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The sense of style

The title of this post is, of course, also the title of Steve Pinker’s new book on writing, but here I construe “style” as “sartorial style”. Pinker (who’s always impeccably attired) has just finished lecturing on his book at the University of Manchester, and I begged Matthew Cobb, who attended the talk, to determine whether Steve was wearing cowboy […]

Austin part deux: buying custom boots

As I’ve mentioned several times, one of the reasons I went through Austin was to get measured for a pair of custom cowboy boots by Lee Miller, in my view the finest bootmaker in the U.S. His shop is called “Texas Traditions,” and Matt Dillahunty accompanied me there a few days ago for my Big Measurement. […]

Lyle Lovett likes my boots

With Matt Dillahunty accompanying me (he likes and wears cowboy boots), I visited Lee Miller’s shop in Austin yesterday (“Texas Traditions”) and, with the help of Lee and Carrlyn—his wife, shop manager, and sometime helper—I got measured and ordered a fancy pair of custom boots. As I mentioned two days ago, I consider Lee the best bootmaker […]

I’m in Texas!

Yes, I know that Texas is full of goddies and Republicans, but somehow when I enter the state I always get a warm feeling—and it isn’t the 100-degree temperature today. Texas is big (880 miles across!); full of oil wells and friendly, no-nonsense folk; there are ranches; there are cowboy boots; and there is BARBECUE—of which […]

Froggy boots

Well, these boots from Tres Outlaws of El Paso are mainly calf, but have wingtips and heel counters made from cane toad (Rhinella marina, formerly Bufo marinus). Warts and all!

A sense of style

Pinkah boots: Lucchese Classics, black elephant, about 5/8″ squared toe. An excellent choice:

Warming-up boots

The temperature is predicted to be in the upper 50s (°F) today, and almost all the snow is gone. I do not think it will return. And so it’s time to break out the good boots. This pair of hornback American alligator boots comes from maker J.B. Hill of El Paso, custom produced for someone on […]

Spring boots!

To celebrate the equinox, I’ve donned one of my fanciest—or at least priciest—pair of boots. These are full American alligator belly: both vamp and shaft, and were made by Rodney Ammons of El Paso, Texas. I bought these new on eBay, and paid about 15% of their retail price of $3000-$4000 (gator is expensive!). I’m not […]

Two piece boots

This item is rare these days: cowboy boots made from just two pieces of leather. (The usual number is four: one piece for the “vamp”, or foot, one piece for the “counter,” or heel, and two pieces for the shaft. To make these “dyads” properly requires an extraordinary skill, for the two pieces must mold perfectly to your […]

Boot weather boots

It’s warm, the streets are fairly dry, and there’s no salt on the sidewalks. That means that Boot Weather has returned, and so I can wear these fancy Falconhead boots (high tops: 14 inches instead of the regular 12). Guess the hide (I’ve added a picture that should make it easy). A note on value: […]


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