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E. O. Wilson: “I’m not an atheist—I’m a scientist” (and ant lagniappe)

The January 27th issue of New Scientist contains an interview with Ed Wilson that has a few interesting tidbits. The tile, “E. O. Wilson: Religous faith is dragging us down,” makes you think it’s going to be about the problems of faith, but it’s mostly about the loss of biodiversity and about his new book, The Meaning […]

Boy who wrote bestseller on visiting heaven retracts his claims

In 2010, a ten-year-old boy, Alex Malarkey (note the name), wrote a book along with his father that described how Alex had gone to heaven after a car accident four years earlier and then came back. The book, originally published by Lifeway and shown below, became a New York Times bestseller along with other “heaven […]

Alvin Plantinga savages Philip Kitcher’s new book, but makes dumb philosophical errors

My friend Philip Kitcher (a philosophy professor at Columbia who also teaches courses on James Joyce!) has written a new book, Life After Faith: the Case for Secular Humanism, based on his Terry Lectures at Yale. After dismissing religions as fairy tales (not his language. for he’s a gentleman), Kitcher gets down to his real […]

Nicholas Wade writes a shamefully ignorant review of Bill Nye’s new evolution book

For a long time I’ve thought that many of the senior science writers of the New York Times have outlived their usefulness. It might not be a function of age, but simply poor quality journalism. Regardless, the Times could use a serious shake-up in its science section. Happily, one of their senior writers, Nicholas Wade, retired in […]

How Snakes Work

by Greg Mayer When Jerry posted about an olive python in Australia eating a wallaby, I appended some notes on snake feeding and pythons as pets. I concluded my comments by recommending two books for further reading on snakes, Harry Greene’s Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature, and Carl Ernst & George Zug’s Snakes in […]

HarperCollins is a big fat coward: published Atlas of Middle East that doesn’t show Israel

Well if this doesn’t beat all! HarperCollins, which has long been a publisher soft on religion through its imprint HarperOne, has now done something you’d expect to see in books published by the anti-Israel and antiSemitic regimes of the Middle East: it published an atlas that shows the Middle East—minus the state of Israel! Here’s the […]

Secularism on the rise in the USA

by Grania Salon has posted an except from Phil Zuckerman’s new book Living the Secular Life: New Answers to Old Questions. Zuckerman is a professor of sociology and secular studies at Pitzer College in California, I mentioned him briefly in my post “Will Religion Ever Disappear?”, and this new excerpt makes me want to read his book. This […]

What are you reading?

by Grania And now, dear reader, let us move from the critical analysis of one type of fiction to another. I picked up two books last week when I was in the bookshop up the road, as one does. One I would recommend to anyone, the other is more for those of a particular taste. […]

The tuatara’s third eye

by Greg Mayer The tuatara has long been of interest to us here at WEIT, where we refer to it as Earth’s Only Extant Non-Squamate Lepidosaur*. We’ve been especially interested in the tuatara’s third, or parietal, eye, and our most recent post on it, which included a very nice color image of a longitudinal section […]

Christian hatred of atheists: Salon almost, but not quite, manages to diss religion

If ever there were an opportunity to point out the problems with religion, it’s with the publication of a new book by Bonnie Weinstein,  To the Far Right Christian Hater: You Can Be a Good Speller, or a Hater, but You Can’t Be Both: Official Hate Male, Threats, and Criticism from the Archives of the Military […]


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