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Internal emails at Evergreen State reveal climate of racial hostility

An article by Jillian Kay Meolchior in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, “Inside the madness at Evergreen State” (behind a paywall, but I thank a kind reader for sending me the text), reveals that, contrary to the college’s claims, The Evergreen State College (TESC) had a toxic atmosphere of authoritarianism, so that accusations of racism were […]

UC Berkeley faculty and students call for campus boycott during “Free Speech Week”

Well, “Free Speech Week” (actually only four days: Sept. 24-27) is coming to the University of California at Berkeley, during which the campus will hear from a number of speakers whom the Regressive Left deems offensive and lacking any rights to speak or be heard. Here’s the schedule as given by the student paper, The […]

More shenanigans at Berkeley—by the Left

There was a big “anti-hate” demonstration at Berkeley yesterday, and good for that. In fact, it was so intimidating to the alt-Right that hardly any of the latter showed up; as the Los Angeles Times reports, their demonstration was canceled. Nevertheless, a few hapless Trump supporters and alt-righters showed up anyway, and, since the odious […]

The beast at the breast of the Left

The more I learn about the Regressive Left, the more I see a hidden streak of bigotry within it, and it’s often anti-Semitism. First they threw out Jewish lesbians during Chicago’s Dyke March because those Jews were supposedly expressing Zionism, and then we have the constant attacks not just on Israel, but on Zionism. And […]

Well, it could have been true. . . .

Satire is funny only when it hits close to home. Here’s a piece from The Onion in 2015, reproduced in its entirety (and tweeted by Steve Pinker), that gives an idea of the climate on many of today’s campuses. It’s been a years since it appeared, and things have only gotten worse. And the text: […]

Banned in Boston: Activists try to shut down a show by a white artist who painted a scene of black tragedy

In April I wrote a bit about the painting below, “Open Casket”, which depicts the body of Emmett Till, a black youth who was murdered on a visit to  Mississippi in 1955. He supposedly whistled at a white woman, which turned out to be a lie, but for that he was tortured and killed by […]

KPFA explains Dawkins’s de-platforming

Several readers in this morning’s “Jeff Tayler/Godless Spellchecker” piece called to our attention the posting of an “explanation” by radio station KPFA in Berkeley about Dawkins’s de-platforming—their cancellation of a scheduled book talk. Here it is: There are also three links to the station’s reporting on the event and two to newspaper stories. KPFA’s excuse […]

The New York Times covers Dawkins’s deplatforming

As we all know, radio station KPFA in Berkeley decided to withdraw its sponsorship of a book talk by Richard Dawkins, cancelling the fundraising even; the reason, they said, was that Dawkins had insulted Islam (see my coverage here and here).  As they explained, “While KPFA emphatically supports serious free speech, we do not support […]

Journal Hypatia’s editors resign, and directors suspend associate editors over their apology for the “transracialism” article

Reader Robert called my attention to an article in the Daily Nous about the “transracialism” article that started a big kerfuffle in the social science/justice community. As you might remember, it all started recently when Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, published an article called “In defense of […]

Richard Dawkins’s response to his de-platforming in Berkeley

As I posted this morning, radio station KPFA had lined up Richard Dawkins for a public appearance in Berkeley, California, in which Richard was slated to talk about his latest book of essays, Science in the Soul. KPFA then cancelled the talk without informing Richard in advance, saying that they discovered belatedly that Richard’s tweets about […]