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Larry Alex Taunton taunted again for his ghoulish book on Hitchens

We’ve pretty well established that Larry Alex Taunton’s book on Christopher Hitchens, based on two long road-trip conversations he had with the man, twisted Hitchens’s interest in religion into a misguided speculation that he was pondering becoming a Christian after diagnosed with terminal cancer.  And Taunton’s views are completely different from those of Hitchens’s friends and loved ones, who […]

New Yorker: Krauss on Hitchens’s “deathbed conversion”

In the online New Yorker, physicist Lawrence Krauss debunks Larry Alex Taunton’s well-battered book on Christopher Hitchens’s supposed deathbed leanings toward Christianity. Krauss’s piece, “The fantasy of the deathbed conversion,” distinguishes itself from other debunkings in two ways: it doesn’t link to (or even mention the name of) Taunton’s egregious book, and it also discusses the […]

Make way for ducklings!

Americans of a certain age should recognize the subject of this sculpture, one of Boston’s premier attractions for children. Click screenshot for answer.

The Guardian slams Larry Alex Taunton’s book on Hitchens’s “conversion”

I’ve now read most of Larry Alex Taunton’s odious book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Famous Atheist, and I stand by my judgment that Taunton is a vulture, profiting from picking at the corpse of a man who can’t respond. As you surely know, Taunton’s book was written to suggest that, at […]

Self-aggrandizement: Paperback of FvF comes out, and two upcoming talks

Tomorrow, May 17, is the release date of the paperback of Faith Versus Fact—one year after the hardback. If you couldn’t afford the hardback, now’s your chance to get the book more cheaply. Buy it at any of the sites on the right sidebar, or as Hitchens used to say, at fine bookstores everywhere. And, I have […]

A vulture spreads the false rumor that Hitchens accepted God at the end

UPDATE: Because people have suggested that I wrote this entire piece without having read any of Taunton’s book, let me add that I read the six pages about Hitchens given on the Times site, and, after writing it, have read substantial sections of the book that someone sent me. I am now well versed in what Taunton […]

Possibly plagiarized book disappears from Amazon and the Princeton University Press website

Twelve days ago I described my discovery of some possible plagiarism, and other unsavory journalistic shenanigans, in a Nautilus article by Robert Levine. That article, about the botfly that I acquired in my head as a graduate student visiting Costa Rica, was characterized as an except from his book Stranger in the Mirror: The Scientific Search […]

Matthew reviews Mukherjee’s new book in Nature

Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer-Prize-winning author of The Emperor of All Maladies, and subject to a bit of discussion on this site in the last week, has now published a new book: The Gene: An Intimate History, and our own Matthew Cobb has just reviewed in in Nature (free link).  The book is doing well on Amazon, […]

New York Times reviews Mukherjee’s new book on the gene

Jennifer Senior, a daily book reviewer for the New York Times, has appraised Siddhartha Mukherjee’s latest book The Gene: An Intimate History, in the New York Times. Since it’s in today’s paper, I suspect there will be another review next Sunday. This review is mixed, but you can see for yourself. I hope for two things: that the […]

Someone recounts my botfly tale: Is this plagiarism?

Someone called my attention to a new piece on Nautilus, “Parasites are us: how biological invaders challenge our notion of self and others” by Robert Levine, who’s identified this way: Robert V. Levine is a professor of psychology at California State University, Fresno and former president of the Western Psychological Association. His previous books include […]


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