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Readers’ wildlife

We have a potpourri again today. The first couple of photos are from reader Kevin Voges, who lives in Oz. His notes are indented. Imagine seeing these birds every day, as if they were pigeons or starlings in the U.S.! Here’s a few more photos, this time from our place in Brisbane (Australia). The first is a […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have miscellaneous photos from regulars today. First, from Mark Sturtevant: While going over some old pictures, I suddenly realized I had never sent you pictures from the batch of ‘hickory horned devil’ caterpillars that I had raised some years ago. These grow to become the longest caterpillar in the U.S., and later they become […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a melange of photos today, but will start with Stephen Barnard’s documentation of the eaglets growing in Idaho: Lucy (?) and a fast-growing chick: The nestlings are exercising their wings. Nearby lives a Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus): Anne-Marie Cournoyer found what appears to be a mating aggregation of garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) in […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have some odds and ends today, including some photos that have been in the queue too long. The tank of photos is dropping, so do send your good wildlife photos (remember, astronomy and landscape photos also count). Reader Barn Owl sent some bird photos taken in Japan I’m pretty sure that the bird in […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs:

First up we have a rare astronomy photograph from reader Don McCrady: I submit for your consideration the following astrophoto.  It is called M13 (M for Messier), and is one of the finest globular clusters visible in the northern hemisphere, located in the constellation Hercules.  There are some 300,000 stars packed into sphere some 160 […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Here’s a melange of photos from several readers. The first two, of disparate subjects, come from Tim Anderson in Australia: This picture shows the Milky Way rising from the south-east of Mudgee, New South Wales. It is a 30-second exposure taken with a Canon 6D and a Samyang 14mm f2.8 wide angle lens on top […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Last month Robert Lang sent some lovely photos of hummingbirds, which have at last reached the front of the queue. From a recent trip to Costa Rica, we saw some beautiful hummingbirds at the Monteverde Biological Reserve and lower down on the slopes of Arenal volcano. At Monteverde, there is a hummingbird gallery with feeders set up […]

Total solar eclipse today

Starting at 6 p.m. EST (US), there will be a total solar eclipse broadcast live from Indonesia. Here’s the livestream: So, about two hours from now, you might want to click on the video above and have a look. Here are Puffho’s notes: The eclipse begins over Indonesia (where Slooh is broadcasting from) and will travel 8,800 […]

Hubble space telescope breaks distance record for seeing stuff in space

NASA announced today that the Hubble Space Telescope has visualized an object (a galaxy) 13.4 billion light years away. That mans, of course, that the light we see left the galaxy only a bit after the Big Bang. This is all more or less above my pay grade, but it’s still cool: By pushing NASA’s Hubble Space […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader John Pears sent two dollops of photos: this one and some lions he snapped on a trip to Africa. I’ll show the lions later, but here’s the first batch, with John’s comments indented. It’s a while since I’ve shared photos with you due to house moves, new grandchild, etc but I didn’t retire my […]


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