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Michael Nugent sums up last year in atheism, and gives us 5 goals for the coming year

Michael Nugent, writer and atheist/secular activist, is a man to admire. Head of Atheist Ireland, he’s far more than a “keyboard activist,” spending much of his time lobbying the Irish government and the European Union for more rights for atheists and secularists, campaigning for the removal of religion from government, and fighting Ireland’s anti-abortion and anti-blasphemy laws. […]

BBC poll: 40% of Brits don’t believe that “Jesus was a real person,” but BBC assumes he was!

The link to this BBC article came from reader Ant, and when I first read it I think I completely misinterpreted it. Here it is in its entirety, along with the headline (emphasis is the BBC’s, not mine). Forty percent of people in England do not believe Jesus was a real person, a survey suggests. However, 43% […]

Brother Tayler’s Sunday Secular Sermon in Salon

Jeffrey Tayler continues his anti-theism in today’s Salon, and for him there’s no Geneva Convention in the war on faith. His piece, “They really want a theocracy: the GOP candidates who want to make you bow to their Lord,” is pretty much a reprise of his excellent talk at the Atheist Alliance of America a week […]

Fun at the Atheist Alliance of America meeting

I was in the suburbs a fair amount of time during the AAA convention, being a “handler” for Jeff Tayler and Inna Shevchenko, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures of the meeting itself. Fortunately, Mark Gura did, and posted a lot of them on his Facebook page’s AAA album). I’ll put his photos first, […]

“What if your whole world was a cult?”: The NYT profiles Jerry DeWitt

I’ve met and talked to Jerry DeWitt several times; as you probably know, he was once a Christian Evangelical preacher in DeRidder, Louisiana, about as religious a town as exists in the U.S. But he gradually lost his faith and came out as an atheist. When he did that, he lost his wife, his job (of course), nearly all of his […]

Why do many atheists hate the New Atheists?

One thing I don’t fully understand is the depth of rancor that many atheists have towards the “New Atheists,” especially people like Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins, and the late Christopher Hitchens. We’ve all seen it, and I’ve written about it many times. One example is a new book by An […]

Conservative Christian legal organization argues that public university football chaplains are equivalent to atheist professors

The Christian Post, whose format eerily resembles that of the Huffington Post (see below), reports that the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is pushing back On the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s (FFRF’s) claim that football team chaplains at public universities are an unconstitutional violation of the Establishment Clause. (See a precis of the FFRF’s complaint here.) […]

Loftus has a brand new book

In general, I dislike books or papers in which atheists tell believers how they should behave or think to improve their “religion skills”. Philosophers Michael Ruse and Elliott Sober have both done this, and I find the act unseemly—like giving a bottle to an alcoholic who really needs to abstain. But I’m making an exception […]

Agnosticism and atheism predominate among Harvard’s incoming (and virginal) students

This plot, which appeared in an article in the Washington Post, is taken from a survey by the Harvard Crimson (the student newspaper) of that university’s incoming freshmen (first-year students)Note that agnostics predominate over all other faiths, and, combined with atheists, show that 37.9% of all entering students are nonbelievers. I’m sure that’s atypical compared to other schools, but it’s still […]

Krauss promotes “militant atheism”—in the New Yorker, of all places

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that Lawrence Krauss had published a piece called “All scientists should be militant atheists“—and in The New Yorker, a venue not known for antagonism to religion. It’s amazing! Not only that, but look again at the shrill and strident title. But Krauss […]


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