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Brother Tayler’s Sunday Secular Sermon: Colton Burpo, Sean Hannity, and the scam of “Heaven is For Real”

I’ve written several times about the trio of “I-almost-died-but-went-to-Heaven-and-it’s-real” books, including the discredited Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, the discredited The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven by Kevin and Alex Malarkey (good names) and the not-yet-discredited Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, detailing Colton Burpo’s (Todd son’s) visit to Heaven (including […]

What are you reading now?

by Grania Spingies I am ashamed to say that I hadn’t heard of James Rhodes (I don’t own a TV, never have) until I saw a tweet from Stephen Fry. James Rhodes is a concert pianist, and when he tried to publish his autobiography his ex-wife sought an injunction to bar it on the grounds […]

Hiroko’s cat-shirt book

I have written before about Hiroko, who made my lovely embroidered Hili Shirt, and I recently noted that she has published a book about the shirts. That book, Neko Shirt, recently arrived in the mail, along with lagniappe of a bag of miniature Japanese green tea Oreo cookies (the cream filling is flavored with matcha tea, and the […]

David Barash disses group selection as an explanation for altruism

David Barash is a professor of psychology at the University of Washington at Seattle, and has written many articles on evolution as well as several “trade” (i.e., popular) books on science for the public. In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (link here, but you’ll hit a paywall), he’s reviewed two books on altruism in a piece called […]

H is for Hawk

I can’t recommend highly enough the new book by Helen Macdonald: H is for Hawk.  It is up there with J. A. Baker’s The Peregrine as one of my favorite books about nature, but Macdonald’s book is very different. While Baker’s is about observing wild peregrines near his home, and is entirely lyrical writing about […]

Publicity: I espouse nonbelief in National Geographic, and a podcast with Godless Spellchecker

The round of books and articles connected with Faith versus Fact continues, and I’ll highlight some reviews later as they come in. I recognize that readers may not want to look at all this book-related stuff, as some of it is repetitive, but I’m putting the links here for those who wish to know what is […]

Jason on me in D.C.

As Jason Rosenhouse promised, he has a report on my book talk in D.C., a report tersely called “Coyne in D.C.“. It’s a Coyne-ian report, complete with pictures of cats and noms! Jason is no sycophant, and has a few words of constructive criticism, which I’ll ponder, about answering questions by angry people. He may […]

Book talk: Politics and Prose

Jason Rosenhouse said he’d publish a report on his Evolution Blog about my talk last night at Politics and Prose in Washington, D. C. His report will surely be more objective than mine, but I thought I’d put up a few photographs of the event taken by reader Brian D. Engler, and a few thoughts. Politics and Prose […]

My Five Books interview: recommendations for books dealing with the incompatibility of science and religion

When WEIT came out, I was interviewed by Sophie Roell of the “Five Books” section of The Browser.  Then was asked to choose five “popular” books about evolution that people could read if they wanted to learn about my branch of science. That interview (a transcription of a phone conversation, so the language is informal) is […]

One-day special from the TLS: access to a long (and favorable) review of Steve Weinberg’s new book

In February I announced the publication of physicist Steven Weinberg’s new book on the history of science, To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science, and included two excerpts he sent us to give an idea of the contents. Now, for one day only, the Times Literary Supplement is offering a free look at its long (and […]


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