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SPLC reported to have funneled millions of dollars to offshore accounts

This story, which I’ll excerpt from The Free Beacon, has so far been reported almost exclusively by the right-wing media, but independently by several such sites (for example, the Alabama Political Reporter). Take it with a grain of salt, though there are documents you can look at to check. If it’s true, it should certainly […]

Is identity politics ruining the Left?

You may have asked yourself, as I have, “So what’s the problem with identity politics? After all, there are marginalized groups in the U.S. and U.K., bigotry is still with us, and why shouldn’t people belonging to those groups agitate to get the rights and treatment they deserve? What were the feminist and civil-rights movements […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the misguided behavior of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Although I usually watch only the NBC news and “60 Minutes” on television, I’ve started leaving the t.v. on after the news when I do my shoulder-therapy exercises, which take some time. As last night’s news segued into an entertainment show, I was shocked to hear that George and Amal Clooney had donated a million […]

Ideological mishegas: ESPN removes Asian-American commentator named Robert Lee

The television sports network ESPN has been accused before of injecting ideology into its sports coverage. I can’t speak to that, as I neither follow the network nor am a big sports fan. But its latest move, one that can’t be seen as anything other than boneheaded, was to reassign an announcer scheduled to cover […]

The beast at the breast of the Left

The more I learn about the Regressive Left, the more I see a hidden streak of bigotry within it, and it’s often anti-Semitism. First they threw out Jewish lesbians during Chicago’s Dyke March because those Jews were supposedly expressing Zionism, and then we have the constant attacks not just on Israel, but on Zionism. And […]

Banned in Boston: Activists try to shut down a show by a white artist who painted a scene of black tragedy

In April I wrote a bit about the painting below, “Open Casket”, which depicts the body of Emmett Till, a black youth who was murdered on a visit to  Mississippi in 1955. He supposedly whistled at a white woman, which turned out to be a lie, but for that he was tortured and killed by […]

A defense of Dawkins by Andrew Sullivan

by Greg Mayer Jerry has written a number of times about Richard Dawkins’s deplatforming by radio station KPFA, and others (here, here, here, here) have come to Dawkins’s defense as well. In his weekly diary in New York magazine, Andrew Sullivan has also come to Dawkins’s defense. This might surprise some, since Sullivan is a […]

Michael Nugent on the de-platforming of Richard Dawkins

Michael Nugent is the head of Atheist Ireland (and a playwright), and works tirelessly for secularism in Europe. He’s also known for always wearing a red polo shirt, even when meeting heads of state. (I once emailed him why but got no reply.) But in a more serious vein, he’s just written a long email […]

KPFA explains Dawkins’s de-platforming

Several readers in this morning’s “Jeff Tayler/Godless Spellchecker” piece called to our attention the posting of an “explanation” by radio station KPFA in Berkeley about Dawkins’s de-platforming—their cancellation of a scheduled book talk. Here it is: There are also three links to the station’s reporting on the event and two to newspaper stories. KPFA’s excuse […]

Linda Sarsour’s continuing distortions

UPDATE: Mirabile dictu, the PuffHo, of all places, has published an opinion piece called “Linda Sarsour is dangerous, so let’s all stop pretending otherwise.” ___________________   We may be at the beginning at a new intifada, as there have been troubles on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. As best I can make it out, this […]