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Readers’ wildlife photos

We continue today with Karen Bartelt’s photos of cranes (see yesterday’s post); her descriptions and IDs are indented. After visiting the International Crane Foundation, we continued our trip to see cranes in the wild.  Just east of the Crane Foundation, we saw hundreds of sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) in Wisconsin farm fields.  This is a […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I suspect this will be the last RWP post until Tuesday of next week—unless somebody sends me photos from tomorrow till Monday (I leave my photo folder on my office computer). And today we have cranes photographed by reader Karen Bartelt, whose notes and IDs are indented: In October my husband and I visited the […]

Predation by a modern theropod

I’m pretty sure I put this up before, but if you’ve seen it, just take a pass. I’m told by a chicken owner that this kind of behavior is not at all uncommon, and that the speed with which this pullet chases down her prey is also typical. But OY! A terrifyingly brutal and shocking […]

Reader’s wildlife video

This is a stupendous feat of ingestion, and so I’ll put it up by itself. The video was shot by reader Rick Longworth, who calls it, accurately, “Big Gulp.” His notes: Here we see a green heron (Butorides virescens) downing a good sized bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) near Poughkeepsie, NY. This is my first attempt at […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a miscellany today, and the readers’ notes are indented. First, from reader Tim Anderson in Australia, an animal I didn’t know existed: This is a shingleback lizard (Tilaqua rugosa), named for obvious reasons. It is fairly common in inland areas of eastern Australia. In common with many lizard species, it has the ability […]

Wildlife photos: the bizarre Horned Screamer

This tweet isn’t from a reader, but from wildlife illustrator Jessica Roux via Matthew Cobb.  When I first saw this, I thought that some wag had glued horns to a bird: Friends, we need to talk about the Horned Screamer, the unicorn of the bird world / likes to attack with spurs!!! on it's wings. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Bill Turner sent us some splendid bird photos, and his notes are indented: The first two are of a white-fronted bee-eater (Merops bullockoides) eating, well, a bee. I understand that these guys normally hunt on the wing. I don’t know what the bee was thinking—making life so easy. These photos were taken during a […]

Diane Morgan tries falconry

Diane Morgan, my beloved Philomena Cunk, has stepped outside the Cunk persona to do a short sponsored video in which she tries falconry—with unexpected results. It’s pretty clear though, that Morgan— as she’s said herself—really is Philomena Cunk. This is a lovely video, and brings Morgan’s work back to the quality level of her work for […]

Here’s the great blue heron!

Did you spot the great blue heron in this morning’s photo? It wasn’t too hard, and here it is (click to enlarge). Stephen said this: The image may be too small for a fair test, but it’s the first thing I see when I look out over the field. (The are actually two herons visible). And […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Damon Williford from Texas sent a bunch of diverse photos. His notes and IDs are indented. Attached are photos of various wildlife species that I took during my last three trips out to West Texas. The first five are from what was my first trip out to Big Bend National Park during June of […]