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Jehovah’s Witnesses to kids: Pay attention in church or you might die

From the New York News, via reader Barry, here’s a cartoon produced by the Jehovah’s Witnesses that very gently tells kids (these ones named Caleb and Sophia) that they might die (or not go to heaven?) if they fail to pay attention at the church meeting: And so we see the form of terror that religion must […]

End-of-Tuesday cats

I don’t like Tuesdays, though given my schedule there’s no reason why I should dislike them more than any other day. But I’ll lift my spirits by showing a cat picture and a cat cartoon. First is a picture I got from Matthew in an email titled “Cat peace.” It shows his new kitten (Harry) […]

A reader’s cartoon

Apropos our recent discussion of the Deepakity, reader Pliny the in Between pointed me to a cartoon on his/her website Evolving Perspectives:  

Tom the Dancing Bug, Clod-Man, and Charlie Hebdo

Praise Ceiling Cat—no more galleys! The next time I see my book will be May 19 or thereabouts. Kudos to everyone at Penguin/Random House for a terrific editing job.  But your only job is to buy the damn thing. To celebrate, I present, via the Daily Kos, Ruben “Tom-the-Dancing-Bug” Bolling’s great take on the Charlie Hebo situation, using […]

If roaches had gods. . .

. . . you know you’d find something like this.  Here’s is one of the funniest (and most sarcastic) cartoons about religion I’ve ever seen, conveyed in a recent tw**t by Dave Stewart and forwarded by reader Barry. Given the name in the lower corner, it appears to be by the German cartoonist Martin Perscheid, whose website […]

More defense of antireligious cartoons

A tw**t from Jennifer Hattam and the Daily Mail has put up a tw**t with lots of poignant new cartoons showing artists’ solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.  Do have a look.  

An appropriate cartoon

This drawing, published today by Australian cartoonist David Pope, was reproduced by Mathieu Sol in a comment on the post below, but deserves to be above the fold. Here it is: If they determine the killers were Muslim extremists, let us then hear the “moderate” Muslims throughout the world decry this brutality. And Ben Affleck: are […]

The only Ontological Argument worth wanting

Over at Evolving Perspectives, reader Pliny the In Between made a cartoon inspired by the discussion we had (which was, in turn, inspired by a Jesus and Mo cartoon) about the Stupid Ontological Argument for God.  Pliny has his own version that is much improved over the old one: Studying the philosophy of religion, I’ve always […]

More atheist cartoons

A sign of the increasing secularism of the U.S. is that cartoons like this are appearing with increasing frequency. From The Far Left Side by Mike Stanfill, a panel called “Seeing the light.”  Indeed! And the complementary cartoon: Wanna know what the verses are, you lazy git? Go here and here. (They’re good.)   h/t: jsp

Islamophobia in three panels

From Happy Jar by Tom Fonder: This is indeed how many atheists are acting these days. Fonder was so worried about how this would appear that he wrote a long (and totally unnecessary) explanation on the site. Here’s about a third of his explanation. . . : Islamophobia is also not the same as being critical of […]


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