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Restoration of an artwork

Here’s a fascinating video of a work of art being restored: it’s a self-portrait by the Italian painter Emma Gaggiotti Richards (1825-1912). Three of her paintings were given to Queen Victoria by her husband Prince Albert, and Victoria reciprocated with another Richards painting. The YouTube notes include this: ReMade in Chicago, Baumgartner Restoration is a […]

Paris: day 5

The post-coffee morning activity was the Foujita exhibit at the Musée Malliol. I posted a bit about Foujita last Caturday; he was an artist with a peripatetic and tumultuous life. Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968) was born in Japan and moved to France, where he fell in with a group of famous painters including Modigliani and Soutine, took […]

Reader’s wildlife (museum) photos

Today we have a change of pace: reader Robert Seidel sent some photos from London’s Natural History Museum, a wonderful Victorian museum that I’ve visited twice. Robert’s descriptions are indented: I thought you might enjoy these photos I recently took at London’s Museum of Natural History. It’s a fantastic place, build on request of chief […]

New Mexico: Silver City to Santa Fe

It’s sunny and snowing in Santa Fe as I write this morning, but I suppose it happens: after all, the town is nearly 7200 feet above sea level (ca. 2200 m). And it was chilly last night, so I’m glad I brought a fleece. I arrived yesterday afternoon from Silver City, making a circuit around the area […]

The first Neanderthal cave art

There has been some debate about the artistic ability of Neanderthals, and to date no art has been found, though their “spirituality” has been suggested from traces of ochre in burial sites. That suggests either that living bodies were decorated before burial or were adorned after death in some kind of ritual.  People seize on […]

Censored water-nymph painting put back on display in Manchester

Several days I reported that a lovely famous pre-Raphaelite painting, “Hylas and the nymphs“, created in 1898 by John William Waterhouse, was removed from display at the Manchester Art Gallery. Just to remind you, here it is: Although the Guardian reported that the curator denied it was censorship, it clearly was—as indicated by her remarks. Clare […]

Pre-Raphaelite painting removed from Manchester art gallery for depicting nude nymphs

The Pecksniffs have descended on the town of Matthew Cobb; yes, the termites have dined their way to Manchester. For a lovely and famous pre-Raphaelite painting, “Hylas and the nymphs“, created in 1898 by John William Waterhouse, has been removed from display at the Manchester Art Gallery. First, the story behind the painting (from Artble): […]

Bobby Duke’s pencil art

In this video, which Texas artist Bobby Duke calls “pencil inception”, he makes one pencil into three of successively smaller size. I found this video mesmerizing, though I’m not sure why: Duke’s YouTube site has a bunch of other cool art videos; I’ll add another pencil-related one:

The magnificent obsession: man takes over a decade to design and build a Boeing 777 model out of paper

Yes, it’s made entirely out of paper: manila folders. The YouTube notes: Over the last decade, designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been building an incredibly detailed model of a Boeing 777, right down to the tiny seats and moving landing gear, using only paper folders and glue.

National Coalition Against Censorship and PEN defend Met’s showing of a “controversial” painting

Four days ago I reported about an attack of the Pecksniffs on a painting at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art: Balthus‘s Thérèse Dreaming”, created in 1938. Here it is in the gallery: A New York Pecksniff, one Mia Merrill, launched a campaign to have the painting removed (one call was simply for a “trigger warning”, […]