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Aztecs and caricatures

I’ve just returned from a huge comida of goat stew (mole de caderas, a seasonal Puebla speciality), chalupas, mollejas, and guajolotes at an out of the way, very local, and fantastic restaurant, and oy, am I full! Pictures will be forthcoming, but not now as I have little time and uploading pictures is slow. Instead, […]

Straw animals

Every year students at Japan’s Musashino Art University use leftover rice straw to make giant animal sculptures. Here are some of them, with a time-lapse video of making the straw lion You can see the other animals here.

Art on gum on the sidewalk

This post was drafted over six years ago; I have a gazillion posts in draft (the list is 59 pages long!), and most will never appear. Here’s the total posts from my dashboard: As I’m busy doing Stuff this afternoon, I thought I’d dredge up a nearly completed early post, and found this one from […]

Sam Shepard died

I’m sad to report that actor and playwright Sam Shepard died Thursday at his home in Kentucky. He was just 73, but was the victim of ALS, a horribly cruel disease. (His death was, I believe, just announced today.) Shepard wrote 44 plays (one of which, “Buried Child” won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in […]

Banned in Boston: Activists try to shut down a show by a white artist who painted a scene of black tragedy

In April I wrote a bit about the painting below, “Open Casket”, which depicts the body of Emmett Till, a black youth who was murdered on a visit to  Mississippi in 1955. He supposedly whistled at a white woman, which turned out to be a lie, but for that he was tortured and killed by […]

Does admiration for white marble antiquities derive from racism?

There is seemingly no end to the number of trivial items that Regressive Leftists consider offensive, especially Regressive Leftists in academia, for academics need to somehow have their Offense advance their careers. And so we get academic papers on the patriarchy of glaciology, the racism of white pumpkins and pumpkin lattes, the cultural appropriation and racism […]

The evolution of the Strandbeest

Six years ago I put up a video of a walking sculpture called a “Strandbeest” (“beach creature”), built by a physicist turned sculptor named Theo Jansen, who’s been building these for 17 years. I urge you to peruse his website, as they’re getting increasingly more complicated. There’s no motor involved; they’re all propelled by the wind. […]

Thursday: Special Hili dialogue—and a post by Hili!

Introduction by Jerry: It’s Thursday, July 20, 2017. Yesterday Hili became aware that Hiroko Kubota, who made my lovely embroidered Hili shirt, has just published her second book—and a new embroidered Hili was on the cover! (A copy is being sent to Poland.) Not only that, but Hiroko made a time-lapse video of her embroidering Hili, […]

Google Doodle celebrates visual/musical art

Reader Dom called my attention to a new animated and interactive Google Doodle celebrating the life of the German visual artist Oskar Fischinger, who was born on this day in 1900 (click on screenshot below to activate the Doodle). By clicking in various places on the screen that appears when you press the arrow, you […]

Art: Context is everything

I mentioned the importance of context earlier today vis-à-vis terrorism, but here’s a nicer example. First look at the photo in this tw**t. The art is a woodblock print by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), in my view the greatest of the Japanese wood-block print artists. And it has a cat in it—surely a Japanese Bobtail. Meanwhile […]