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More arrant hypocrisy: D.C. Dyke March bans Israeli flags, Jewish pride flags, and American flags, but allows Palestinian flags

This is about the most hypocritical gesture I’ve seen from the Left since the Chicago Dyke March refused to allow Jewish “gay pride” flags (a star of David on a rainbow-colored banner) in its celebratory march two years ago.  According to many sources, including the three below, the DC Dyke March, which took place in […]

Al-Jazeera’s Holocaust minimalization

I won’t call this video, which Al-Jazeera posted on its website (and then removed it) an exercise in Holocaust denialism, as it admits that there was some imprisonment and killing of Jews by the Nazis. But what it emphasizes (click on screenshot below) is that the Jews get singled out for special remembrance because of […]

In face of media and alumni outcry, Williams College finally recognizes a student pro-Israel organization

As Williams College plummets down the slide toward Evergreen State College at the bottom, its wokeness has moved beyond racial divisiveness to anti-Semitism. As I’ve recently reported, the Williams Student Council decided to reject an application of WIFI, a pro-Israel organization with modest aims, to become a registered student organization (RSO). Further, they had already […]

Leeds University Union is unhappy with Israel Independence Day

I see the termites have dined well, and have finally reached Leeds University. Yes, the student union of that school saw fit to issue this tweet today on its Facebook Page (click on screenshot to go there and see replies): The anti-Semitism here is clear. This is just a celebration of the anniversary of Israel’s […]

The Williams College Council and anti-Semitism

Those of you who say you skip the posts about coddled and entitled students, go ahead and skip this one. It’s just a short update on the anti-Semitism of students at Williams College, whose College Council denied a pro-Israel organization (WIFI) status as a recognized student organization while giving that status to a pro-Palestinian one (SJP). […]

More hatred from Muslim childen in Philadelphia

As I wrote yesterday, in April of this year, the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia (MAS Philly) put a video of a children’s presentation on their Facebook page, a presentation calling for martyrdom and the killing of their opponents (clearly Israelis). It was a hate-filled and frightening video showing the indoctrination of young […]

Muslim society dismisses Islamist school video as “an unintended mistake and an oversight”

Here’s a short and brand-new article from about the video I posted this morning, a video showing young children at an Islamic Center spewing hatred and bigotry. Yes, they should indeed investigate how this happened, and while they’re doing it they should take steps to prevent the further hate-brainwashing of young Muslims. But really, […]

The New York Times apologizes for its anti-Semitic cartoon

A few days ago I called attention to the cartoon below, which appeared in the International edition of the New York Times. While I found it offensive, I couldn’t say for sure whether it was anti-Semitic. Most readers disagreed, which is fine. Now the NYT itself has agreed with those readers who pronounced the cartoon […]

Another putatively anti-Semitic cartoon in the NYT?

Just one day after I reported that the international New York Times published anti-Israeli/Trump cartoon that many have seen as anti-Semitic, they’ve published yet another dubious cartoon. And while I still can’t flat-out declare that yesterday’s cartoon was anti-Semitic, this one, reported in the Jerusalem Post and Fox News (of course this appears only on […]

The supposedly anti-Semitic New York Times cartoon

I was alerted to The Cartoon by this tweet from Bari Weiss, a Jewish op-ed columnist for the NYT, and someone I much admire. However, in this case I don’t agree with her. How does a cartoon worthy of Der Stürmer get published in the paper of record? @BretStephensNYT explains how: — Bari Weiss […]