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Francis Crick was a fricking genius—and Matthew’s new book

I am reading a pre-publication copy of Matthew Cobb’s new book about the genetic code, for he asked me if I could provide a blurb. Now, I never tout a book unless I’ve read the whole thing, but in this case it’s a labor of love. His book is called Life’s Greatest Secret: The Story of the Race […]

A new book on the nonexistence of the soul

I wasn’t aware of this new book, but it would seem to be a good complement to The Albatross. It’s by Julien Musolino, a professor of cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics at Rutgers, and is called The Soul Fallacy: What Science Shows We Gain by Letting Go of Our Soul Beliefs. It was published by Prometheus, came out […]

Kirkus Reviews gives Faith vs. Fact a thumbs-up

Kirkus Reviews is one of the review sites that evaluates books before they’re published, with the aim of giving bookstores and book lovers some guidance about what to buy. They just published a pre-review of the Albatross based on the galley proofs they received, and I’m pleased to see that it’s positive. Kirkus is known for being the […]

A new book on science and religion

I’ve just finished reading the recently-published collection of short essays edited by Gregg Caruso, Science and Religion: 5 Questions. Caruso posed the same five questions to 33 theologians, scientists, philosophers, and others who have worked on or written about the relationship of science and religion. Here are the five questions: What initially drew you to […]

Which ideas should be killed?

John Brockman has collected his “angels”: all of the many scientists, philosophers, psychologists, techno-geeks, and mathematicians that he either is an agent for or whom he simply knows, and posed to them a provocative question: “What scientific idea is ready for retirement?” The results, in the form of 1-4 page mini-essays, are compiled in a new […]

The Missing Links: On assisted dying, a great atheist book reprinted, and some justice in the case of First Nation children murdered by faith

I basically got nothing today: it’s one of those days when I come to work with a few lame ideas that I can’t work up enthusiasm to write about. Fortunately, Ceiling Cat usually saves me by the intervention of kindly readers, who send me items that are more interesting. I have three today, which I’ll combine in a […]

A new must-read book

H is for Hawk, a new memoir by Helen Macdonald,  came to my attention through a hugely favorable review in yesterday’s New York Times. Although it hasn’t quite been released in the U.S.—it comes out on March 3, published by Grove Press, but has been out in England for a while—it’s already #39 on Amazon, has […]

Simon Conway Morris’s new book on evolutionary convergence. Does it give evidence for God?

The eminent paleobiologist Simon Conway Morris, who did seminal work on the Burgess Shale Fauna, has a new book out. Published on January 19, it’s called The Runes of Evolution: How the Universe Became Self-Aware. And it was published by Templeton Press, which should tell you something about its contents.   Now the subtitle does seem […]

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Laura Ingalls Wilder

I have to admit that I never read Little House on the Prairie, or the seven other books in the “Little House” series, nor did I ever watch the t.v. show; but I’m sure there are sufficiently many readers to be impressed by today’s Google Doodle honoring Laura Ingalls Wilder (click on it to go to a bunch […]

A note on buying The Albatross outside of the U.S. and Canada

I’ve received both emails and comments about my post from two days ago flogging Faith Versus Fact and telling you how to order it. Readers in places like New Zealand, the UK, and Australia wanted to know how they could order the hardcover, which comes out May 19. First, a correction: I gave a number of […]


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