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Anthony Grayling chastises Oxford for holding a Templeton “philosophy” conference on the Trinity

I reported earlier (see here and here), that the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF), as well as two seemingly reputable philosophical societies (the Analysis Trust and the Aristotelian Society), are sponsoring a conference in Oxford next March on “The Metaphysics of the Trinity: New Directions“. This is part of a larger TWCF project on “Metaphysics of Entanglement,” which of […]

David Brooks at the NYT: Religion will solve the disputes of religion

If it weren’t so saddening, I’d be greatly amused at those who, as a solution to religiously-based warfare and terrorism, promote the application of more religion. This goes along with the assertion that religion itself plays at best a tiny role in the barbarity of groups like ISIS.  Rabbi Sacks has said this in his new book, […]

Kent Hovind and other theologians justify Biblical genocide

If you’ve read the Old Testament, a grueling task that I actually accomplished, you’ll know about the many genocides ordered by Yahweh. Many were the tribes slain by the Israelits on God’s command, including, besides the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites. Theologians have spent a lot of […]

Michele Bachmann says we have to convert as many Jews as we can, for Christ’s return is imminent

Right Wing Watch reproduces a conversation between former (thank G*d!) Representative Michele Bachmann and Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins. Both were in Israel for an FRC tour. Click on the screenshot below to hear the brief, four-minute segment in which Bachmann “We recognize the shortness of the hour,” she said, “and that’s why we as […]

A British student union defends ISIS again, no-platforms an ISIS critic

If you want to talk about the “regressive Left,” the poster child would be Britain’s university Student Unions, which have a shameful record of suppressing free speech, especially when that speech criticizes Islam. Their latest shenanigan, as reported in The Independent, The Spectator and The Tab, is banning a speech by someone who battled against ISIS: A […]

Edward Feser: No dogs go to Heaven

I love it when theologians fight with each other, especially Sophisticated Ones™.  And when they argue about reality, as Catholic philosopher Edward Feser does with Orthodox philosopher David Bentley Hart in Feser’s post on the conservative Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse site, the results are hilarious. For when contesting faith-based claims about reality, there’s no way […]

If religion gets some credit, does it also get some blame?

This question is inspired by various talks I’ve heard the past few days at the Atheist Alliance of America conference. We all know that theists are constantly touting the good things that religion does: inspires charity, gives people comfort in time of need, and so on. They have no problem imputing these things to religion. […]

An updated Pascal’s Wager: Just as bad as the old one

I am continually told that I should not engage in philosophy without professional credentials in that area, even though I am now co-author with a Credentialed Philosopher™, Maarten Boudry, on a peer-reviewed philosophy paper. But this credential mongering loses force when I see real professors of philosophy engaged in lucubrations that are so transparently dreadful that […]

A funny but telling argument against God’s existence

I’m reading the book shown below (click on the link to go to its Amazon page), a useful summary of nonbelievers’ responses to religionists’ arguments for God. The book has done quite well since it came out a year ago; its author is an ex-Muslim who now heads The Atheist Republic, a support group and resource center for […]

Praying for your team to win: how does it work?

In January of last year I reported a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute showing that a sizable percentage of American sports fans think that supernatural intervention occurs in sporting contests (50%), pray to God to help their team (26%), think that their favorite team has sometimes been cursed (25%), and perform rituals (like […]


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