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Ilhan Omar about to introduce pro-boycott (read: pro-BDS) resolution in Congress

If you had any doubts about Ilhan Omar’s Islamist and anti-Israel agenda in Congress, have a look at her latest attempt at legislation: House Resolution 496 (see pdf here). The two screenshots below, which link to the articles, are from the Al-Monitor and the Forward, respectively. From the Forward: The bill was prepared by Omar, her […]

National Geographic touts a 3-D film on the “tomb of Christ” (now with bonus comment by Alvin Plantinga)

UPDATE: Note that an “Alvin Plantinga” has commented favorably on the National Geographic fiction (comment #14 below). I can’t be sure that it’s the Alvin Plantinga, known for convoluted Sophisticated Theology™, but I’m guessing it is. If you respond to him, be polite! ______________ What the bloody hell is happening with National Geographic? Article after article is […]

National Geographic again osculates Christianity: touts possible discovery of Jesus’s tomb

For several years I’ve been pointing out National Geographic’s increasing descent into religious osculation, its lips placed firmly at the level of the Christian tuchas.  They love, for instance, to write articles about connecting Mary and Jesus to archaeology, which, though hardly conclusive, act as confirmation bias for Christians who aren’t comfortable accepting the Gospels […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I have a comfortable backlog of photos, but please keep them coming in—I can never have too many. Today we have an unusual contribution documenting ancient human activity in Africa. The photos come from Richard Bond, and his notes are indented: I have wavered for a couple of years over whether these photographs would interest you, […]

Nature paper suggests humans inhabited North America 130,000 years ago

by Greg Mayer As Jerry noted yesterday, in a new paper in Nature, Steven R. Holen and colleagues report finding the remains of a butchered 130,000 year old mastodon in San Diego. (If you haven’t already done so, do go take a look at Jerry’s post, which includes a video press release, and illustrations from […]

Breaking science news: humans in North America 130,000 years ago?

I’ll just put this up here without analysis, as I haven’t yet read the paper. But it’s big news if true. A new a new report Nature by Holen et al. (reference below; free access) claims to have found human tools associated with crushed and cracked mastodon bones at a site in southern California, with […]

Glasgow archaeology students told to skip lectures if they’re triggered by the sight of bones

We all know about academic “trigger warnings”: advance advice to students that they may encounter things in a lecture or course that disturb them. I’m not opposed to such warnings in toto (I’d tell students, for example, if I were going to show gruesome photos or videos in class), but I don’t think that these warnings […]

Oldest cat pawprint ever: two millennia

UPDATE: I thought this looked familiar; Matthew published the same story a year ago. Oh well, maybe people have forgotten, or we have new readers. __________ From the BBC and Mental Floss via reader Don B. we have the new discovery of a cat’s pawprints on a Roman roof tile in Gloucester. Here’s the photo: […]

Jesus’s house? The abysmal state of “Biblical archaeology”

I was aware that the field of Biblical archaeology was vaguely dubious, at least insofar as it was devoted to finding archaeological evidence of things said in the Bible. Well, we know that much of the “history” claimed in the Bible is dubious (there was, for instance, no Exodus), so that part of the field is tendentious. […]

A night on the tiles – a Roman cat paw print

by Matthew Cobb A piece of Roman tile, dating back 2000 years, was dug up in the English city of Gloucester in 1969. It lay unremarked in the Gloucester City Museum until an archeologist noticed that when the clay was drying a cat walked across it, leaving its trace… According to the BBC website: The tile, a […]