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Spy novel author advised by an editor not to create black characters because he is white

This story  was reported in the BBC,  but verified by the Guardian and the Torygraph. It’s another example of so-called cultural appropriation, and an example that is risible. It involves Anthony Horowitz, an author of spy and mystery novels and a screenwriter who is well regarded, at least in some quarters, for he has an OBE. I […]

UCLA pays students to advocate social justice and “educate their peers”

If you haven’t read the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s (FIRE’s) 2017 report on U.S. college “bias response teams”, you should, even though it’s long. FIRE found 231 such teams, with 143 at public institutions. Their purpose is to investigate cases of bias and issue reports about them, which may or may not involve […]

The crazies reveal themselves

As Grania predicted, it was only a matter of time until Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay’s “hoax” article on the conceptual penis was construed as hate speech by Regressive Leftists—even though the reviewers and the journal saw the paper as pro-feminist and progressive. And, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades, we have our first […]

The ludicrous ways that gay and transgender people defend Islam in the name of “social justice”

Let’s face it: gays, women, and transgender people shouldn’t be defending Islam, for that faith has an abysmal record of tolerating these groups. We all know about the oppression of women by Islam, and homosexuality can be punished by execution in Yemen, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia (punishment there can be stoning!), Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, […]

Offense culture at my own school: student party reported as racist because its theme was “construction workers”, and it was held on May 5

Last week the local student newspaper (the Maroon) published several letters and editorials expressing outrage  about a party apparently held by a fraternity at the University of Chicago. The outrage seemed to be connected with racism, cultural appropriation, and the Cinco de Mayo holiday; but I couldn’t make out what was going on.  Some of the letters, like this […]

Once again: why is it okay to be transgender but not transracial?

You’ve probably heard of the fracas surrounding the publication of a paper by philosophy professor Rebecca Tuvel in the academic organ Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (I discussed it here; see also here). Her paper was called “In defense of transracialism“, and you can get a copy if you’ve downloaded the free and legal application Unpaywall, which you […]

Everyday Feminism advocates violence in the cause of social justice

The site Everyday Feminism is devoted to two things: 1. Making listicles, and 2. Telling you why you’re oppressive. It’s good for a few chuckles, but its propensity for shaming everyone also exemplifies the identity politics that are ruining the Left. Go have a look at the front page and see how many ways you’re […]

Regressive Left blames Israel for American police shooting blacks

Yes, the source of this article, Legal Insurrection, seems to be largely a right-wing site, but who else calls out the Regressive Left these days? Check the facts rather than dismissing them based on the source. William Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, has new piece on the site (he’s its main author, I think): […]

Two feminists criticize modern feminism

As the cis-gendered possessor of a Y chromosome, I have little credibility to pronounce on feminism, though I often allude to how it’s become fractured by identity politics, is a bit self-contradictory, extolling symbols of oppression like the hijab as well as giving Muslim misogyny a pass, often seems more concerned with trivial than important […]

HuffPo goes fusion food shaming

The new HuffPo (its name is now “HuffPost”) has explicitly stated its mission as a social justice site, but given its regressive tendencies, that means we’re in for a lot of fun, and a lot of outrage on that site about trivialities as well as glorification of the hijab. The latest rageblog, on the front […]