fame has endured into relatively recent times (and not just because of the dude in the comics) is still honored by having a day of the week […]

The Roadrunner bites the dust

Here’s the Roadrunner cartoon that we’ve been waiting for: the one in which Wile E. Coyote defeats the bird. Be sure to watch all the way to the end:

“Faith” in science and religion

Over at his website Pictoral Theology, reader Pliny the in Between has a cartoon that just happens to relate to one of the things I talked about last night:  

The Outsider Test for the Right Faith

Here’s today’s Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee, which combines the ideas of John Loftus and Alvin Plantinga (if you understand that, explain below!): h/t: Ken E.

Wiley Miller on religion

There’s no other way to interpret today’s Non Sequitur cartoon except as the incitement of xenophobia, hatred, and violence by religion. I don’t know how Wiley Miller gets away with this stuff! h/t: Linda Calhoun

Tuesday cartoon

This one, sent by reader Paul, is by Hillary B. Price, one of her Rhymes with Orange strips. Many of you will recognize the problem.

The old, politically incorrect Trudeau

. . . before he realized it was wrong to “punch down”: h/t: Hempenstein

Religions of peace (?)

Over at Non Sequitur, Wiley Miller continues his sarcastic commentary on religiously motivated behavior. He’s gonna need armed guards if he keeps this up! h/t: John, Linda Grilli

“Those people”

A new Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller satirizes the new Hate Laws that masquerade as “religous protection acts”: h/t: Linda Grilli  

Daily Kos removes anti-vax cartoon

I guess the liberal website The Daily Kos got a lot of heat for publishing Keith Knight’s anti-vax cartoon, which I highlighted yesterday. Readers here, like those at the site, were rightly appalled.  Well, now the cartoon is gone. It rests in peace and sings with the choir invisible: it is an ex-cartoon. If you […]


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