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An atheist gives religion credit for gunpowder, writing, printing, and agriculture

I’m appalled at a article in Saturday’s Torygraph that gives credit to religion for major advances in technology. A while ago, we discussed the accommodationist contention that “science derives from Christianity,” with one of its lamest assertions being that some believers, like Isaac Newton, made contributions to science.  That alone is supposed to give a […]

Guest post: Linda Calhoun reviews “The Authoritarians”

A while back I asked reader Linda Grilli Calhoun, who had informed me about this book, to furnish me with a brief review for this site. Well, the goat-raising business is onerous, so it took a while, but here it is, with thanks to Linda from Professor Ceiling Cat. The book is The Authoritarians, and […]

Another pan of “Darwin’s Doubt”

The National Review is a conservative magazine, so it’s all the more heartening that it just published a review of Stephen Meyer’s new pro-intelligent-design book (Darwin’s Doubt) that is a total pan. The review is called “How nature works” by John Farrell, a reader here whom the NR describes this way:  “Mr. Farrell writes a […]

What’s the story with Reza Aslan and his Jesus book?

Resa Aslan, author of the new bestseller Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, is all over the internet, and although his book is #1 on nearly every bestseller list, the reviews and profiles of Aslan haven’t all been positive. I haven’t yet read the book, so I’m just pointing you to two […]

Matthew’s new book gets plaudits

In the latest Times Literary Supplement, guest writer Matthew Cobb’s new book, Eleven Days in August: The Liberation of Paris in 1944, gets a very positive review by Robert Gildea, professor of history at Oxford. Sadly, the review is behind a paywall, so I’ve asked Matthew to give me a precis: Outs me as ‘Professor […]

Five Books site reorganizes, becomes more user-friendly

If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll already know about the Five Books site of The Browser, where you can read really nice interviews with luminaries and learn which five books they most recommend for popular reading in their field. The site has just been reorganized, so you can scan all the interviews by general topic (“World […]

Grayling’s new book: a short but laudatory review

I want to give two thumbs up to Anthony Grayling’s new book, The God Argument: the Case Against Religion and for Humanism, which was released this March but is already available in paperback and Kindle. (Note: I haven’t yet read his previous effort, The Good Book, which is apparently a humanist version of the Bible drawing […]

Discovery Institute claims that Meyer’s ID book is approved by one of Britain’s “top geneticists”; doesn’t mention that he’s a creationist

The Discovery Institute is desperate to flog Stephen Meyer’s new book Darwin’s Doubt, which, according to Nick Matzke’s review, is not only laden with ignorance and errors, but touts God The Intelligent Designer as responsible for the rapid “Cambrian explosion.” Ergo, they’re busy digging up scientists to approve of the book, though I doubt they’ll […]

A bad review on Amazon

An alert reader spotted this, and it’s hilarious. An egg? Really? I’m glad, though, that the readers have been washed by the theory of evolution.

Slate goes after scientism

Aren’t these anti-New Atheism pieces getting tiresome? They have three characteristics: 1. The author is an atheist or agnostic; 2. The author takes New Atheists to task for presenting a caricature of religion and not engaging with religion’s “best” arguments (i.e., academic obscurantism that uses big words), and 3. They call out New Atheists for […]


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