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Readers’ wildlife photos

Nature can be lovely even close to home. Reader Will Savage in England sent some pictures of the British countryside near his home. His captions are indented: All of these were taken in early summer at a nature reserve not far from my home in Norfolk, England. The reserve runs alongside the River Wensum, which is […]

Readers’ wildlife: My ducks

We’re down to two ducks: Honey and her daughter Phoebe, once a runt but now getting bigger. Phoebe is able to fly (we’ve seen her take to the air twice), but is still hanging around her mom, as she’s a timorous and clinging duck. She is also well fed on corn and mealworms. (Phoebe is […]

Local red-tailed hawk catches a rat in Manhattan Park

This video, taken in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village of New York City on September 9, 2014, was sent by reader Tom, who notes: “How grand to see these large raptors doing so well seemingly inured to the sirens and other distractions of NYC.”  Indeed. The YouTube notes are these: This is Christo, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

Rick Longworth sent a lovely video of hummingbird interactions at his feeder. Dextrous little buggers! Black Chinned hummingbirds(Archilochus alexandri) feud around the feeder. I was unable to see what was going on between the rivals, so I used several levels of slow motion and freeze frame. The feud takes place in 4 parts: 1. Staying […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tom Carrolan has personal experience with golden eagles, and sent these photos a while back. His words are indented: Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) have been extirpated as a nesting species in the eastern lower 48, but breed in the eastern Canadian provinces, as well as in the western states. I have seen this species […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have the second installment of bird photos from our youngest contributor, Jamie Blilie. His captions are indented. Another group of photos from my 14 year old son, Jamie.  He shoots with a Canon Powershot SX530 HS super-zoom camera. The first group are from our recent escape from Minnesota winter to warm, sunny New Orleans: Snowy egret […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Colin Franks (website here, Facebook page here, Instagram page here) has sent a dollop of his spectacular bird photographs. His IDs are indented. Common Loon (Gavia immer): Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus): Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides): Bonaparte’s Gull (Chroicocephalus philadelphia): Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor): Juvenile Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosi): Barred Owl (Strix varia): Western […]

Readers’ wildlife videos and photos

It’s time to refill the photo tank. I have a fair few contributions, but I could always use more, so send in your good animal, plant, astronomy, and other nature-related pictures. To add to Stephen Barnard’s hummingbird photos of two days ago, he’s sent two videos of hummingbird fights (rufous vs. black-chinned). Be sure to […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Once again we have a nice science-and-photo post by biology professor Bruce Lyon from the University of California at Santa Cruz. His notes are indented, and the subject is owls, also known as Honorary Cats™. A second batch of owl photos and natural history to follow on the Northern Pygmy Owl post (here) from a couple […]

76 merganser chicks in the Big Parade

I’ve been sent this story and photo by many readers, and have delayed putting it up. Could it be I was miffed because this duck outdid Honey? At any rate, the photo of a common merganser hen (Mergus merganser) with a train of 76 ducklings has gone viral. The story and one likely explanation is […]