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A hard choice

Apropos, a new cartoon from Pliny the in Between at Pictoral Theology. Nice title, too. GOP Kobayashi Maru

End of the Week Felid

For the End of the Week Felid, we have a cartoon by Paul Noth, sent in by reader Merilee. It speaks for itself, though you may have to look up the poker term “tell”:

Those pesky atheist scientists: wrong about God, wrong about global warming

Before I show you a political cartoon sent by a reader, let’s remind ourselves how much more atheistic American scientists are than their fellow citizens. Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote last March for the New Republic: Surveying American scientists as a whole, regardless of status, a different Pew poll showed that only 33% admitted belief in God, […]

How Pope Francis interprets Genesis

Inspired by both my piece on the Pope’s refusal to face the problem of overpopulation, itself inspired by an essay by Katha Pollitt in The Nation, reader Pliny the in Between posted this cartoon at his/her site Evolving Perspectives. It shows how the Catholic Church might now interpret Genesis 3:6:

The atheist pig pwns a believer

Reader Bruce called my attention to The Atheist Pig site, which is totally worth following. Here’s an example: I can’t find the author to give him/her credit (or do readers think I should use “them”?). Perhaps he/she is reluctant to admit the production of such stridency.  

Friday afternoon evolution cartoon

Someone should make a book out of these “fish evolving out of the water” cartoons. There must be hundreds of them by now (add a link to your favorite below). This one is by Dan Piraro from Bizarro!

Texas textbooks attempt to hide the history of slavery, but are exposed in Doonesbury

This report from the Washington Post is from July 5, so it’s not new, but I wasn’t aware of the issue until I saw yesterday’s Doonesbury cartoon by Garry Trudeau (below). The words in Trudeau’s strip are taken directly from new Texas school standards that will begin this fall. Most of us know that Texas is constantly […]

The ecology of Heaven

Here’s a scientifically based cartoon from SMBC about the relationship between ecology and immortality in Heaven. (One might call it “ecological theology.”) Sadly, the r versus k distinction has lost momentum over the years, as they are two ends of a continuum, and there are alternative as well as mixed reproductive strategies for single species. More […]

Jesus & Mo: Your weekly dose of blasphemy

by Grania Jesus & Mo is being an equal opportunities blasphemer this week. The worshipers of Thor and Atum must be most insulted by this heresy. Thor, being a god whose fame has endured into relatively recent times (and not just because of the dude in the comics) is still honored by having a day of the week […]

The Roadrunner bites the dust

Here’s the Roadrunner cartoon that we’ve been waiting for: the one in which Wile E. Coyote defeats the bird. Be sure to watch all the way to the end:


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