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Should we judge literature by its ideology and its author’s ethnicity?

I have to say that Quillette‘s articles are getting distressingly predictable. Although many of them I find ideologically compatible and useful, as they call out the woke and the excesses of the Left, all too often I can tell what’s going to be in a piece simply by looking at its title. I don’t like […]

Alaska school board bans five great books from high-school English courses

As Clarence Darrow said in his eloquent summation at the Scopes Monkey Trial: “Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding. Always it is feeding and gloating for more.” To “ignorance and fanaticism” we can add “policing what other people can hear or read”, and a good example of that took place this week […]

Matthew sent me his book

After many weeks in transit from England (the book apparently went by seamail instead of airmail), I received a copy of Matthew’s new book. The condition of my reading it for him, to see if I could produce a blurb, was that he send me a copy of the British edition with a cat drawn in […]

What we’re reading during lockdown

Here’s a thread to acquaint us all with what we’re reading to pass the interminable hours of quarantine. Indeed, since I can’t go out, except for walks, my routine is to watch the evening news on NBC, make dinner (garnished with a decent glass or two of wine) and then become recumbent and read until […]

Five laudatory reviews of Matthew’s book

Matthew’s new book about the history of research on the brain is now out in both the UK and the US (Amazon links provided). I read it in advance and blurbed it; it’s very good. I’m not alone in my opinion, as the first five reviews that I know of all praise the book unstintingly. […]

A new book on Woke Academia by two of the “grievance studies” authors

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay are two of the three “grievance studies” hoaxers (Peter Boghossian was the other); all have devoted considerable time and valuable effort to debunking the postmodernistic debasement of woke academia. Now Pluckrose and Lindsay have collaborated on an upcoming book, called to my attention by Paul Topping. It goes on sale […]

A new book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali on sexual violence in Europe

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new book, her fifth, and the fourth to have a one-word title (the others are The Caged Virgin, Nomad, Infidel, and Heretic, and I’ve read all but the first). The last one, Heretic, was subtitled Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now, and was her manifesto not to destroy Islam (which […]

Books to read during confinement

Many of us are whiling away the viral hours by reading; I read at least three hours per evening and have a large enough stock of books to see me through a few weeks. I thought it would be useful for us to recommend readings for each other. I’ve read several books recommended by readers, […]

Freud: Charlatan of the mind

About fifteen years ago, I decided to read Freud. After all, he was touted as one of the three greatest thinkers of our time, along with Einstein and Marx (all Jewish men), and while I found Marx boring, I could at least try to read Freud. And I did: I read a lot of Freud, […]

Woody Allen memoir finally published

After Woody Allen and his memoir, Apropos of Nothing, were cast adrift by Hachette Publishing after an employee walkout and the loss of their author Ronan Farrow, the memoir has been acquired and will be published by Arcade Publishing, according to this announcement by Publisher’s Weekly (click on screenshot). In fact, the book was released today: […]