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I was right: the NYT is going SJW

Reader Eli Vilker sent me the link to Joe Pompeo’s new article in Vanity Fair, which you can get by clicking on the screenshot below.  And Eli added these words with his email: This is an excellent riposte to people who always argue about regressive Leftists on campus as “just kids who’ll grow out of […]

Amanda Marcotte: “Free speech” is code for “white nationalism”

I see the termites have again munched on Amanda Marcotte, who, as a writer for Salon, holds down one of the most reprehensible jobs in journalism.  She’s perhaps best known for her erroneous rush to judgment on the Duke lacrosse team rape case as well as her firing as John Edwards’s social media maven, incidents described […]

Lindsay Shepherd leaves the Left

You’ll remember Lindsay Shepherd as the graduate student at Wilfred Laurier University (WLU) in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, who got into trouble with her university for showing a short clip of Jordan Peterson discussing the “pronoun issue” on Steve Paikin’s television show “The Agenda.” Shepherd, who at that time identified as a Leftist, made it clear […]

Applicants for faculty jobs at UC San Diego must specify their “diversity plan”

It came to my attention that anybody applying for a faculty job at the University of California at San Diego must submit with their application materials a rather detailed personal “diversity plan”. As the Center for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion stipulates, Regardless of personal demographic characteristics, UC San Diego has a strong interest in ensuring […]

Comedians stand up for Count Dankula

As I noted three days ago, the Scot Markus Meechan, otherwise known as “Count Dankula”, was convincted of purveying hate speech through public media (YouTube). In what he says was a joke to tick off his girlfriend, Meechan taught her pug dog to raise its paw when Meechan said “Heil Hitler”, and to react when […]

King’s College London deplatforms its own lecturer—scheduled to talk on free speech!

Far right nativist Tommy Robinson is scheduled to speak at Speakers’ Corner in London today; his topic being free speech and the history of that famous “Corner”. The police removed him from that place about a week ago, and it’s not clear whether they’ll remove him again for talking about the very history of the […]

Middlebury College student paper apologizes for running photo of Charles Murray

In March of last year, conservative political scientist Charles Murray spoke—or rather, tried to speak—at Middlebury College in Vermont. As you know, Murray was one of the authors of The Bell Curve, a book I still haven’t read but that has the reputation for pushing a hereditarian interpretation of the IQ difference between whites and […]

Leaders of Women’s March get pushback for osculating anti-Semite and homophobe Louis Farrakhan

As I’ve mentioned before, three of the leaders of the Women’s March—Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, and Carmen Perez—have sucked up to the vicious anti-Semite and homophobe Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, otherwise known as the Black Muslims. On February 28, Mallory attended a speech Farrakhan gave, and the link above shows some […]

Bari Weiss on Bill Maher again

Bari Weiss was on Bill Maher before (see my post here), and now she’s back again talking about why she (a Leftist herself) has been so demonized by Leftists. Reader Diana MacPherson called my attention to Weiss’s second appearance, in which she analogizes her demonization with the story in Philip Roth’s The Human Stain.  Part of […]

More from Lewis and Clark College, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Bari Weiss

Just an update about the attempted deplatforming (and disruption) of Christina Hoff Sommers when she spoke at Lewis and Clark College Law School this Monday (see my report, and videos, here). First, the University administration has neither apologized to Sommers nor taken any action to discipline the students who disrupted her talk. (That might come, […]