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Readers’ wildlife photos

My photo tank is about half full, which means that I’ll importune you once again to send in your good wildlife photos. Today’s contribution comes from Mark Sturtevant, crack arthropod photographer. His notes are indented: The small moths in the first two pictures at first seemed too plain to bother with photographing, but they turned […]

A lovely spider story

On April 29 I put up a brief note about the world’s oldest known spider, who recently died in Australia at the age of 43. But that didn’t convey the affection that we scientists often feel for our research subjects, even if they’re spiders. And so the Washington Post has published a lovely article by […]

World’s oldest known spider dies at 43; scientists disconsolate

This headline tells you how many of us feel about our research subjects (see also here): The spider, a trapdoor spider (Gaius villosus), was not a coddled lab animal, but a real arachnid in the wild—in western Australia. Affectionately known as “Number 16”, she had been studied since 1974, presumably as a toddler, and was […]