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Israeli soldier depicted with horns in Columbia’s “Israel Apartheid Week:

The Jerusalem Post reports that, during the sad but risible “Israel Apartheid Week” held annually at Columbia University, left-wing flyers appeared showing Israeli soldiers as devils with horns. This equation of Jews with Satan, depicted with horns, hooves, and deformities, is, of course a medieval anti-Semitic trope of which the students must surely have been […]

Palestinians distribute more sweets to celebrate the slaughter of Israelis

As is normal in Gaza and the West Bank, when Israelis are killed—be they civilians or soldiers—the locals hand out sweets to celebrate. And those exhibitions of odious largesse are photographed and publicized by Palestinian media. On March 17, an attack by an unknown terrorist killed two Israelis (a soldier and a rabbi) as well […]

Fascists on the Left explain why they called out Chelsea Clinton

UPDATE (h/t: Malgorzata): It turns out that Leen Dweik, the woman who accosted Chelsea Clinton, is, as revealed by her now-deleted tweets, a hateful bigot, a blatant anti-Semite and homophobe, and she hates the French, too. Go see for yourself. ____________   Yesterday I reported on how Chelsea Clinton was attacked by people at a […]

House passes the Democrats’ “all lives matter” resolution

Well, the Democrats just gave Linda Sarsour and CAIR exactly what they wanted: a resolution (text here) condemning not just anti-Semitism (implicitly aimed at bigot Ilhan Omar), but all forms of “hate” under the sun, most notably Islamophobia. Of course all bigotry, including that against Muslims, is reprehensible, but there is considerable irony that the same […]

Thomas Friedman on the disingenuousness of Ilhan Omar

Update: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using the anti-Semitism fracas in Congress to raise money for her campaign, saying that the Jews are coming after her. Stay classy, AOC! And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now raising money by saying AIPAC is coming for her and comparing the bipartisan consensus on the US-Israel relationship to the Iraq War […]

Ripped from the pages of Der Stürmer: UN Heritage parade in Beligum features nasty anti-Semitic tropes

UPDATE: For more defense of the float, and a wave of antisemitic comments defending it, see here. ____________ Nobody can argue that the float shown below (and past actions of participants in this parade) are simply disagreeing with the policies of Israel. No, this is undiluted and classic anti-Semitism—though the perpetrators, in the fashion of […]

Farrakhan says that the “wicked Jews” are using him to attack the Women’s March

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency we have a short report and a video showing a recent speech in Chicago by Louis Farrakahan—misogynist, racist, anti-Semite, and leader of the Nation of Islam (NoI). He blames the “wicked Jews” for trying to drive a wedge between him and the Women’s March (WM), presumably referring to the the […]

Macron declares that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

Criticism of Israel, its leadership and its politics, whether misguided or not, is not generally anti-Semitic. Hatred of Jews (beyond criticism of their religion) is anti-Semitic, and so, I maintain, is anti-Zionism, which I take to be denial of the right of Israel to exist. Whatever you think about the UN vote in 1947 to […]

The hypocrisy of Ilhan Omar and the mendacity of her supporters

UPDATE: The NYT allowed my comment on Michelle Goldberg’s story linked at the bottom. My comment:   ________ Yesterday Ilhan Omar, rebuked by the House Democratic leadership for anti-Semitism, tweeted this notapology that included a criticism of lobbyists: Listening and learning, but standing strong 💪🏽 — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) February 11, 2019 Today a […]

Democrats throw shade on Ilhan Omar for antisemitism

I couldn’t resist a HuffPo clickbaity title. Forgive me. This story was on many right-wing websites yesterday, but I refrained from posting about it (though I shouldn’t have to given the copious documentation). Now, however, the New York Times has picked the story up, and also reported a fillip: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spanked […]