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Biology discussion boots

I had to get dressed up a bit because of the Alda/Wilson thing, and so donned a nice cashmere sweater, khaki jeans, and these boots, an inexpensive pair by Dan Post, bought on eBay. Can you recognize the hide?

More boot weather

I rarely travel with cowboy boots as they’re a pain to take off at security and too large to fit into a small carry-on bag. So I wear them when I can, which is today. Here’s a pair of back cut American alligator boots (with calf shafts) by Lucchese. Note the alligator inlay on the […]

Boots and ducks

It’s finally boot weather, so I broke out one of my fanciest pairs: hand-tooled cowhide made by Falconhead of El Paso. Had I not found these on eBay, I couldn’t have afforded them: (I probably posted these before): And the faux Honey and her boyfriend disappeared from the pond during our big thunderstorm. Before they […]

Wet-weather boots

When it’s wet and slushy outside, as it promises to be today, I don’t wear fancy or expensive cowboy boots, for water (and, in winter, salt) is death on boots. But I have some well-made and sturdy boots that are my standbys for bad weather. Here’s a nice pair: Lucchese calf boots from the “San […]

These boots are made for walking, but no sane person would wear them

People keep sending me photos of cowboy boots that have been cut down into sandals with long tops, or “golf boots” with cleats on the bottom. No more! The only good cowboy boot is an old-style cowboy boot. Is there any reader who would wear these, which I saw on eBay? My custom boots (real boots) […]

My last pair of boots. 10. Finishing the bottoms

 This is the next-to-last series of photos documenting the making of My Last Pair of Boots by Lee Miller of Austin Texas.  They’re actually done and have been shipped, but many bootmakers are superstitious and don’t like to show the finished product until they’re sure it fits, so I’ll put up the final series after I […]

My last pair of boots. 9. The shank and insoles

 My boots, made by the estimable Lee Miller of Austin, Texas, are supposed to be ready today, so I should get them in the mail next week. The pictures are a few days behind, but we’ll continue today with the “bottom work”: putting on the shank (a hammered nail to give support in the arch), […]

My last pair of boots. 8. Toe boxes

I’m told that my boots will in fact be done tomorrow, and shipped shortly thereafter. The pictures, however, are a few days behind. Today’s bit is largely about the “toe boxes,” the thick piece of leather that protects the toes and also gives them an attractive boxy shape.  Cowboy boot toes come in a number […]

My last pair of boots. 7. Vamps, shafts, and heel counters

My boots, under construction by Lee Miller in Austin, Texas, are coming along nicely. Today we see how the panels are fastened to both the vamp (the foot part) and the counters (the heel part), as well as how the panels are sewn together in pairs. Beyond the soles and insoles, there are basically four pieces of […]

My last pair of boots. 6. Finishing the tops

I believe my boots are almost done, but we’re behind on the photographs. All will be revealed! The boots are by Lee Miller of Austin, Texas, and the photos and captions (indented) by Carrlyn Miller. I have no idea how anyone manages to stitch in such intricate ways! Here we are going to begin to […]