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Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some nice photos from reader Mark Sturtevant. His notes are indented: These are some pictures of arthropods that I have taken this summer.  The first picture is a common but lovely red milkweed beetle (Tetraopes tetrophthalmus). These are a kind of longhorn beetle that feeds on milkweed, and the bright colors are […]

A bright blue tarantula

Have a look at this lovely blue tarantula from Brazil. The species is Pterinopelma sasimai, named after Dr. Ivan Sazima, a Brazilian zoologist who discovered the species in 1971 but didn’t formally name it. He had a blue female which died during molting. Here are two videos: The species wasn’t in fact formally named until 2011, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I am embarrassed today, for I have a nice batch of photos by reader Tom Gula, but I have lost his email and thus can’t contact him for notes. Fortunately, he labeled the photos, so I can at least give some information. Perhaps Tom will see this and write me with further descriptions.  As I […]

Here’s the jumping spider!

Did you spot the jumping spider photographed by Tony Eales? Here’s the reveal, and I have to say the little critter is pretty cryptic.

Spot the jumping spider!

Reader Tony Eales in Australia sent us a “spot the. . . ” puzzle. His notes are indented: I love the complex habitats on things as seemingly bare as tree trunks. The dark resinous rough grooved bark of Ironbark trees have many masters of camouflage. One is this dark little jumping spider. By now you […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tony Eales from Queensland has sent “a passel of arachnids”: his notes are indented: The first are relatively common web spinning spiders. Cyrtophera moliccensis is the Tent Spider, so called because of the dome-like structure it forms in its large tangled web. They are very common in gardens and bushland around here. The Tetragnathid spiders are […]

New peacock spiders

Peacock spiders are not only beautiful, but great examples of sexual selection, for the males show both amazing colors and fascinating display behaviors that they use in their attempts to attract females. “Attempt”, of course, doesn’t mean they’re behaving with conscious intent, but just showing the results of sexual selection. The only reason peacock spiders […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

How about some small soil arthropods today? Tony Eales from Australia sent these, and his notes are indented: So my latest thing has been sifting through leaf litter looking for likely wee creepy crawlies to photograph. Unfortunately these little blighters are right at the limits of my cheap macro-setup. Anyway, denizens of the leaf litter […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Mark Sturtevant, a crack photographer of arthropods, sends some photos he took last summer. His notes are indented: Spiders are generally rather good parents since they guard their eggs and young for a time. The first four pictures are about the nursery web spider – so the very name of these spiders suggests their […]

Quiz: name that arthropod!

Here’s a tw**t sent by Matthew; your job is to guess what this thing is. At least you should be able to get the order! Answer at 12:30 Chicago time. by Matthew Cobb Found in the MCZ teaching collection with a note reading "holotype! please be careful!" It's certainly unique, but a holotype, this ain't… […]