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Really fancy boots

Sadly, these are not mine, but I saw them for sale on eBay. They’re made by Falconhead in El Paso, Texas—a shop famous for its over-the-top designs, intricate tooling, and custom work (they make all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s boots, for instance). I’ve seen the “Gila Monster” boots in boot books (they’re made of leather, not of Gila monster—the […]

Spring has arrived and no more snow, ’cause my footwear told me so

I can’t take wearing clunky, snow-resistant shoes any more, and winter has lasted too long. I officially declare that winter is at last abating. Guess the hide (this one is easy):

Back-to-school boots

As Chicago is on the quarter system, we start school late (around the beginning of October), but the first year students show up for orientation this weekend.  It’s time, then, to don the Official Atheist Footwear™, the  better angels of our feet.  I got this lovely pair of Lucchese Classics for a song on eBay, […]

Back-to-school boots

It is acceptable to wear cowboy boots after Labor Day, et voilà—a new pair. These have been identified by experts as having been made by the famous bootmaker Carlos Hernandez, who worked for the Martin Boots store in Austin (they have an “MB” logo stamped inside), as well as for some other well known outfits like Lucchese […]

Graduation day boots

These are made from a very rare hide. Can you guess it? A close-up to provide a hint (the scratch was on the original hide):

Foxy boots

“Foxing” is the name for leather overlaid on a boot to make patterns. These boots, by Liberty Boots of Toronto (made in Mexico, I believe), are heavily foxed: And there’s even a tiny heart inlaid on the shafts. You can’t see it under my jeans, but it makes me feel good about myself know it’s there […]

Dude boots

There are two hides here—one for the main vamp and shaft, and another for the wingtip “foxing”; guess both. Boots by Falconhead of El Paso:

Spring footwear

When you’re teaching, having the proper footwear gives you that extra soupçon of authority. Here’s a fine pair of boots from Rodney Ammons of El Paso. Guess the hide: need the proper species, with the right Latin binomial:  

Spring boots

At last the weather is sufficiently decent, and reliable, that I can don my boots. Here’s a fairly new pair made by the estimable outfit Tres Outlaws in El Paso, Texas.  They’re tall (14-inch shafts), with fancy burgundy stitching that matches the oxblood vamps.  Guess the hide (which isn’t hard), but then also guess which […]

Polar vortex boots

The slush and salt have finally abated enough that I can wear boots without fear of ruining them. But I wear tough pairs: no gator or other delicate hides. These are by R. J. Foley, one of the few East-coast bootmakers, who made some really nice boots in Maine, but appears to have gone out […]


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