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Zinnia Jones: The dangers of Regressivism

Zinnia Jones is a transgender woman who nominally posts at The Orbit, a series of blogs that were once part of Freethought Blogs but separated from that site for reasons that were never explicit. I rarely read her site, and rarely look at The Orbit itself because postings at the 22 constituent blogs are rare; in […]

The Cultural Revolution hits a Canadian university: grad student teacher bullied for promoting free discussion in her class

Wilfred Laurier University is a public university in Waterloo, Ontario, and has just become the target of international opprobrium after its persecution of a graduate teaching assistant became public this week. The teaching assistant, 22 year old Lindsay Shepherd, is now one of my heroes for standing up for the principles of free speech and […]

Internal emails at Evergreen State reveal climate of racial hostility

An article by Jillian Kay Meolchior in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, “Inside the madness at Evergreen State” (behind a paywall, but I thank a kind reader for sending me the text), reveals that, contrary to the college’s claims, The Evergreen State College (TESC) had a toxic atmosphere of authoritarianism, so that accusations of racism were […]

A postmodern academic signals her virtue: Why Pilates is white and racist

Last March I wrote about a dreadful paper on feminist glaciology, whose intent was to bring a feminist viewpoint to the study of glaciers. It failed to do that, but succeeded in signaling the virtue of the authors, all from the University of Oregon. Moreover, the authors’ work was supported by the National Science Foundation—yes, American […]

Kristof on the Authoritarian Leftism of universities: Part deux

On May 8 I wrote about one of Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times columns, “A confession of liberal intolerance.” There he promoted the idea of increased diversity in universities: not just diversity of ethnic minorities, but diversity of ideas. In particular, he called for hiring more conservative professors, since, by and large, academia comprises Leftists. Kristof didn’t favor […]

Kristof on “liberal intolerance”

I heard a statement a while back that stuck in my mind. It went something like this: “The only kind of ‘diversity’ that colleges don’t want is intellectual diversity.” That struck me as so true that I meant to write about it. But now I don’t have to, as liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has […]

The most delicate snowflakes yet: students at Western Washington University issue a ludicrous set of “demands”, and change some spelling

Read on about the most ridiculous group of demands I’ve ever seen issued by disaffected college students—and that’s among a huge list of colleges whose students have demanded ludicrous authoritarian-Leftist reforms of their institutions. In this case, though, it’s Western Washington University (WWU), where the student demands (in the document “Student Assembly for Power and Liberation Demands [WWU]”) is […]

Gad Saad on New Atheism, religion, the “regressive left”, trigger warnings, evolutionary psychology, safe spaces, and free speech

It’s worth getting acquainted with both Dave Rubin and Gad Saad, and these two shortish videos give you the chance (they’re bits of a single one-hour video). Dave Rubin is a comedian and talk-show host, best known to us nonbelievers as host of The Rubin Report (YouTube channel here), which is a good replacement for The […]

RationalWiki guts a reader’s attempt to correct its article on female genital mutilation

JAC: I haven’t used RationalWiki very much, as its articles are not only not as thorough as those in Wikipedia (though some day Greg will produce his long-awaited post, “What’s the matter with Wikipedia?), but also appear slanted toward the Authoritarian Left. Although created to counter the odious Conservapedia site, it seems to have swung […]