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Discipline for University of Michigan prof who wouldn’t write a letter for a student to study in Israel; but another UM teacher refuses to write a similar letter on anti-Israel grounds

UPDATE: According to the Jewish Journal, UM President Mark Schlissel has apologized to UM’s Jewish students, singling out both Cheney-Lippold and Peterson and saying the University would do everything it could to help the two “deplatformed” students finish their applications to study in Israel.  The Journal adds this: Refusing to write letters of recommendation for […]

Palestinian murders two Israeli civilian coworkers; Palestinians celebrate by dispensing sweets and hailing the killer; Western media largely ignores the murders

Imagine, if you will, that Israeli civilians crept over the border into Palestine, where they’re not allowed to live, and killed Palestinian civilians by shooting or stabbing them, or hitting them with cars. Imagine, too, that Israelis rejoiced in the streets when this happened, and even handed out sweets to fellow Israelis in celebration. Finally, […]

German high court affirms that Kuwait airlines can discriminate against Israeli passengers flying from Germany

Here are two articles that both say the same thing (I’m putting up the Reuters piece because posting only The Tablet piece would lead some to say, “Well, that’s just a Jewish site kvetching about Jewish mistreatment.” Reuters: The Tablet: The short story: an Israeli passenger tried to book a trip from Frankfurt to Bangkok in […]

More anti-Semitic lies from Palestinian media

The Palestine Observer (PO) is both a Twitter site and a Facebook page, but I’m not sure who runs it, or whether it has anything to do with the government of Palestine. Its motto is “Keeping our audience updated about the situation in Palestine.” But what they post is typical of the anti-Semitic propaganda that gets […]

Michigan professor rescinds offer to write student a letter of recommendation—after he discovers it was for study in Israel

This is the equivalent of deplatforming a speaker after he or she has been invited to speak. In fact, it’s worse, for it involves impeding a student’s career because of an associate professor’s ideological stand.  The professor is in cultural studies (of course), John Cheney-Lippold in the Department of American Culture at the University of Michigan. […]

Book claiming that Israel deliberately maims Palestinian civilians as a form of punishment wins award in women’s studies

According to the Algemeiner (yes, a Jewish site), a book by Jasbir Puar, Professor and Graduate Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, has won one of the two 2018 Alison Piepmeier Book Prizes awarded by the National Womens Studes Association (NWSA).  According to the Association, the prize is “for a groundbreaking monograph […]

A reader’s comment

Have a gander at this comment, made by one “Joe Cortina” and intended to go after my post “‘Nazi puncher’ gets $1 fine, no jail time.” put up three days ago. That post was about a white supremacist getting punched when he tried to speak, and the puncher getting a suspended jail sentence and only […]

It’s always the Jews’ fault

I’m sick unto death of comments like this. This person, and I’ll withhold the expletives here, thinks it’s the Jews’ fault that they’re the victims of anti-Semitism around the world. Since when has it been okay to commit crimes or harass a group because of what some other members of that group are purported to […]

The growing anti-Semitism of France

It’s an open secret that France is experiencing an increasing amount of anti-Semitism, at least as reported in this New York Times article from yesterday (click on the screenshot to read it). Let me first state emphatically that any bigotry or violence against people based on their ethnicity, gender, or religion is reprehensible. It’s just […]

Stanford student leader threatens to punch Zionists

According to The College Fix and its source, the student newspaper the Stanford Daily, a Resident Assistant at Stanford who used to be a member of student government has posted on Facebook a threat to punch Jews for being Zionists. Here’s the post of Hamzeh Daoud (click on screenshot to go to the post), which […]