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Saudia Arabia set to behead 14 for political protests; Trump and Theresa May are silent

It seems that, contrary to Steve Pinker’s thesis, the world is regressing in terms of morality. Authoritarian regimes are coming into power, including that of  Putin, Recep Erdogan, Theresa May, and, of course, Trump. And I know of few Western countries that will speak up to condemn the medieval barbarisms long enacted by some of […]

A Sophisticated Theologian argues that, after Paris, we need religion more than ever!

Reader Mark called my attention to an article in Monday’s Washington Post: “In light of the Paris attacks, is it time to eradicate religion?” According to Ben Goren’s Rule, any question posed in a newspaper article is invariably answered in the negative, and indeed, it is here. That’s expected, of course, when the author is, as in […]

Feser to Krauss: Shut up because of the Uncaused Cause

I didn’t know anything about the Witherspoon institute, where Catholic religious philosopher Edward Feser has published a strident piece called “Scientists should tell Lawrence Krauss to shut up already“, but it appears to be a right-wing think tank. According to Wikipedia: The Witherspoon Institute opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and deals with embryonic stem cell research, […]

ISIS is really, truly Islamic

I keep touting Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning book The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 as a corrective for those who claim that Al-Qaeda is motivated not by religion, but by secular issues like poverty, colonialism, and the like.  Wright’s book shows clearly that the roots of Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamic […]

The Economist also publishes a map of the Middle East that omits Israel

Only nine days ago I wrote about how the publisher HarperCollins issued an atlas of the Middle East that included a map that didn’t show Israel. Just to refresh your memory, here was that map:  HarperCollins’s explanation? Collins Bartholomew, a subsidiary of HarperCollins that specializes in maps, told the Tablet that it would have been “unacceptable” to […]