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Grayling’s new book: a short but laudatory review

I want to give two thumbs up to Anthony Grayling’s new book, The God Argument: the Case Against Religion and for Humanism, which was released this March but is already available in paperback and Kindle. (Note: I haven’t yet read his previous effort, The Good Book, which is apparently a humanist version of the Bible drawing […]

Discovery Institute claims that Meyer’s ID book is approved by one of Britain’s “top geneticists”; doesn’t mention that he’s a creationist

The Discovery Institute is desperate to flog Stephen Meyer’s new book Darwin’s Doubt, which, according to Nick Matzke’s review, is not only laden with ignorance and errors, but touts God The Intelligent Designer as responsible for the rapid “Cambrian explosion.” Ergo, they’re busy digging up scientists to approve of the book, though I doubt they’ll […]

A bad review on Amazon

An alert reader spotted this, and it’s hilarious. An egg? Really? I’m glad, though, that the readers have been washed by the theory of evolution.

Slate goes after scientism

Aren’t these anti-New Atheism pieces getting tiresome? They have three characteristics: 1. The author is an atheist or agnostic; 2. The author takes New Atheists to task for presenting a caricature of religion and not engaging with religion’s “best” arguments (i.e., academic obscurantism that uses big words), and 3. They call out New Atheists for […]

A bizarre critique of Christopher Hitchens: he wasn’t a skeptic about his cancer

Thanks to alert reader Michael, I’ve made my first visit to the Dublin Review of Books site, where you can read a review of Christopher Hitchens’s last book, Mortality. The review is by Seamus O’Mahony, who seems uniquely qualified for the task: Seamus O’Mahony is a physician with an interest in medicine and literature. He […]

Jane Goodall apparently guilty of plagiarism and sloppy science writing

Jane Goodall’s observations of the chimps at Gombe is perhaps the most famous work in primatology in the 20th century, and she’s rightly famous for her meticulous observations, her absolute dedication to her fieldwork, her discovery of many traits in our closest relatives that were thought unique to humans, and her tireless work on biological […]

Susan Jacoby on atheism: “Five Books” interview and her recommendations for godless readings

On the occasion of Susan Jacoby’s new book, The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought (nice discount at Amazon!), she’s interviewed by Five Books‘ Sophie Roell on the topic of “Atheism”.  It’s a really nice interview and I’ll leave it to you to read it and see what five books on atheism Jacoby recommends […]

A new humanist book by Grayling, and a critique by Appleyard

Anthony Grayling has a new pro-humanism and anti-religion book available now in the U.S. on Kindle for $15.39 (£9.78 in the UK) and, in the U.S,  after Mar. 14 in hardback for a price to be determined (you can order it now in the UK for £10.78): The Amazon site gives a summary: There have […]

Mark Vernon praises antievolution book as “the most despised science book of 2012″

Good Lord, is Mark Vernon, of “holy rabbit” fame, still writing for the Guardian? And why? In their columns he regularly takes up the cudgels against science: as an ex-Anglican priest, he simply can’t help but cheer when someone disses science, no matter how bad a job they do.  And so each year Vernon gives […]

A good new book

I’ve just finished physicist Sean Carroll’s new book, The Particle at the End of the Universe (subtitled: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World), and want to give it two thumbs up.  As far as I know, it’s the only popular account of the Higgs Hunt […]


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