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Today’s readings

Here are two items I call to your attention. The first is reader Heather Hastie’s new post, “Atheists are becoming more popular!“, reporting the heartening results of a new Pew Survey. The other is a long and truly superb piece in The Atlantic by David Frum on what’s likely to happen under the Trump Administration, […]

Gervais on Colbert

 In this YouTube video put up two days ago, comedian Ricky Gervais discusses nonbelief with Stephen Colbert. While it’s not clear how much of Colbert’s shtick, and his critique of atheism, really represents his own views and how much comes from questions that he thinks might interest his audience, I suspect that Colbert, a liberal Catholic, really does […]

Obama signs bill committing U.S. to protecting atheists in foreign lands

Given the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, I would have thought that atheists were protected under U.S. law, at least as far as being able to express their beliefs publicly. Well, they are, but Obama has made the U.S. commitment to international protection of atheists explicit by just now signing H.R. 1150 into law: The Frank R. Wolf […]

Seth Andrews and his colleagues (and I) review “The Atheist Delusion”, Ray Comfort’s new anti-evolution and pro-God movie

I previewed creationist Ray Comfort’s new movie, “The Atheist Delusion“, in July, but didn’t know the contents. Now that it’s out, we see that, like his previous movie (“Evolution versus God“) this one again takes the form of an “atheist-stumper,” in which, like his previous movie, Comfort asks non-scientists scientific questions that they can’t answer, thereby […]

Out today: Ali Rizvi’s “The Atheist Muslim”

Ex-Muslim Ali Rizvi‘s new book. The Atheist Muslim, is out today, and if you click on the screenshot you can go to the Amazon link.  I read the book in draft form and provided a blurb for the back cover, so I obviously think it’s worth reading. It’s an interweaving of his personal journey away from […]

Are we atheists or an agnostics?: A discussion by Matt Dillahunty

Here’s a nice 27-minute video by atheist (and former fundamentalist) Matt Dillahunty, discussing the meaning of the terms “atheist” and “agnostic”. Matt makes a number of points, nearly all of which I support, but then says one thing that I want to chew over a bit.  Here’s what I see as a summary of the […]

Reflections on the tenth anniversary of The God Delusion

Over at The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta has been collecting quotes from atheists about the significance of Richard Dawkins’s book The God Delusion, which was published ten years ago today. Hemant says this about the book, “. . . you could argue that The God Delusion has created more atheists than any other book in history… […]

Boghossian, Linday and Torres extol New Atheism in Time Magazine

It’s a sign of the times, and of Time Magazine itself, that three atheists—Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, and Phil Torres—can publish piece at that venue arguing that atheism is a useful way out of the malfeasance of religious extremism. You can read the short piece yourself, but I’ll give two quotes from “How to fight extremism with […]

Templeton hands out nearly $3 million to learn why people are atheists

Here is three million dollars down the tubes—money that could be used to advance our understanding of nature. Yes, the John Templeton Foundation—which is again mad at me for criticizing them yesterday and has asked for a “meeting”—has given a grant of nearly $3 million to the University of Kent so that underemployed religious scholars, sociologists, […]

Why the “nones” leave religion: US and UK getting less religious

The Pew organization, which certainly has no bias that I can detect against religion, had reanalyzed some data from its 2014 U.S. “Religious landscape study,” asking people who said they were both “nones” (those not affiliated with a church) and also had formerly been raised as church members but later abandoned that membership. The results are […]