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Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Natural theology

Faith versus Fact talks a bit about the topic that the Jesus and Mo author covers in four panels in today’s strip: Here are some gaps that theologians still use: The origin of life The mechanism of consciousness “Fining tuning” of the laws of physics Why the laws of physics are as they are The […]

I’m a philosopher! I haz a paper with Maarten Boudry on religious belief

At long last Massimo Pigliucci—who (along with others) has criticized my lucubrations about philosophy on the grounds that I have no credentials in the field—can cease and desist. For, along with a genuinely credentialed philosopher, Maarten Boudry, I have a paper in press in a real peer-reviewed philosophy journal (Philosophical Psychology). It’s coauthored with Belgian philosopher […]

At last it happens: a professor blames ISIS’s sex slavery on the West

We’re used to leftist apologists blaming everything done by Islamic terrorists as the fault of the West and not the result of religious beliefs. This is of course a form of apologetics that simultaneously exculpates religion, satisfies the masochistic West-hating of many leftists, and patronizes Muslims: as underdogs, their behavior can’t lie within themselves, but in their […]

Fearless Faith: how students can keep their faith in the face of atheist professors

Reader Chris sent me this item with the note, “I am loath to call this one interesting, but it’s right up your alley; Christians pushing for apologetics in college to stop the hemorrhaging. Then again, consider the source.” Well, the source is The Christian Examiner, and the short article is called “College students need apologetics in face-off […]

A new criticism of science as an exclusive “way of knowing”

UPDATE: I left a comment after Kolossváry’s piece simply saying that I analyzed his argument in this post, and giving the link. That comment has been removed. ___________ By now I’m well familiar with arguments that science, like religion, is based on faith. That argument is often made by religionists to try to drag down […]

The atheist’s purpose: readers’ responses

I’ve just skimmed the responses to Tom Chivers’s series of interviews on how atheists find purpose in their lives, and one reader’s response stuck out like a sore thumb. It’s a perfect example of confirmation bias: believing what you WANT to be true. Here it is: I don’t have an innate desire to find meaning, […]

Sunday Tw**t

From Godless Mom via reader John W:  

Sola fide: Does Christianity always promote morality?

When I was chatting with Linda Calhoun at the goat dairy, she brought up the “justification by faith, not works” issue as an argument against religion. What kind of God, she argued, would forgive someone who lived a life that harmed others (Hitler is the classic example), if that person simply confessed on his deathbed that he […]

Proof of Mr. Tickle

Sophisticated Theologians™ try to pretend otherwise, but a lot of the “evidence” for God is just like this:   And while we’re on the topic of graphic depictions of religious logic (an oxymoron if ever there was one), here’s an old chestnut that I just love, for it sums up in four crudely-drawn panels one […]

Tanya Luhrmann: Christian prohibition against premarital sex has its benefits

For reasons best known to the editors of the New York Times, they continue to give Tanya Luhrmann a paycheck (supplementing her funding from the Templeton Foundation) to write an apologetics column on evangelical Christianity.  While refusing to divulge her own religious beliefs (she’s an anthropologist, after all), she tells the rest of us why we […]


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