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A militant atheist

This is the image that faitheists, accommodationists, and believers have when it comes to Our Own Satan. It was produced by Ben Goren, who calls it “Richard Dawkins, Militant Atheist,” who sent it with the note: The opening sentence of that execrable bit of nonsense by Nury Vittachi that you’ve got as the top post right […]

Two cars

These are the true heroes of atheism, although an even bigger hero would be someone sporting a cross on a car in Saudi Arabia. At any rate, this car will not survive intact for long! And some humor, and perhaps it’s a PhotoShop job. You’ll recognize the cat, I hope:     h/t: Barry

Weekly words of wisdom

Author Terry Pratchett is only 20 months older than I am, but has been knighted for his services to literature, and has written extensively about his Alzheimer’s disease, diagnosed in 2007. He’s made a BBC show on living with the disease, and has continued to write (he’s now reduced to dictation). He’s a brave man, […]

Atheism of the gaps

I’ve realized that what religious people and faitheists have been doing to atheists lately is putting us on the defensive: insisting that we read this or that book; we answer this or that argument—and if we don’t, well, then they won’t pay us any attention. (As if they would anyway!) And I also realized that […]

New Jersey rejects atheist license plate, approves Baptist one

I wish this stuff would just stop happening, and that people would read the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, if it did stop, what would I have to kvetch about. Thanks to several readers who sent various links to the story, which appears to be genuine. According to HuffPo, a New Jersey woman applied for an […]

Finally, Dawkins converts people to Christianity

One of the staple criticisms of Richard Dawkins—the Official Lightning Rod of New Atheism™—is that his stridency turns people away from evolution as well as from atheism, so that he actually converts people into both creationists and, if they were originally nonbelievers, religionists. The former criticism is nonsense, of course. I’ve never in my life met someone […]

Krauss on atheism in Hollywood

As a palliative to Adam Gopnik’s recent atheist-bashing piece in the print version of the New Yorker, the same magazine, at its online”Culture Desk,” has published a piece by physicist Lawrence Krauss: “Why Hollywood thinks atheism is bad for business.” The piece takes off from the much-discussed Oscar acceptance speech of Matthew McConaughey, who won […]

Gutting interviews a strident atheist in the New York Times

Gary Gutting has partially redeemed himself after his recent execrable “discussion” at the New York Times’s “Opinionator” site with his Notre Dame colleague Alvin “Jeus Is a Basic Belief” Plantinga.  (More on that later; I’ve recently gotten several comments from irate readers defending Plantinga and claiming that I’m  totally unqualified to pass judgment on his […]

Adam Gopnik’s accommodationism gets it from both ends

In a recent New Yorker piece, “Bigger than Phil: When did faith start to fade?” (free online), Adam Gopnik tried his hand at a bit of accommodationism, arguing two things. First,  he said, nobody still believes in a hands-on, old-man-in-the-sky God who works miracles, and the New Atheists’ critique of such beliefs is misguided. That’s […]

Adam Gopnik on atheism in the New Yorker

I consider Adam Gopnik a friend, as we have occasional email exchanges about the things that matter (e.g., food, atheism, and “other ways of knowing”), and I’ve taken him to my favorite Hunanese restaurant in Chicago. And of course I admire his writing: his book Paris to the Moon, for instance, is a witty and […]


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