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Wednesday: Duck report

As I mentioned in this morning’s Hili dialogue, we have another newly-hatched brood of ducklings who entered the pond today. I am not in Chicago, so I have no idea about whether it’s Honey, but we’ll all do our best to help the mothers raise 27 babies! We have a report on the ducklings by […]

Hawaii: Days 5 and 6 (with terns)

To continue with my vacation snaps, I first show the best place to get plate lunch I know of on Oahu, the Highway Inn (there are two branches, but the one shown below, in Waipahu near Pearl Harbor, is much better and has a more local clientele than the downtown branch on Ala Moana Boulevard. […]

Here’s the white tern chick!

Did you find the month-old white tern chick in the photo I posted earlier today? Here are a series of photos zeroing in on it:

Spot the white tern chick!

Later today I’ll have a series of gorgeous pictures taken on yesterday’s White Tern walk run by the local Audubon society. For now I have one rather mediocre “spot the. . .” photo and some mediocre reveals, but trust me, the ones from my “Hawaii: Days 5 and 6” post will be much better. In […]

Hawaii: Day 2

Yesterday included a visit to the Koko Crater Botanical Garden, a plethora of lovely plants residing in a volcanic crater. Wikipedia describes it like this: The Koko Crater Botanical Garden (60 acres) is a botanical garden located within the Koko Crater (Koko Head) on the eastern end of Oahu, Hawaii. It was given the dual title of the Charles M. Wills Cactus […]

Acorn woodpeckers defend their larder

Reader Michael sent this National Geographic video about acorn woodpeckers (Melanerpes formicivorus) and a larder tree near the Grand Canyon. As I suspected, they drill each hole to fit a specific acorn (how else could the food remain securely wedged?), but then how do they drill a hole for a specific acorn without having it […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Paul Peed sent some lovely bird photos from Florida. His notes are indented: Tricolored Heron (Egretta tricolor). Imaged at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive near Orlando,Fl.  Perhaps my favorite of the wading birds, as I can count on seeing a tricolored no matter the season, no matter what the weather.  A highly successful and stunning Ardeidae. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Saloni Rose from India sent us some lovely butterfly photos. Her notes are indented: Here are some photos of rare Nymphalid butterflies found in the Western Ghats, India. Please note that all of these butterfly species are protected under Schedule 2 of the Wildlife Protection Act II, 1972. None of these butterflies were harmed […]

Readers’ wildlife video

Tara Tanaka has a lovely video of parent and offspring of the Wood Stork (Mycteria americana), a colonial nester living in subtropical America.  (Tara’s Vimeo page is here; her Flickr site is here). Here are Tara’s notes on the video: Every February I keep looking for the first Wood Stork scouts to return to our swamp where they’ll soon begin gathering […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Posting will be light today, but I’ve prepared this in advance for Grania to post when I’m downtown. It’s another great series of photos and stories from Bruce Lyon, documenting the lives of his local peregrine falcons. Bruce’s notes are indented. Here is another installment of photos of the nesting  peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) I have […]