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An anthropologist justifies female genital mutilation

The concept of “choice” in a community that has long traditions about the subject of that choice, particularly ones connected with religion, is problematic. How many women “choose” the hijab or burqa in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan, where such clothing is not only connected with religion, but mandated by the government? The fact that […]

The Argument from Ponies

In a cartoon called “The Tao of Tommy: Budding Apologist Edition“, Reader Pliny the in Between presents a self-aggrandizing version of the familiar (and flawed) Ontological Argument: I think that the kid, though, is really “Billy,” a budding William Lane Craig. However, there’s an unstated premise in the argument: “my happiness must necessarily be instantiated in this […]

Rowan Williams: God’s not only not an answer, but He/She/It’s not even a thing!

Well, well. Here we have an article in the Guardian by Rowan Williams, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, arguing that atheists are constantly “arguing against propositions that no serious Christian writer would endorse.” I would have thought that the propositions we were arguing against were those of God’s existence, the divinity of Jesus, salvation, and so […]

Cowardly Nathan Lean ducks a question about why he attacks Muslim reformers

We’ve encountered Asra Nomani before: in a post I put up showing her short television debate with Jonathan Alter about whether women should be segregated from men in mosques. Nomani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, has no truck with the ingrained misogyny of her faith, and handily won the exchange (video here). I have immense respect […]

Columnist argues that Britain should teach more Islam because “Muhammad had British values”

Sajda Khan is identified in The Independent as “a writer and researcher working towards a PhD on Islam in Britain”. And she (I think the name “Sajda” is female) seems to specialize in Muslim apologetics of the “true-Islam-is a-religion-of-peace” variety. Although she hasn’t written much for the Independent, she seems to have quite an oeuvre […]

Religiosity versus happiness: among nations, the first doesn’t bring the second

About two weeks ago I wrote about the negative correlation among countries between religiosity and happiness: the happiest countries in the world are the least religious, and the unhappiest the most religious. I needn’t discuss this further now, but wanted to put up a new plot made by reader “Gluon Spring” to demonstrate this relationship. […]

Simon Conway Morris drinks the Jesus Kool-Aid: human ability to do math proves God

If you’ve followed the career of Simon Conway Morris, the famous Cambridge paleontologist, you’ll know about his work on the Burgess Shale as well as his refutation of Stephen Jay Gould’s thesis that the animals in that formation represented fundamentally novel phyla that died out due solely to “historical contingency.” You might also know that Conway […]

A religious philosopher argues that New Atheism and fundamentalism are “secretly sympathetic”; offers lame reconciliation between science and faith

UPDATE On both and PsyPost, I’ve made a comment calling attention to the post below, and in both cases the comment has either not been accepted or has been expunged. Here’s the comment that wasn’t accepted: As you see, my comment wasn’t nasty or strident, but they were obviously too hot for these cowardly […]

A teaser for BioLogos’s “Big Story” (i.e., more toxic mixing of science and faith)

What “a miracle of love and creativity” is Homo sapiens!! Or so we’re told by this BioLogos flak in a video describing the organization’s new and super secret Big Project (possibly funded by Templeton). All we know from this teaser is the following (from the flak’s quote): “What if we told that Grand Biblical narrative with the […]

Anthony Grayling chastises Oxford for holding a Templeton “philosophy” conference on the Trinity

I reported earlier (see here and here), that the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF), as well as two seemingly reputable philosophical societies (the Analysis Trust and the Aristotelian Society), are sponsoring a conference in Oxford next March on “The Metaphysics of the Trinity: New Directions“. This is part of a larger TWCF project on “Metaphysics of Entanglement,” which of […]


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