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Proprietor’s wildlife videos

For Sunday, we have three videos of chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarcticus), all taken at Orne Harbor, Antarctica, on November 16. The first one shows males calling and displaying in their rookery. The males raise their heads, flap their wings, and emit raucous calls. Presumably they’re displaying their vigor to onlooking females. The next two show […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I’m starting this feature up again, and I also have several “photos of readers” to post in that separate category. Please send in either your good wildlife photos (be sure to include Latin binomials) or one or two (no more) pictures of you doing something characteristic or interesting. Thanks! Michael Glenister sent some diverse photos […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

We’re back to the “readers’ wildlife” feature, and I’ll put up one video from a reader and supplement it with two penguin videos I took. First, reader John Runnels from Louisiana sent a video from Baton Rouge with a gazillion pelicans. His notes simply say this: “White Pelicans, University Lake, Baton Rouge, LA, 14 November […]

PCCE’s wildlife videos: Chinstrap penguins

For those of you who submitted wildlife photos before I left, rest easy: I still have them and will post them. But I also have to begin posting my Antarctica videos, as I am putting them on YouTube rather than saving them on my computer. So here are three videos of chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarcticus), […]

Penguin video!

I have a lot of videos from Antarctica, including one I didn’t think I had. I’ll show that one today, even though it’s short.  As I mentioned in a post on November 20, on a day when we couldn’t do a “landing” on the continent or an island, the captain of the Roald Amundsen plowed […]

The last trip report: West Point Island, rockhoppers, and albatrosses

The MS Roald Amundsen was supposed to sail about 8 p.m. last night, but apparently there’s been a delay, for the ship’s real-time map shows it still docked in Punta Arenas: I suspect this has to do with a big misfortune yesterday. Before leaving the ship, I heard that, at the Punta Arenas airport, a […]

Carcass Island and its Magellanic penguins (with dolphin lagniappe)

Happy Thanksgiving! (I think I got it right this time as I see it’s Thursday). This will be the penultimate trip report, as there’s one more either tomorrow or Saturday, and then I will post the videos I took when I return to Chicago (penguins!) As I write this at 5:30 a.m., we’re pulling into […]

The penguins of Bluff Cove

It’s sad because today’s my last day aboard ship, and we’ll be heading all day toward our final destination, Punta Arenas. Tomorrow I’ll disembark, head for my hotel in Punta Arenas to spend Thanksgiving night, and then (Ceiling Cat willing) fly to Santiago on Friday afternoon, then to Miami, and finally a flight to Chicago. […]

A visit to Stanley

On this overcast Monday morning our ship is hovering off Carcass Island in the west Falklands, where yesterday we saw Magellanic penguins and other cool birds. It’s only a short hop to our next destination, West Point Island. More on Carcass on Thursday, the last day of our trip. I’m lecturing today and will give […]

Mine eyes have seen the glory

. . . of Aptenodytes patagonicus. Lots of photos to come!