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Readers’ wildlife photographs

Time to think about sending me photos again; seven dollops a week really lowers the tank.  And if you’re reader Peter Ayling, please contact me, as I seem to have no copies of the photos you sent. Today we have some lovely photos from reader Terry Milewski, who has appeared on this site before (see […]

Readers’ wildlife

Reader Tom Carrolan found snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus)! Some of his pictures of eagles will appear next week. Up in Northern NY surveying Rough-legged Hawks, but… [JAC: The first one’s either a female or a youngster, as they are flecked with brown, but males are nearly pure white, and you see one in the second […]

Readers’ wildlife photos and videos

We have photos and videos today. The videos first, leading off with a contribution from Tara Tanaka, whom we haven’t seen in a while. This was in fact posted in October. Here’s her encounter with javelinas (also known as collared peccaries, Pecari tajacu. Once in Big Bend National Park I was accosted by a herd […]

Do crows instigate cat fights?

In lieu of Readers’ Wildlife Photos today (I have a comfortable backlog), please watch these three short videos and tell me what’s going on. In all of them, hooded crows (Corvus cornix) are associated with vicious cat fights.  And while the third video purports to show a crow “breaking up” a cat fight, that’s simply […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Here are some gorgeous swans (and cygnets!), as well as a bee, photographed by reader Mark Ayling, whose notes are indented: Here are some photos from the pond at Brookfield Park, Littlehampton, UK. This location was the site of the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute until 1995, when the land was cleared for housing and the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Among our most stellar photographers is Pete Moulton from Arizona, who, though usually sending us birds, demonstrates today his equal facility with insect subjects. Peter’s captions are indented: First, the obligatory Pied-billed Grebe, Podilymbus podiceps, this one in basic (= winter) plumage at Papago Park in October. The pair of Pied-billeds at this pond apparently triple-brooded […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have some photos by two people today. The first is from reader Gilbert Klapper, who send birds and antelopes.  His notes are indented: Here are three photos of brown pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) taken in Key West in 2017. Here are two from Yellowstone Park taken in 2005: Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) and a Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). Not […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Duncan McCaskill from Canberra, Australia sent a series of photos documenting a kerfuffle between ravens and barn owls. Ravens always win a confrontation like this if there are more than one of them. Duncan’s notes are indented: Back in August, I heard a great commotion amongst the local birds around my home in Canberra. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

The response to my call for photos has been tame, and I might have to start putting up photo posts on a sporadic basis. If you have good photos (and I emphasize “good”), please send them to me. Today’s post involves my favorite brand of waterfowl: DUCKS! It comes from reader William Savage, whose notes […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

It’s time for my sporadic plea for more photographs from readers. While I have about ten sets in reserves, that will last for only a week and a half. If you have good wildlife photos, please send them to me soon.  And thanks to all the photographers who have obliged me in the past! Reader Rick […]