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New York Times changes headline to make Israel seem more culpable

On March 14, two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv, Israel, from Gaza. Fortunately, although the missiles weren’t intercepted by the Iron Dome, nobody was hurt. It was the first rocket attack on Tel Aviv since 2014, and Israel retaliated with air attacks on terrorist military sites. Hamas denied responsibility, but it’s clear that some […]

Sarah Lawrence College on the road to Evergreen State: entitled students demand to review the tenure of a conservative tenured professor, issue many other ludicrous demands

Well, two previously highly-reputed and well respected colleges are going down the drain as they cave in to unconscionable student demands. The first is Williams College in Massachusetts, where an unhinged gender-studies professor is basically determining college policy with the help of an invertebrate President. I’ll have more on that sad situation later. The second […]

Why is Pinker demonized?

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a new and longish article by Tom Bartlett about the character, achievements, and demonization of Steve Pinker. Click on the screenshot below to read it. Let me give my own take on Pinker first. It’s no secret that I consider him a friend and admire him hugely. Among all […]

More about Ronald Sullivan and his unfair treatment by Harvard University

Yesterday I described the situation of Ronald Sullivan, a professor of law at Harvard University who is also resident head (“faculty dean”) of Winthrop House, an undergraduate residence hall where students live for their first three years in college. Like many law professors, Sullivan has a private practice, as well as a long history of social-activist […]

Twitter mobs ruin young-adult fiction again

Jennifer Senior used to be a book-review editor for the New York Times, but now she’s an op-ed editor. Her history at the paper has served her well in her new op-ed about the social media mobs who now police young-adult fiction (YAF) for ideological purity. (Click on screenshot). What happened is that Kosoko Jackson, […]

Jonathan Pie on the Will Smith “colorism” flap

I wasn’t aware of this controversy, which borders on the risible. It turns out, as reported by the BBC, that actor Will Smith is set to play Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, in a movie about their lives (dad coached his two daughters). Although Will Smith is black, he’s […]

A gay magazine opposes the administration’s attack on anti-gay laws in other countries; brands intiative as “racist” and “colonialist”

This is one more indication of the Left shooting itself in the foot by trying to adhere to woke principles that conflict with even more important woke principles. In this case we have Out magazine, a respected voice in the LGBTQ community, going after the Trump administration’s campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in the many countries—especially […]

Godfrey Elfwick is outraged

Godfrey Elfwick (aka Titania McGrath) apparently now has a regular column in The Spectator USA, and, frankly, I’m surprised that even a semi-conservative magazine would present Elfwick’s musings without saying that they’re satirical. After all,  Elfwick, McGrath and their/hir/zir schticks are so close to the fulminations of exteme Control-Leftism that they sometimes gets mistaken for […]

The hypocrisy of Ilhan Omar and the mendacity of her supporters

UPDATE: The NYT allowed my comment on Michelle Goldberg’s story linked at the bottom. My comment:   ________ Yesterday Ilhan Omar, rebuked by the House Democratic leadership for anti-Semitism, tweeted this notapology that included a criticism of lobbyists: Listening and learning, but standing strong 💪🏽 — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) February 11, 2019 Today a […]

Student op-ed: We don’t need to hear conservative voices

I don’t claim that this op-ed, by a staff writer for Student Life, the student newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis, is typical of all college students. But this kind of dismissive attitude is spreading, and it’s not just mushbrained but positively dangerous. For it’s only one step from claiming that conservatives have nothing […]