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An exchange in Austin

Professor Ceiling Cat (observing Matt Dillahunty’s four cats): “I think the cat should be the Official Pet of Atheists™.” Matt: It’s actually the other way around: the atheist is the Official Pet of Cats.

Sin and The Sinner

by Grania I noticed a comment that said something along the lines of trying to find common ground for a person while despising most of their political beliefs was somewhat like the old Christian aphorism “Love the sinner, hate the sin”.   It’s a slogan that makes most liberal people, even  non-atheists, choke a little. But it […]

Sam Harris does another Ask Me Anything

by Grania Sam Harris recently did his second podcast on The Tim Ferriss Experiment, it’s a very enjoyable listen for a Sunday morning. From the show notes, these are the questions discussed. What are five books you think everyone should read? [6:53] In The End of Faith, you briefly discuss the challenging reality of having children. […]

An interview with Bonya Ahmed

by Grania Jerry put up a quote from Nick Cohen’s article this morning that mentioned Bonya Ahmed and Avijiit Roy who were attacked by Islamist extremists with meat cleavers after leaving a book fair in Dhaka. BBC World Service (radio) has an interview with her about their writing, humanism and her life since her husband’s death. The […]

Open thread: how did you become an atheist?

by Grania We’ve often talked about reasons for being an atheist on this site, but not so much about how we became atheists – that is if we weren’t one before. Probably few of us had as dramatic an experience as Jerry’s own Road to Damascus deconversion experience where there was one pivotal moment that marked: […]

Brother Tayler’s Sunday Sermon: Conservatives’ reaction to the gay marriage ruling

The 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage was too close for my taste: I predicted 6-3. Too many decisions are being decided by that 5-4 vote—a serious sign of political polarization in the highest court of the U.S. And the problem is that the conservative justices show no sign of retiring, while many […]

The Agenda: Science vs. religion

The Agenda television show broadcast yesterday on TVO is now archived at this site, but you can see the individual segments in order by clicking on the screenshots below. The theme of Steve Paikin’s show was “Science, Religion, and Atheism.” I went first, with the segment described like this: Since Galileo’s lifetime house arrest in 1632 for his […]

Crowdsourcing an answer for a young atheist

On Sunday I received an unusual email that was so mature, and so desirous of an answer, that I couldn’t help but respond. It comes from a young woman, only 13 years old, who attends middle school in the eastern U.S.  I have changed her real name to Linda, and have redacted her location in the […]

The response

Of course we get ridiculed, tortured and killed anyway. . . . 

A godless French song

George Brassens (1921-1981) was a well known French poet, singer and songwriter who, as you can tell from this song about unbelief, was a renegade (he called himself an anarchist). He also loved cats, which are often mentioned in his songs. The song was sent, and the English translation rendered, by a reader who describes herself as […]


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