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Heather Hastie on Reza Aslan’s apologetics and Islamic terrorism

I call your attention to a new post on Heather’s site, one that deals partly with Reza Aslan’s pathetic apologetics for Islamic violence. In her post, “Reza Aslan is still excusing Islam,” Heather points out Aslan’s curious assertion of a disconnect between religious beliefs and behavior—something that Maarten Boudry and I have also written about (paper […]

Do Muslim inventions and innovations validate or exculpate Islam?

I’ve noticed that all the clickbait sites are starting to converge on HuffPo, with headlines like “Ten genius hacks for discarded corncobs,” “KimK throws shade on TSwift,” “Amy Schumer has an important message for haters,” and so on. Looking at a piece on BuzzFeed (about cats, of course), I noticed that it was barely distinguishable […]

“But never religion!”: an astute analysis of terrorism

Oy, it didn’t take long before apologetics started appearing on the PuffHo site, and we don’t even know much about the Nice murderer. To go to the hastily produced, trite, and misguided opinion piece (if you must), click on the screenshot: Well, who could argue with that? Certainly we don’t want to confront terrorism with […]

The World Turned Upside Down: HuffPo publishes article blaming Islam for terrorism!

Zubin Madon is identified as a mechanical engineer from Mumbai, India—and an atheist. Just yesterday, in the pages of PuffHo, he published one of the best indictments of the Regressive Left I’ve seen: “Terror has no religion.” It pretty much dismantles the multifarious argument that Islam and its dictates have nothing to do with promoting terrorism. Of course Regressive […]

Julia Ioffe’s dreadful journalism: All religions are equally violent

Julia Ioffe is a Russian-born American journalist who’s had a good career for someone so young (she’s only 34). She was a Russian correspondent for both The New Yorker and Foreign Policy, and then moved on to The New Republic where she became a senior editor. Because I also wrote for TNR, I read some of her […]

An anthropologist justifies female genital mutilation

The concept of “choice” in a community that has long traditions about the subject of that choice, particularly ones connected with religion, is problematic. How many women “choose” the hijab or burqa in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan, where such clothing is not only connected with religion, but mandated by the government? The fact that […]

The Argument from Ponies

In a cartoon called “The Tao of Tommy: Budding Apologist Edition“, Reader Pliny the in Between presents a self-aggrandizing version of the familiar (and flawed) Ontological Argument: I think that the kid, though, is really “Billy,” a budding William Lane Craig. However, there’s an unstated premise in the argument: “my happiness must necessarily be instantiated in this […]

Rowan Williams: God’s not only not an answer, but He/She/It’s not even a thing!

Well, well. Here we have an article in the Guardian by Rowan Williams, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, arguing that atheists are constantly “arguing against propositions that no serious Christian writer would endorse.” I would have thought that the propositions we were arguing against were those of God’s existence, the divinity of Jesus, salvation, and so […]

Cowardly Nathan Lean ducks a question about why he attacks Muslim reformers

We’ve encountered Asra Nomani before: in a post I put up showing her short television debate with Jonathan Alter about whether women should be segregated from men in mosques. Nomani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, has no truck with the ingrained misogyny of her faith, and handily won the exchange (video here). I have immense respect […]

Columnist argues that Britain should teach more Islam because “Muhammad had British values”

Sajda Khan is identified in The Independent as “a writer and researcher working towards a PhD on Islam in Britain”. And she (I think the name “Sajda” is female) seems to specialize in Muslim apologetics of the “true-Islam-is a-religion-of-peace” variety. Although she hasn’t written much for the Independent, she seems to have quite an oeuvre […]


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