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Anti-Semitic cartoons start appearing in Turkey

As I’ve mentioned here repeatedly, anti-Semitic cartoons are a staple of the media, both state and private, in the Middle East, and especially Palestine, although Israel does not purvey such hatred in its media. This disparity is, of course, ignored by the Control-Left, who will excuse the Palestinians anything, including homophobia, misogyny, and anti-Semitism, because […]

Mahmoud Abbas finally reveals his anti-Semitism, at last condemned by the world and the UN

Well, if you thought Palestinian Authority leader and President Mahoud Abbas was a “moderate”, think again. He’s made a serious misstep that shows what he really thinks about Israel and the Jews, and, despite the deference heretofore given him by the world and the United Nations, he’s just lost all his credibility as a Palestinian […]

This is why the idea of “hate speech” is unworkable

Yes, there can be “hate speech” that unreservedly expresses hatred for a person or a group, and while I deplore that, I also don’t think it should be illegal. That’s because the concept truly is a slippery slope, for expressing criticism of religions, countries, movements, and so on can always be construed as “hatred”. (“Hate […]

The anti-Semitism of Britain’s Labour Party

Although I’ve read some stuff about the British Labour Party’s growing anti-Semitism, I didn’t really know how pervasive it was until reader BJ sent me some links. The first is from the Spectator, simply listing 50 instances of Labour Party anti-Semitism. While some of the bigots have been expelled or punished for their sentiments (that’s […]

Once again the Left dines on its own: the demonization of Gal Gadot

When Gal Gadot starred in the enormously successful movie “Wonder Woman,” Leftists at first saw it as a moment of women’s empowerment. Here we had a strong and independent superhero who was a woman—much like “Black Panther” is praised for empowering black children. But it didn’t take long for the approbation to wane. After all, […]

Why isn’t anti-Semitism as reviled as “Islamophobia” or anti-black racism?

Everybody knows that, among the Left, “Islamophobia” is a cardinal sin, even when it refers not to bigotry against Muslims but criticism of Muslim beliefs. Certainly real bigotry against individuals, or invidious stereotypes against groups, should be decried, as it is for anti-black racism. In fact, one characteristic of the Left is its sympathy for […]

Pakistani feminist banned by Facebook for criticizing those who victim blamed (on religious grounds) a 7-year old girl who was raped and murdered

The “Atheist Muslim” Ali Rizvi called attention to Facebook’s new ban on his wife, feminist activist Alishba Zarmeen, for an emotional but affecting post that, as he notes below, condemned those who blamed an 8-year-old Pakistani girl for her own rape and murder, as well as calling out some doctrines of Islam that enable this […]

This is not from The Onion

Click on the screenshot to go to the article: If you need confirmation, go here. Needless to say, Sarsour has no expertise in anti-Semitism (except how to promote it), nor, apparently, do the other panelists. This is one example of how many liberals, among them Jews, promote the undermining of their own principles and well-being […]

Alan Dershowitz gives non-confrontational talk on Israel at Berkeley, then called a Nazi and anti-Semitically caricatured

The line between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is nearly invisible—if it exists at all—but was surely crossed by the behavior of students at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB), where Harvard emeritus law professor Alan Dershowitz, a liberal Democrat, recently spoke on Israel. His October 11 talk was called “The liberal case for Israel,” and […]

Students for Justice in Palestine lump Zionists with fascists and white supremacists, urge physical violence against them

I’ve always seen Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as an anti-Semitic organization, since they’re “anti-Zionist” (that’s the euphemism for “anti-Semitic”, just as “states’ rights” was once a euphemism for “segregation”). How can you say you’re not anti-Semitic if you are against the existence of Israel as a homeland for refugee Jews? Here is the […]