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George Zimmerman says his shooting of Trayvon Martin was “God’s plan”; theologians disagree

If you’re American, you’ll surely remember the killing of the black teenager Trayvon Martin Martin by George Zimmerman in Florida three years ago, with Zimmerman claiming that, as part of a neighborhood patrol, he was justified in shooting Martin because he was defending himself against a suspected trespasser. The murky details of the case, combined […]

Jon Stewart interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali (obtusely); Hirsi Ali has a new book

Well, if there’s anything that this interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Monday’s Daily Show proves, it’s that Jon Stewart is no Bill Maher. As you’ll see from the 20-minute interview (click on the screenshot below to see the video), Stewart basically does everything he can to argue that Islam is no different in principle from any other […]

Canada’s National Post does some atheist bashing

You know, I’m getting really tired of taking apart atheist-bashing articles. The assertions about the flaws of atheism never change, the apologists won’t ever change their minds, and the articles will just keep on coming—perhaps even more frequently as the world becomes less religious and believers and faitheists get more defensive. And does anybody here really need to […]

Name the apologists

NO CHEATING BY GOOGLING!! Here are two statements by different apologists. If you know your weasels, you should be able to identify both of them. If you do cheat and Google the quotes, do not put the answers in the comments. 1. On the 9/11 hijackers: “The hijackers themselves certainly regarded the 9/11 atrocities as […]

Jeffrey Tayler calls out David Brooks for telling atheists how to behave

Jeffrey Tayler, a corresponding editor for The Atlantic stationed in Moscow, is really on a roll, publishing one “strident” atheist article after another—and in Salon, of all places.  And he’s developing quite a nice style—sort of a hybrid between Hitchens and Mencken—in which his overt scorn for religion is combined with a delicious sarcasm. Tayler’s latest […]

Al-Jazeera takes out after New Atheists

When I printed out this Al-Jazeera America article two days ago, the title was “Atheism’s astonishing hypocrisy toward Islam.” Today the title has changed to “New Atheism’s astonishing hypocrisy toward Islam,” so I guess they want to zero in especially on Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, who take the brunt of this piece (Sam’s picture […]

Reza Aslan gets his own religious CNN show

Okay, if the Cable News Network (CNN) is really an unbiased and objective news source, they’ll have to counter this program with another. According to MediaIte, the unctuous apologist and atheist-basher Reza Aslan is going to get his very own show. I can’t bear to describe it, so I’ll just copy the announcement: One day after […]

Is ISIS full of “true believers”?

You’ve probably seen or heard about the discussion between Sam Harris and Graeme Wood over at Sam’s website, a discussion called “The true believers.” Wood, of course, has become famous—and notorious—for his analysis of ISIS’s theological background in a piece that appeared in The Atlantic (see my post for the link). Wood’s thesis, which he supported […]

ISIS is really, truly Islamic

I keep touting Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning book The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 as a corrective for those who claim that Al-Qaeda is motivated not by religion, but by secular issues like poverty, colonialism, and the like.  Wright’s book shows clearly that the roots of Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamic […]

Australian religionist tries to explain why God allows evil; fails miserably

Australia, though a pretty nonreligious country compared to the U.S., still has its pockets of faith. One was recently emptied on the Australian Broadcasting System’s (ABC’s) site “The Drum,” in piece written by Simon Smart, a man described on the ABC’s site as . . . a Director of the Centre for Public Christianity and […]


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