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Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Jewish conspiracies

This week’s Jesus and Mo strip, called scheme, has the three boys in a car (Moses has joined them so the Abrahamic Brothers can quarantine together).  Mo has apologized to Jesus for doubting he was Jewish (see last week’s strip), but then makes matters worse by drawing a distinction between conspiratorial Jews and Rothschild Zionists. […]

Post by Matthew Cobb: A Resistance attack on a convoy of Jews heading to Auschwitz

Tonight marks the 77th anniversary of a daring and unique rescue, when members of the Belgian Resistance tried to free a train full of Jews being transported to Auschwitz. Matthew wrote about it in one of his books (see below), and kindly offered to provide a piece for readers. The story is largely unknown but […]

The anti-Semites strike on Passover

I occasionally hear from reader Stephen Listfield, a part-time rabbi. Today he sent me a note along with thirteen pictures, of which I show six below. His words are indented. I’m a retired rabbi living in Atlanta.  I officiate part-time at a small congregation in Huntsville, AL; I am there for the  High Holidays and […]

Bernie Sanders’s anti-Semitic surrogates

I still don’t know for whom I’ll vote in the Illinois primaries on March 17—at least among the Democratic contenders for President. Elizabeth Warren was once my favorite, but I cooled on her when I perceived some slipperiness, which was likely there all along. But given that Biden seems on the cusp of senility (I […]

A state university disinvites an anti-Semite

It’s a test of your adherence to free speech if you can stand up for the rights of speakers whose message you despise. And this is one case, as reported on December 24 in the Los Angeles Times (click on screenshot below). San Diego State, a public university in California, gave $170,000 to four of […]

Bari Weiss on America’s rising anti-Semitism

Segments of the Right have of course always been anti-Semitic, particularly the Far Right and conservative Christians. But my brief here is the Left, and it maddens me to see much of the Left also becoming anti-Semitic, both in Britain and the US. Sure, they mask their anti-Semitism by saying that they’re not anti-Semitic but […]

Anti-Semitism at McGill University: student asked to resign from student government after accepting an educational trip to Israel and Palestine

This story is reported by the Times of Israel, Haaretz, the Forward (which misnames Jordyn as “Jocelyn”), the Jerusalem Post (click on screenshot below) and other places, but not in the mainstream press, or even in Lefty clickbait sites like Salon or HuffPost.  It’s just one more instance of the anti-Semitism spreading on college campuses, […]

The Bard College de-platforming revisited

Three days ago I wrote about the experience of Batya Ungar-Sargon, opinion editor of the Forward, who claimed in the following article that she had been subject to an anti-Semitic protest while speaking at a panel at Bard College. (Click on screenshot). In her piece, Ungar-Sargon claimed that she had been informed of an impending […]

Anti-Semitism at Bard College

UPDATE:  There have now appeared three letters from Bard academics, with links on the page of Ungar-Sargon’s essay. They all contend that she misrepresented the situation in serious ways. I haven’t yet absorbed all the letters, but stay tuned and I will clarify matters (assuming they need clarification) tomorrow. UPDATE 2: There are now four […]

Bernie Sanders appoints yet another anti-Semite as a campaign “surrogate”

The Jerusalem Post and other outlets, as well as Amer Zahr himself, have reported that Zahr, described by Wikipedia as “a Palestinian-American comedian, writer, filmmaker, political activist, and adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law”, has been appointed as a “campaign surrogate” for Bernie Sanders. A surrogate is someone officially allowed to campaign […]