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Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest woo for sale: “Inner Compass” cards and a $75 candle that smells like ladyparts

Today is Saturday, which is supposed to be my day off, and therefore there will be little or no braining. Instead, let’s see what Gwynnie is up to. (Does anybody like her? Some people must, as she’s gotten rich off her products and surely has a lot of fans). I’m not one of those fans, as […]

New forward-sloping toilet created to reduce throne time of employees

I don’t have anything against capitalism, though I like some socialism mixed in with it, but, by god, this invention is capitalism gone awry. It’s reported by Wired UK, and you can see it by clicking on the screenshot: An excerpt: We all appreciate the little things in life, and that includes spending five minutes […]

The publisher Springer tries to stiff me

There’s not much news today except for what you already know: Trump is imposing ridiculous tariffs on China, which will, contrary to his stupid claim, cost U.S. citizens more. Tariffs are never a good idea. And Doris Day died.  The big news from Chicago is that all ten of my ducklings are still alive and […]

Should I start a GoFundMe?

Reader Amy called my attention to this awesome product from The Ozark Source. Somehow I can’t justify spending the dosh on it, but oy, is it awesome! This is too menial a task to call the duck “James,” but “Billzebub” fits it nicely.

The University of Chicago sells the naming rights of its Economics Department for $125 million

It’s bad enough that the White Sox baseball stadium, once Comiskey Park, then U.S. Cellular Field, is now called “Guaranteed Rate Field” after a mortgage company paid big bucks to rename it. Yes, baseball franchises are greedy, and few major league ballparks don’t bear the names of companies, but really—Guaranteed Rate Field? It sticks in […]

Good news: U.S.’s biggest retailer of Christian books and merchandise closed after bankruptcy

Reader Alexander sent a link to an article in Publisher’s Weekly (PW), which Wikipedia describes as “an American weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers and literary agents. Published continuously since 1872, it has carried the tagline, “The International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling”. With 51 issues a year, the emphasis […]

United Airlines screws everyone

Several venues, including Fortune and PuffHo, report that as of January, customers flying in the cheapest seats on United Airlines will no longer be able to put their luggage in the overhead bins, but will be restricted to carry-on items that fit below the seat. Since United already charges $25 to check a bag, this […]

Editors, mad as hell, resign en masse from Elsevier journal over price gouging

I’ve long complained about the Dutch publisher Elsevier’s price-gouging behavior, involving exorbitant costs for academic libraries to get its journals (either hard-copy or electronic), its blocking of public access to scholarly articles (often funded by the public), and its “bundling” policies, forcing libraries to subscribe to groups of journals, often at very high costs (my […]

Grumpy Cat sells out big time

This being American, they just can’t let the poor, deformed cat be—she has to be turned into a cash cow. Besides, if Grumpy could speak she wouldn’t sound like that at all. She’d sound more like Joan Rivers. h/t: Grania

Shrimp and prawns sold in US and UK produced by slave labor in Thailand

After you watch the 18-minute video below, or read the article about it in the Guardian, you may stop eating shrimp and prawns—at least those sold at places like Walmart, Carrefour, Costco and Tesco, and the supermarkets Morrisons, the Co-operative, Aldi, and Iceland. Those are some of the places that, after a six-month investigation by the paper, […]