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Now hoop earrings have become cultural appropriation

Among the venues becoming Authoritarian Leftist (actually, it’s been largely like that for a while) is Vice News, which now cements its ideology with an article called “Hoop earrings are my culture, not your trend.” It’s written by “Anonymous author,” which shows both the cowardice of taking this risible stand, but also the willingness of […]

American University cancels “Unsafe Space” Title IX discussion on dubious grounds

I’ve written before about the Spiked website’s “Unsafe Space” tour, which is going around to various colleges discussing controversial issues. This is no Milo Yiannopoulos “Rile ‘Em Up” tour; rather, it has people like Wendy Kaminer, Jonathan Haidt, Nadine Strossen (past head of the ACLU), Steve Pinker, Laura Kipnis, Bret Weinstein, and Sarah Haider discussing […]

How Kirkus changed its review of American Heart after mob pressure

Yesterday I reported  that Kirkus, one of the three “biggie” reviewing services that vets books for libraries and readers before publication, had removed a prized star from one of its reviews: that of American Heart by Laura Moriarty (out January 2018).  It’s a “young adult” novel describing hypothetical America in which Muslims, as were many Japanese in […]

Author of article on “the case for colonialism” withdraws it after death threats and social-media mobbing; academics are mostly silent

In today’s political and social climate, trying to defend colonialism is just asking for trouble—in fact, even for death threats. That’s what happened to associate professor Bruce Gilley at Portland State University, who recently published an article—actually, a “Viewpoint”, the academic equivalent of an op-ed, but refereed like a regular article—called “The case for colonialism” […]

President of William and Mary responds after BLM disruption of ACLU talk; promises no more fracases

As I reported on October 5, the students of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization at The College of William and Mary, my undergraduate alma mater, shut down a talk by Clair Guthrie Gastañaga, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia. Ironically, the topic of her talk was “Students and the First Amendment.” […]

Phyllis Chesler on the madness of pro-Islam feminism and the sadness of anti-Semitic Leftism

Phyllis Chesler has impeccable credentials as a feminist, including a lifelong history of activism and over a thousand articles and sixteen books on feminism, including the famous Women and Madness. You’ll probably think, as did I, that she makes too much of these credentials in her new piece in Tablet, “Against faux-feminists who deny the […]

The MAGA hat story continues; offended students issue list of demands and protections for the thief

Four days ago I put up a video and some commentary about a woman student at the University of California at Riverside (UCR) who stole a conservative student’s “Make America Great Hat” off his head. Rather than giving it back, she launched into a nine-minute tirade about how wearing that hat was the same as […]

Is health a “social construct”?

Oy, the kids are at it again, and it just gets worse and worse. In fact, this one is so bad that I can barely bear to write about it. Yes, it’s from the ultimate Hierarchical Oppression site, Everyday Feminism, always a way to gauge the Regressive Left Zeitgeist. Since the site loves listicles, this […]

Bill Maher and his guests on punching Nazis

Reader Eli sent me a 5-minute video from a new segment of Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show about punching Nazis. The three guests are Tom Morello (Musician, “Rage Against the Machine”), April Ryan, a journalist and author, and journalist John Heilemann.  Maher gives the recent example of a guy on a Seattle bus wearing a swastika armband. […]

Irony of the year: Librarian who claimed The Cat in the Hat was racist was photographed (twice) dressed like the Cat and celebrating the book

Ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters, comrades: here we apparently have two pictures of Cambridgeport Elementary School teacher Liz Phipps Soeiro, whose actions I described this morning. To wit: sent a copy of The Cat in the Hat by Melania Trump, Phipps went off on her, lecturing the First Lady in a public letter that said […]