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Stephen Fry on God

Stephen Fry is one of my heroes, and I shouldn’t have to explain why. In this video Fry is interviewed by the famous Gay Byrne for Irish television, and stuns Byrne with some rational thoughts about God: I love that man! Oh, and as a relevant lagniappe, I’ll add this photo that I found on John Loftus’s […]

Seventh-Day Adventist pastor abandons belief in God, embraces reality

Note: I’m informed by Grania that she wrote a very short post about this lapsed pastor on December 26, but her treatment, based on Hemant Mehta’s fund-raising for the guy, is considerably different from mine below, so I’m going to post this anyway. ***** A pastor losing his faith and leaving the church is not a new story, […]

It’s easy, anyone can do it

by Grania A year ago, Seventh Day Adventist pastor Ryan Bell decided to spend a year living as an atheist, in his own words, “I will not pray, read the Bible for inspiration, refer to God as the cause of things or hope that God might intervene and change my own or someone else’s circumstances.” […]

The Atheist Ten Commandments

by Grania CNN has a piece on a contest run on the Atheist Heart, Humanist Mind site where atheists were asked to submit modern alternatives to the original set in Exodus and Deuteronomy. CNN opines: There’s nary a “thou shalt” among them — nothing specifically about murder, stealing or adultery, although there is a version of […]

What not to say to an atheist

by Grania The Christmas Wars are upon us again, and to mark the season of family get-togethers,  Herb Silverman has written an interesting piece at OnFaith  called Seven Things not to say to the Atheist in your Family. I’m pretty sure that many of us have heard one or more of these from well-meaning (sometimes) but concerned […]

More atheist cartoons

A sign of the increasing secularism of the U.S. is that cartoons like this are appearing with increasing frequency. From The Far Left Side by Mike Stanfill, a panel called “Seeing the light.”  Indeed! And the complementary cartoon: Wanna know what the verses are, you lazy git? Go here and here. (They’re good.)   h/t: jsp

Advance Australia Fair: the Aussies are losing their religion

This report is from a year ago (and the data go up to only 2011), but I thought I’d put it up anyway, because, although secularism is on the rise in nearly ever Western nation, but it’s particularly pronounced in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports, in a census of what looks to be nearly everyone […]

John Loftus’s recent book on the Outsider Test for Faith

I’ve finally finished reading theology, though I suspect I’ll dip into it now and again when my stomach feels strong enough. Now I can cleanse my brain by reading some heathen literature, and have just finished John Loftus’s book, The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion is Really True (Prometheus, published March, 2013).  I […]

George Will is an atheist??

How many of you thought George Will was a Catholic? I bet it’s not only me.  He’s long been a politically conservative columnist critical of “pro-choice” people, and I swear that, when I lived in the Washington, D.C. area, it was “common knowledge” that Will was a Catholic. But common knowledge was wrong. Will is in […]

Another Pastafarian gets a driver’s license picture

This is at least the third such incident I’ve heard of: a Pastafarian—an atheist with noodly tendencies—named Shawna Henderson in Oklahoma, got her driver’s license picture taken with the Sacred Headgear (a colander) atop her head. That, apparently, is legal. Here’s the story from KFOR News, and her driver’s license: As PuffHo reports: Hammond told KFOR […]


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