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The Cultural Revolution hits a Canadian university: grad student teacher bullied for promoting free discussion in her class

Wilfred Laurier University is a public university in Waterloo, Ontario, and has just become the target of international opprobrium after its persecution of a graduate teaching assistant became public this week. The teaching assistant, 22 year old Lindsay Shepherd, is now one of my heroes for standing up for the principles of free speech and […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Regressives

My next post will be about the kerfuffle at Laurier University in Canada, in which a graduate teaching assistant was reprimanded for presenting her class with views deemed ideologically incorrect. (In one of her classes she showed a video clip of a television panel on the “pronoun” controversy to stimulate a discussion.) It’s a disgusting […]

Craziness spreads to Dartmouth with a “prostitute pumpkin”

Reader Thomas called my attention to a post by student Joseph Asch at Dartblog, the daily blog at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Note that Dartmouth is a very good school, considered one of the “Ivy League” institutions. Sadly, the virus of Pervasive Offense has spread to that school. This is apparently the winner of […]

Ana Kasparian claims the moral high ground

I never listen to The Young Turks, and this is one reason why. Here co-host Ana Kasparian has what I see as a moral meltdown, claiming that she’s “better than you” if you don’t agree with her political views or if you “attack the powerless”. Now I’m not sure what she’s referring to in particular, but […]

More Evergreen-like shenanigans at Reed College: students disrupt required humanities class because it “perpetuates white supremacy”

This October 27 article in the Washington Post, “Professors like me can’t stay silent about this extremist movement on campuses,” is doubly surprising. First, it’s in the Washington Post, and mainstream media tend to shy away from reporting about the craziness of identity politics and student entitlement on American campuses. The second surprise is that […]

Wellesley College editors try to clarify their support for “free speech”, but fail

Eleven days ago I wrote about an April 12 op-ed about free speech by the editors of the Wellesley College student newspaper, The Wellesley News. (Wellesley is a woman’s college in Massachusetts that, I think, accepts trans women but no men.) It was a poorly written piece but also deeply confused and confusing, for they not only stated that […]

Now hoop earrings have become cultural appropriation

Among the venues becoming Authoritarian Leftist (actually, it’s been largely like that for a while) is Vice News, which now cements its ideology with an article called “Hoop earrings are my culture, not your trend.” It’s written by “Anonymous author,” which shows both the cowardice of taking this risible stand, but also the willingness of […]

How Kirkus changed its review of American Heart after mob pressure

Yesterday I reported  that Kirkus, one of the three “biggie” reviewing services that vets books for libraries and readers before publication, had removed a prized star from one of its reviews: that of American Heart by Laura Moriarty (out January 2018).  It’s a “young adult” novel describing hypothetical America in which Muslims, as were many Japanese in […]

Huffington Post clarifies Oppression Hierarchy by incisive analysis of cultural appropriation (dreadlocks versus Chinese tattoos)

HuffPo has done us all a service by deciding the ranking of oppressed groups, and they’ve done so in a clever way: by adjudicating which group should be most offended by cultural appropriation. The decision is in the piece below, co-written by Lilly Workneh, HuffPo’s Black Voices Senior Editor, and Jessica Prols, the Asian Voices Executive […]

Author of article on “the case for colonialism” withdraws it after death threats and social-media mobbing; academics are mostly silent

In today’s political and social climate, trying to defend colonialism is just asking for trouble—in fact, even for death threats. That’s what happened to associate professor Bruce Gilley at Portland State University, who recently published an article—actually, a “Viewpoint”, the academic equivalent of an op-ed, but refereed like a regular article—called “The case for colonialism” […]