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The tenacity of belief in belief

The recent Pew Report on “America’s changing religious landscape” showed, over the last 7 years, a sharp decline in adherents to mainline Protestantism and Catholicism in the U.S., and a corresponding increase in the numbers of religiously “unaffiliated” (the latter went from 16.1% in 2007 to 22.8% last year).  Now, not all of the “unaffiliated” are nonbelievers: […]

Brother Tayler’s Sunday Salon Sermon

Even though 2015 is not even half over, I’m already going to present two yearly awards. Professor Ceiling Cat’s “George Orwell Award for Defense of Free Expression” is going to Nick Cohen, whose work, pretty new to me, must be well known to many UK readers. The other award, the “H. L. Mencken Award for Mockery of […]

Jeffrey Tayler once again disses faith at Salon, this time highlighting Bill Maher

This is a public service announcement. I commend to your attention Jeffrey Tayler’s weekly Salon column (fortuitously published on Sunday) excoriating religion. This week’s gem is called “Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion is exactly what the world needs.” Here’s just a wee taste: It should go without saying that in the constitutionally secular […]

It’s Openly Secular Day

I forgot about today being Openly Secular Day, a day to “come out” as a nonbeliever and opponent of religious incursions into government. There’s a website on which you’re asked to tell one person that you’re openly secular (I presume this applies in the U.S., not Pakistan!). I don’t know anybody who doesn’t already know […]

Jeffrey Tayler rides again, assessing the religiosity of the Presidential candidatews

I’ve learned that Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Tayler is writing an anti-theist piece every Sunday in Salon. Perhaps this is their way of making amends for all the rump-osculation that they’ve done towards faith, and all the animus they’ve shown towards New Atheists. (His pieces are a great substitute for that church sermon.) For Tayler is, if anything, […]

CBS goes soft on homeopathy, but gives atheism a fair shake

Reader Howie Neufeld sent me a note about two CBS television segments I missed (readers can assume I miss every show except for “60 Minutes” and the NBC Evening News): This morning CBS News had Dr. Holly Phillips (internist) discuss homeopathy.  When the anchor asked her if it was pseudoscience, she sidestepped the question, referring mainly to the […]

Jeffrey Tayler continues making Salon friendlier to anti-theism

I guess Salon, which most New Atheists dislike because of its history of accommodationist and atheist-bashing articles, doesn’t really care whether it has a unified viewpoint or not, for it’s begun to publish a string of long and hard-hitting anti-theist articles by Jeffrey Tayler, a contributing editor to The Atlantic who lives in Moscow.  Tayler’s latest […]

An Easter tw**t from Ricky Gervais

He’s a strident one! (Note his cat (“Ollie”), the Atheist Pet of Choice™.) h/t: Matthew Cobb  

HuffPo UK celebrates Dawkins’s birthday

Today is Richard Dawkins’s birthday, and he is, I guess, as “strident” as ever, or so PuffHo UK says: Richard Dawkins turned 74 today — and still no thunderbolt from the Heavens. The renowned scientist and strident atheist has been ruffling the religious for decades, introducing millions around the world to the beauty of non-belief. […]

Jeffrey Tayler: Let’s offend religion more often

I continue to be amazed and impressed by Jeffrey Tayler’s anti-theist writings at Salon (see here, here and here for earlier examples). And I’m nearly as amazed that Salon, the bastion of New Atheist bashing, publishes this stuff. Tayler, a contributing editor at The Atlantic who lives in and reports about Russia, and has written many books about […]


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