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Stephen Law argues that God, if he exists, may be evil

Philosopher and writer Stephen Law made a short video (in collaboration with CfI and the British Humanists), in which he argues that one can make a convincing argument that if a god exists, theology tells us he’s more just as likely to be evil as good.

Time Magazine: Islam is dandy and egalitarian: the problems of terrorism are exacerbated by atheists and “Muslim reformers”

The title of a new article by Qasim Rashid in Time magazine tells the tale: “A strong Muslim identity is the best defense against extremism.” Rashid, who has a history of denying the influence of Islam on terrorism, describes himself as follows; I’m the Director of Civil Rights and Policy for KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for […]

C. S. Lewis’s puerile theology

As I noted last night, I’m reading C. S. Lewis’s  Mere Christianity, which, I hope, will be the last theology book I ever read. And I’m doing it not because it has knockdown arguments for God—those don’t exist—but because it’s surely the most popular and influential work of Christian apologetics in the 20th century. I’m 40 pages in, […]

Ceiling Cat help me: I’m reading more theology

Under duress, since Grania told me that this was one of the most influential works of Christian apologetics of our time, I am reading C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. One of the reasons for its popularity, of course, was that Lewis wrote in a simple and straightforward fashion, addressing his arguments to the public rather […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Plantinga

Today’s Jesus and Mo, a strip called “son,” is pretty clever, as the barmaid doesn’t mean what Jesus and Mo think she does! I have to say that one of the most compelling arguments against a religionists’ belief is that, to defend it, they must explicitly argue, and give reasons why, everybody else’s belief is wrong. This […]

Heather Hastie on Reza Aslan’s apologetics and Islamic terrorism

I call your attention to a new post on Heather’s site, one that deals partly with Reza Aslan’s pathetic apologetics for Islamic violence. In her post, “Reza Aslan is still excusing Islam,” Heather points out Aslan’s curious assertion of a disconnect between religious beliefs and behavior—something that Maarten Boudry and I have also written about (paper […]

Do Muslim inventions and innovations validate or exculpate Islam?

I’ve noticed that all the clickbait sites are starting to converge on HuffPo, with headlines like “Ten genius hacks for discarded corncobs,” “KimK throws shade on TSwift,” “Amy Schumer has an important message for haters,” and so on. Looking at a piece on BuzzFeed (about cats, of course), I noticed that it was barely distinguishable […]

“But never religion!”: an astute analysis of terrorism

Oy, it didn’t take long before apologetics started appearing on the PuffHo site, and we don’t even know much about the Nice murderer. To go to the hastily produced, trite, and misguided opinion piece (if you must), click on the screenshot: Well, who could argue with that? Certainly we don’t want to confront terrorism with […]

The World Turned Upside Down: HuffPo publishes article blaming Islam for terrorism!

Zubin Madon is identified as a mechanical engineer from Mumbai, India—and an atheist. Just yesterday, in the pages of PuffHo, he published one of the best indictments of the Regressive Left I’ve seen: “Terror has no religion.” It pretty much dismantles the multifarious argument that Islam and its dictates have nothing to do with promoting terrorism. Of course Regressive […]

Julia Ioffe’s dreadful journalism: All religions are equally violent

Julia Ioffe is a Russian-born American journalist who’s had a good career for someone so young (she’s only 34). She was a Russian correspondent for both The New Yorker and Foreign Policy, and then moved on to The New Republic where she became a senior editor. Because I also wrote for TNR, I read some of her […]