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A documentary about Hitchens and his debates with an evangelical Christian

Since we’ve been discussing Christopher Hitchens’s discussions of religion with the faithful, Michael Shermer sent me a link to this 1.5-hour documentary about Hitchens’s interactions and debates with one Christian man. Michael’s description: Along the lines of what I mentioned previously about how Hitch would often engage people “on the other side” in order to […]

University of Miami creates a professorship for studying atheism

Well, it’s only fair; after all, there are a gazillion professors of religion on Earth! And now we have a small step to rectify that situation: according to the New York Times, the University of Miami has established a chair for the study of atheism, presumably to be filled by a full professor: With an […]

A friend of Hitchens writes to the NYT: the man wasn’t waffling on religion

Peter Foges is a film and television producer who was apparently a friend of Christopher Hitchens. Angered by a Times piece in which vulture Larry Alex Taunton touted his new book arguing that Hitchens was, at the end of his life, flirting with becoming a Christian, Foges wrote this response to Taunton in the Times: It would be […]

Hitchens’s only conversion

From Pictoral Theology, reader Pliny the in Between comments on Christopher Hitchens’s “conversion”. The cartoon’s title is “Yes he converted—he stopped phosphorylating ADP.” Click to enlarge:  

A vulture spreads the false rumor that Hitchens accepted God at the end

UPDATE: Because people have suggested that I wrote this entire piece without having read any of Taunton’s book, let me add that I read the six pages about Hitchens given on the Times site, and, after writing it, have read substantial sections of the book that someone sent me. I am now well versed in what Taunton […]

In defense of Sam Harris

Over at Quillette, Jeff Tayler, late of Salon, has written an eloquent and well documented essay: “Free speech and Islam—in defense of Sam Harris.” I’ve often written about the unconscionable and undeserved criticism, and even hatred, that Sam Harris gets—and not just from religious people! It’s often the nonbelievers and secularists who heap the most opprobrium […]

New article claims that science is killing religion

It’s refreshing to see an anti-accommodationist piece like the one published by Ross Pomeroy in Real Clear Science: “Will science drive religion extinct?” The piece violates Betteridge’s Law of Headlines (“Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no“), for Pomeroy’s answer is clearly “yes.” He first adduces data that […]

Dinkoism: India’s Flying Spaghetti Monster

I’ve recently learned that India, which as I discovered on a recent visit has far more atheists than I thought, also has its own mock religion along the lines of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It’s called “Dinkoism,” and is based on elevating a fictional character, Dinkan, to supernatural status. Dinkan happens to […]

Gad Saad on New Atheism, religion, the “regressive left”, trigger warnings, evolutionary psychology, safe spaces, and free speech

It’s worth getting acquainted with both Dave Rubin and Gad Saad, and these two shortish videos give you the chance (they’re bits of a single one-hour video). Dave Rubin is a comedian and talk-show host, best known to us nonbelievers as host of The Rubin Report (YouTube channel here), which is a good replacement for The […]

Krauss: Fill Scalia’s Supreme Court vacancy with an atheist

Given the New Yorker’s softness on faith, I’m heartened—and very surprised—to see that the magazine has published Lawrence Krauss’s has third godless column, “Put an atheist on the Supreme Court.” (Krauss was surprised too, emailing that “Maybe there is a god.” Note to religionists: he was joking!). At any rate, go look at it; I’ll give a […]