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California state assembly passes right-to-die bill

One of the signs of increasing secularism, and of advancing morality as well, is the recognition that people who are terminally ill and wish to end their lives to avoid a horrible “natural” death should be allowed to do so.  Three U.S. states—Oregon, Washington, and Vermont—already have such laws, and the California assembly just passed a similar […]

More Catholic insanity: organ donation = euthanasia

Reader Pliny the in Between sent me a link to this article, which I thought worth mentioning because of its unusual stance—a stance that, I realized, comes directly from Catholic Church’s uniform opposition to assisted dying. The upshot of the article, which comes from the “Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance“, is that we should not donate organs after […]

NPR sort-of disses euthanasia

The National Public Radio (NPR) “Health” site has a sad article about a young mother in California terminally ill with scleroderma, and near the end of her life.  It’s going to be a pretty grim death as her lungs first give out, and then her heart.  But the mother, Stephanie Packer, is religious, and has […]

The Missing Links: On assisted dying, a great atheist book reprinted, and some justice in the case of First Nation children murdered by faith

I basically got nothing today: it’s one of those days when I come to work with a few lame ideas that I can’t work up enthusiasm to write about. Fortunately, Ceiling Cat usually saves me by the intervention of kindly readers, who send me items that are more interesting. I have three today, which I’ll combine in a […]

Canada’s Supreme Court rules in favor of assisted suicide

Amid a morass of bad news, there’s also some excellent news today. According to many Canadian sources, including the Globe and Mail and the CBC, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously this morning that terminally ill adults cannot be prosecuted for having a doctor help them end their lives. Assisted suicide had previously been a criminal […]

The American Medical Association’s misguided position on euthanasia

From their website: This is simply wrong, and something that could have been written by the Catholic church (except there’s no talk of “souls” or “empathy with Jesus’s suffering”). For a patient who is terminal, and suffering horribly, the role of the physician as “healer” is no longer attainable. And of course many physicians, as I’ve […]

The Vatican calls Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her life “reprehensible”

Gad, the Catholic Church is dreadful: the most immoral and perfidious religion on Earth besides Islam. It just can’t stop sticking its nose into people’s private lives, and visiting oppression on gays, women, and the many children who have been the victim of the church’s sexual predators. My only consolation is that some day the Church will […]