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Britain becomes even more secularized: now 53% are “not at all religious”

Although I predicted the increasing secularization of the West a few years ago, that wasn’t hard to do, as the trends were clear. Some readers said I was wrong, but I doubt I was. But what I didn’t predict was how fast this secularization would occur, though I did claim, and still do, that the […]

New movie about atheist pastors: “Losing Our Religion”

Reader Keith called my attention to a new movie coming out in September, “Losing Our Religion”, a documentary about the Clergy Project started by Linda LaScola and Dan Dennett to provide a haven and discussion group for preachers who had lost their faith. The movie’s website is here, and here’s a summary: Losing Our Religion is […]

Robert Sapolsky: Religion is a mental illness

I discovered neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky this weekend, and now reader jjh called my attention to this video showing him lecture on religion. In response to Westerners who laugh at shamans and the like, Sapolsky argues that our own society is afflicted with equally stupid stuff, ranging from religion, which he calls “Westernized irrationality”, to New […]

Atheism grows in Australia; nonbelievers now outnumber Catholics

I woke up this morning to find at least 10 emails from people—largely Aussies, I think— informing me about the new census data on religious affiliation in Australia. (Thanks to all—there are too many to h/t!)  Australia seems a sensible country, and even though it has its share of religious extremists (it produced Ken Ham, […]

Scott Simon interviews Richard Dawkins on NPR

While driving to the grocery store this morning, I heard National Public Radio’s Scott Simon do a short interview with Richard Dawkins, which took place the morning of Wednesday’s event in Washington, D. C. Click on the screenshot below to go to the link where you can hear it. Of course it’s all about atheism and […]

Are there more American atheists than we thought?

Surveys of the proportion of Americans who are atheists show an incidence of between 3% and 11%, but of course those are often phone surveys, and people may be reluctant to divulge their nonbelief.  That probably means that there are more atheists than those who admit it. And that’s the conclusion of two psychologists from the […]

Failure to cause outrage: the Blasphemy investigation of Fry fizzles out

by Grania Spingies As many of you may already know, the police investigation into the accusation of blasphemy against Stephen Fry by an anonymous and obsequious finger-wagger has been dropped. As I pointed out, there was never any real chance that Fry would be charged, let alone brought to trial. Ireland’s illiberal and misconceived Blasphemy law was […]

Today’s readings

Here are two items I call to your attention. The first is reader Heather Hastie’s new post, “Atheists are becoming more popular!“, reporting the heartening results of a new Pew Survey. The other is a long and truly superb piece in The Atlantic by David Frum on what’s likely to happen under the Trump Administration, […]

Gervais on Colbert

 In this YouTube video put up two days ago, comedian Ricky Gervais discusses nonbelief with Stephen Colbert. While it’s not clear how much of Colbert’s shtick, and his critique of atheism, really represents his own views and how much comes from questions that he thinks might interest his audience, I suspect that Colbert, a liberal Catholic, really does […]

Obama signs bill committing U.S. to protecting atheists in foreign lands

Given the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, I would have thought that atheists were protected under U.S. law, at least as far as being able to express their beliefs publicly. Well, they are, but Obama has made the U.S. commitment to international protection of atheists explicit by just now signing H.R. 1150 into law: The Frank R. Wolf […]