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Jeff Tayler on Sarah Haider, Islam, and the betrayal of liberal values by the Left

I call your attention to Jeff Tayler’s new piece at Quillette: “On betrayal by the Left: talking with ex-Muslim Sarah Haider.” I’m a big admirer of Haider, a co-founder and director of outreach for Ex-Muslims of North America. I’ve heard her speak several times; she’s thoughtful and eloquent, and deserves a wider audience. Haider, along […]

Frank Bruni on the American college “safety bubble”

For someone who reads this site regularly, Frank Bruni’s arguments in Saturday’s New York Times op-ed, “The dangerous safety of college“, won’t be new. But perhaps you should read the short piece anyway, if for no other reason than to show that some liberal and mainstream columnists (Bruni is openly gay as well) are recognizing that American […]

Middlebury College students’ “peaceful” protest against Charles Murray

As I reported the other day, the author and political scientist Charles Murray was attacked at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he was invited to speak by the school’s American Enterprise Institute Club. Not only did the students shout him down, so that the talk had to be moved to a sequestered room and livestreamed […]

Nick Cohen is feeling his oats

The good news is that Nick Cohen (author of What’s Left?: How Liberals Lost Their Way. and You Can’t Read This Book, both well worth reading) is a national treasure. The bad news is that he’s the UK’s national treasure, and so we don’t read him that much in the U.S. But he’s a good non-regressive Leftist, […]

Student suspended for not abiding by “oops” and “ouch” requirements for microaggressions

UPDATE: A reader has identified, in comment #10, the school where ms. Gradstein goes, and I’ve found email addresses you can write to if you want to protest her suspension for being too rational in a school that infantilizes its students. Under comment #10 I’ve also put the email I’ve sent to the university. _____________ […]

A new liberal website—and some pieces to read

I’m not sure when the website Areo Magazine started, but it was just called to my attention, and, like Quillette, it’s worth following as a liberal website that eschews the excesses and authoritarianism of the Regressive Left. It’s edited by Malhar Mali, who told me that the site “is focused around Free Expression, Humanism, Politics, Culture, and Science.” […]

Protests against Trump at the University of Chicago

I read the twice-weekly University of Chicago student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, and have noticed over the past few years a clear movement towards identity politics and Regressive Leftism. There is pretty much a unanimity of opinion among its writers, with little attempt to present alternative viewpoints, and many of the op-ed pieces are written by privileged […]

New Yorker goes Regressive Left, criticizes freedom of speech (Milo’s, of course)

It’s no surprise that the New Yorker, a reliably liberal magazine that doesn’t want to offend its fanbase, has been leaning towards Regressive Leftism. While their criticism of Trump is generally good, their osculation of faith is irritating, but of course for the magazine to state outright that there’s no evidence for God would be, well, too strident, […]

A liberal tells us what liberals “don’t get” about free speech, but she’s the one who doesn’t get it

We’ve met Katherine Cross before, in a piece she wrote defending the punching of Nazis. Identified as “a pizza loving feminist sociologist, trans Latina, and amateur slug herder, working on her PhD at the CUNY Graduate Centre,” she writes for The Establishment, which I don’t read but, upon perusal, seems to be a slightly upscale […]

Berkeley students defend violent protests over Milo Yiannopoulos talk

Prepare to be disheartened, at least if you’re in favor of peaceful protests against speakers you don’t like. As you may recall, last week Milo Yiannopoulos spoke—or rather, was scheduled to speak—at the University of California at Berkeley.  The University and the sponsoring organization (the Berkeley College Republicans) provided ample police protection, but a number of […]