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KPFA explains Dawkins’s de-platforming

Several readers in this morning’s “Jeff Tayler/Godless Spellchecker” piece called to our attention the posting of an “explanation” by radio station KPFA in Berkeley about Dawkins’s de-platforming—their cancellation of a scheduled book talk. Here it is: There are also three links to the station’s reporting on the event and two to newspaper stories. KPFA’s excuse […]

Linda Sarsour’s continuing distortions

UPDATE: Mirabile dictu, the PuffHo, of all places, has published an opinion piece called “Linda Sarsour is dangerous, so let’s all stop pretending otherwise.” ___________________   We may be at the beginning at a new intifada, as there have been troubles on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. As best I can make it out, this […]

The New York Times covers Dawkins’s deplatforming

As we all know, radio station KPFA in Berkeley decided to withdraw its sponsorship of a book talk by Richard Dawkins, cancelling the fundraising even; the reason, they said, was that Dawkins had insulted Islam (see my coverage here and here).  As they explained, “While KPFA emphatically supports serious free speech, we do not support […]

Does admiration for white marble antiquities derive from racism?

There is seemingly no end to the number of trivial items that Regressive Leftists consider offensive, especially Regressive Leftists in academia, for academics need to somehow have their Offense advance their careers. And so we get academic papers on the patriarchy of glaciology, the racism of white pumpkins and pumpkin lattes, the cultural appropriation and racism […]

Upcoming Chicago SlutWalk bans “Zionist displays” (but not pro-Palestinian or Iranian ones)

Not too long ago, some Jewish lesbians who were carrying a “Jewish pride” flag—the gay flag with a Star of David on it—were kicked out of Chicago’s Dyke March. When questioned, the organizers couldn’t get their story straight: one said that the booting was in response to Jews’ chanting “no walls anywhere” in response to […]

Journal Hypatia’s editors resign, and directors suspend associate editors over their apology for the “transracialism” article

Reader Robert called my attention to an article in the Daily Nous about the “transracialism” article that started a big kerfuffle in the social science/justice community. As you might remember, it all started recently when Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, published an article called “In defense of […]

Richard Dawkins’s response to his de-platforming in Berkeley

As I posted this morning, radio station KPFA had lined up Richard Dawkins for a public appearance in Berkeley, California, in which Richard was slated to talk about his latest book of essays, Science in the Soul. KPFA then cancelled the talk without informing Richard in advance, saying that they discovered belatedly that Richard’s tweets about […]

Lindy West, New York Times’s Pecksniff, finds something new to be outraged about

I am absolutely fine with minorities getting acting roles that have traditionally been given to men or white people. If qualified minorities have been overlooked, well, bring ’em in! What I’m not to keen on is the brigade of Pecksniffs who monitor every casting decision to make sure it corresponds to their own preconceptions of […]

Richard Dawkins deplatformed at a book talk in Berkeley for “abusive speech” about Islam on Twitter

Richard Dawkins was supposed to speak at this event in Berkeley on August 9: a talk about his new book, Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Atheist. As you see, the talk has been canceled. But why? You can guess. The talk was to be sponsored by a Berkeley radio station, KPFA, and […]

The Women’s March and Linda Sarsour honor two murderers; Sarsour has a tantrum when questioned

If you don’t like the reporting of Fox News (and we know they have a conservative bent), how about the Daily Beast, which is slanted in the opposite direction? Well, put together the story at the former,”CNN pundit, Women’s March organizers under siege for ‘honoring’ birthday of New Jersey cop killer Assata Shakour“, and at […]