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Book on bees of the world has a mimetic fly on the cover – update

Matthew Cobb, who does social media, called my attention to a post today by environmentalist and writer Brigid Strawbridge; it’s about a book on the world’s bees. Here it is. Notice anything strange? Hint: count the wings: Bees, in the order Hymenoptera, have four wings, like this: What we see above on the cover of Bees […]

A scary article about Trump

As I made a visit to Facebook last night, and saw that about 40% of the posts were about Donald Trump, all saying basically the same thing—the man is an idiot—I began to experience the phenomenon of Trumpfenschmerz, or “Trump Weariness.” I wanted to write on my page, “Can we talk about cats instead?”, but […]

Jonah Lehrer fails at bid for redemption

Surely you remember Jonah Lehrer, the New Yorker‘s Bright Young Science Guy, a Malcolm Gladwell-To-Be who was brought down in ignominy when discovered plagiarizing in his books, his New Yorker blog, and his posts for Wired magazine. The New Yorker fired him, and he expressed only a modicum of contrition while continuing to give speeches for big […]

Top 10 evolution books: three are about creationism

It must have been ten years or more since advocates of Intelligent Design promised us that peer-reviewed evidence for a “Designer” (aka the Christian God) was right around the corner, but they’ve come up with. . . .bupkes.  Because they have no evidence, the ID websites, like those of the Discovery Institute (DI)m involve sniping at […]

Books I’m reading now, or about to start

After a period when my reading fell by the wayside, and before I disciplined myself to stay off the Internet in the evening, I’ve finally gotten back in the swing of reading for several hours each night. (I swear that the Internet, with the short attention span it fosters, will be the death of books.) Here’s what’s […]

Larry Alex Taunton taunted again for his ghoulish book on Hitchens

We’ve pretty well established that Larry Alex Taunton’s book on Christopher Hitchens, based on two long road-trip conversations he had with the man, twisted Hitchens’s interest in religion into a misguided speculation that he was pondering becoming a Christian after diagnosed with terminal cancer.  And Taunton’s views are completely different from those of Hitchens’s friends and loved ones, who […]

New Yorker: Krauss on Hitchens’s “deathbed conversion”

In the online New Yorker, physicist Lawrence Krauss debunks Larry Alex Taunton’s well-battered book on Christopher Hitchens’s supposed deathbed leanings toward Christianity. Krauss’s piece, “The fantasy of the deathbed conversion,” distinguishes itself from other debunkings in two ways: it doesn’t link to (or even mention the name of) Taunton’s egregious book, and it also discusses the […]

Make way for ducklings!

Americans of a certain age should recognize the subject of this sculpture, one of Boston’s premier attractions for children. Click screenshot for answer.

The Guardian slams Larry Alex Taunton’s book on Hitchens’s “conversion”

I’ve now read most of Larry Alex Taunton’s odious book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Famous Atheist, and I stand by my judgment that Taunton is a vulture, profiting from picking at the corpse of a man who can’t respond. As you surely know, Taunton’s book was written to suggest that, at […]

Self-aggrandizement: Paperback of FvF comes out, and two upcoming talks

Tomorrow, May 17, is the release date of the paperback of Faith Versus Fact—one year after the hardback. If you couldn’t afford the hardback, now’s your chance to get the book more cheaply. Buy it at any of the sites on the right sidebar, or as Hitchens used to say, at fine bookstores everywhere. And, I have […]


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